Trash to Treasure- Letting go of Clutter!

Walk into your storage and take a look around. This is your life, in bags and boxes. It’s the beginning of a new year and it’s time to ask yourself 3 important questions: 1) What do I have? 2) What do I need? 3) What can I give away?

At Exodus, we are more than happy to help you move and store all your worldly possessions. But in honor of this fresh annual start, we challenge you to take the time to free yourself from clutter. Liberate yourself from the things in your life that you do not need and allow it to open up your heart to the new things on the horizon. It’s been said that one mans trash is another mans treasure. There are organizations in your community and countrywide that need your help and could use your stuff to help others. Why not take the time to do everyone a favor and get on the donation train in 2011!


Who They Are: This is an organization created for the purpose of inspiring and empowering individuals through the use of job training, employment placement and other educational opportunities. Their network includes 165 independently run community based Goodwill Stores in North America who use their proceeds to fund their core programs and relief efforts.

What They Need: Each store sells clothing, furniture and a myriad of misc household goods. These are all collected through tax deductable donation from the individuals in the communities where the stores are run. Goodwill will also accept monetary donations but they are primarily a place to offload additional items from your home or storage.

How to Get in Touch: (800) 741-0186  or or checkout the community locator on

Veterans of America

Who They Are: This organization was founded in 1978 to service the needs of the large group of disenfranchised veterans of the Vietnam War. Primarily funded through donations and the sale of donated goods through qualified retailers, they seek to maintain programs that support the physical and mental needs of those who have been touched by this difficult war.

What They Need: The VVA accepts clothing, books, appliances and most kinds of household items. There are very few things that they will not consider a valuable donation.

How to Get in Touch: (301) 585-4000 or  or visit the official website at