Trains, Planes and Automobiles!

So you’ve got all of your things packed. Your moving company is scheduled to come and move your things across the country. The lease at your new place is signed and you are all set. The only you haven’t decided one thing: what mode of transportation are you going to use to get to your new home?

There are a number of ways to travel to your new home from your old one. But some people are sensitive to things like planes, confined spaces for long periods of time, or just plane old want a non-conventional trip! Below are a number of ways to both make your trip comfortable for you and to spice it up a bit.


Travelling by plane is by far the fastest mode of transportation to your new home (most of the time). Although it may not be the cheapest, there are ways of saving. For instance, check out Orbitz website to get the best deal for your destination on the web. The best airline, however, is not included in any of the search engine database websites. Southwest Airlines is by far the most economical, with 2 free checked bags and friendly service, and the fastest airline out there currently.


This mode of transportation can be the most fun. Whether you are travelling in a sleeper care or are taking the adventurous way there in coach, this way of transporting yourself is especially exciting with all of the scenery and interesting people surrounding you. You can grab a beer in the diner car or maybe just want to hang out in the observation car. Its all fun, check out Amtrak for the best deals.


We all know the age old way of travelling—road trip! Grab your Cheetos (or raw mixed nuts) and your coke (or water) and enjoy some radical tunes all the way across the country. Grab your GPS and your pre-mixed playlists on your .mp3 player to truly take advantage of this experience.


Now, this would probably be a last resort. If you are looking to save some money this may be the mode for you. But essentially riding a Greyhound across the country would be like being seated on a plane with the distance of a regular car. Regardless, this is a reliable and affordable way of transporting oneself from point A to point B.