The Ups and Downs of Full Service Moving Services

Making the decision between a full service moving service and a self-serve one it is a relatively difficult decision that needs a great deal of thought . However, each one comes with its own positive and negative sides. It’s really your perception of how you look at these sides which makes the decision for you. So let’s look at the positives and negatives of a full service moving company versus a self-service one.

Positive people

A full service moving company provides you with a couple extra sets of hands. This may not seem like the most beneficial of benefits considering that the majority of the time people move as a group, but you wouldn’t believe how helpful having to people who know how to move is. They can provide you with helpful tips on how to pack things, they can help you actually get things into the truck that they will drive to your new location, they can help you with the lifting and the heavy work because that’s really what they are hired to do. The list is not endless by any stretch of the imagination, however the benefits that they do give are fairly great. However, there are a few cons to using a full service moving company

The cost of happiness

the first of which is the cost. Hiring a company who is willing to help you move is more expensive than hiring one which simply gives you a trailer and says good luck. This is essentially the biggest downfall of a full service moving company. Now, the expense may not be that much higher if you are not moving a great distance, but just be aware that it will always be a little bit higher. Other than that, there really is no other downside to using a full service moving company. You don’t have to work as hard and you will get your move finished in a considerably faster amount of time than you would have just doing it by yourself or with your family members. Experience can be the greatest assets that you have when moving, so why deny someone with a great deal to offer?

The sweat of your own brow

There are a couple of benefits that go along with self-service moving companies. The most prominent of which is the expenditure. As stated above, the expenditure is going to be lower on a self serve moving company than it would be if you hired a full service moving company. One of the more subtle benefits though to using a self serve moving company is the ability to move at your own pace. When you hire a company who is supposed to help you move, they expect a certain turnover for the people who are helping you. They will not be able to help you every day for a month just taking a few things at a time. They will do it in one or two trips and will do it efficiently so that they can move on to the next job. This just makes smart business sense. However, if your goal is to take your time on the move then you may want to consider looking elsewhere. The expenses would be too great compared to the benefit you would gain at that point.

Lifting the right way keeps the doctor at bay

The downsides to a self-serve moving company are pretty self-explanatory. You have to do all the moving yourself and you have to do all the heavy lifting with all the people that you can gather. The majority of which will not have a great deal of experience in moving because let’s be honest people only do a move when they have to. Nobody in their right mind would really want to move more than once a year. It really starts taking its toll on you. Plus, that heavy lifting part can really do a number on your back. The majority of people do not know how to properly lift objects that are heavier than they believe to be. Most people use a lot of their back muscles to do the lifting, when in reality you want to use almost exclusively your legs. A lot of back problems develop from people trying to move themselves. Don’t become a statistic, make sure that if you’re going to do a self-service moving company that you understand how to properly lift things. You will save yourself a lot of hospital bills later on if you do.