Ways to Fight Moving Anxiety

Moving comes with some (understandable) anxiety. Not only are you packing up all of your belongings, but you might be moving to a new city, state, or country, so the fears and concerns are likely piling up! If you’re facing some anxiety surrounding your current moving plans, here are some ways to get over those fears with ease.


Eliminating Moving Anxiety


Start by thinking about the current fears that you have. Here are some popular concerns:


1. Will my stuff arrive safely?

2. What will I do once I get to my new home?

3. What if I don’t know anyone?

4. How will I make friends in my new area?


After making a list of your current moving fears, go through the following steps to combat those concerns.


1. Create an imaginary scenario that includes your biggest fear.

2. Follow that scenario through to the end.

3. Ask yourself: what is the worst thing that will happen to me if the fear is real and plays out completely?

4. Ensure that you have your moving plans all ready to go.


Fighting That Fear


© kikkerdirk - Fotolia.com
© kikkerdirk – Fotolia.com

The best thing you can do to prepare for a move is to hire professional movers to ensure that your beloved items get to your destination on time and safely. Once that’s all planned out (and you can find those tips on our site), you can focus on eliminating some of those other concerns. Since you know where you’re going, you already have an advantage of those fears.


Look for friends or acquaintances in your new area. Or, ask someone you know to introduce you to people that live in the area you are moving to. Set up a lunch or dinner date with your new circle of friends. Don’t know anyone in the new area? Considering joining some groups ahead of time, so that you are ready to meet those new people when you arrive. There’s something else about fear that you’ll want to know too.


An Amazing Fear Fact


Psychologists and psychoanalysts have found that it’s impossible to be afraid when you love. That’s right – love can calm your anxieties. It doesn’t have to be human love, either. If you happen to be single and moving to a brand new home, think about adopting a pet. Or, maybe you can spend some time volunteering with a group that you care about – love is sure to abound in these places.

Why does love cure fear? It all has to do with our brains. It’s simply not possible to be afraid and experience love at the same time. But, what if you don’t want a pet, don’t have time for organizations, or don’t have a partner? You can use this simple trick – great for moving day:


1. Take a picture of something that you love.

2. Put that photo in your pocket or on the lock screen of your phone.

3. Look at that picture whenever you are feeling anxious.

4. Almost instantly, that fear will melt away.


That’s an amazing trick, right? It’s also one that’s used all over the world when soldiers go to war (holding a picture of a loved one), and when people have to adapt to a different environment – think of a kid with a beloved blanket. Anything that reminds you of safety and security or love is a great way to get over any kind of anxiety. Not only is this a fabulous trick for any upcoming move, but it’s also a way to provide any children involved in a move with some peace, calm, and security.


Facing That Fear


If you’re working with Exodus Moving and Storage, you have nothing to worry about where fear of transporting your items is concerned, but that doesn’t meant that other fears aren’t present, right? So, if any of the above tips don’t work, you do have another option. You can simply deal with and live with your fears. Instead of trying to conquer those anxieties, face them.


Let your fear exist and travel where you travel. Sure, fears are annoying, but they can be tamed simply by being mindful. No matter what the moving situation is, there’s bound to be a bit of concern surrounding that move. You can use these fear of moving tips to make sure that your move is positive experience. If you happen to be moving an elderly person to a new home or uprooting children, fears will be very real and present, so keep the tips in this article in mind.


It’s natural and normal to have a bit of anxiety when it comes to moving. Thankfully, you can do a lot to really cause those fears to subside – starting with hiring the best moving company to orchestrate your move perfectly. Need help? Just ask!