Top Things to Do in Loveland, Colorado

Are you moving to Loveland, Colorado? You’re in luck! This city is lots of fun with plenty of really interesting and unique activities to keep you busy all year long. Plus, Loveland offers residents some great winter events that are happening right now. First, let’s take a look at what you’d find if you wandered into Loveland today. Next, we’ll list all of the top things to do in Loveland all year ‘round.


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Loveland’s February Lineup


1. ‘My Big Date Night.’ This Loveland event is all about couples, and it’s the perfect way to immerse yourself into the Loveland culture. Enjoy dining, beer tasting, and an overnight stay at one of Loveland’s best hotels starting at $200 per couple. If you haven’t moved to Loveland yet but want to see what the city is like, this package deal might be for you!


2. ‘Cartoon Skate.’ If you have kids, you’ll love this event! Every Saturday morning at ‘The Promenade Shops At Centerra’ outdoor skating rink, you and your kids can skate with popular cartoon characters! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Admission prices for kids under 12-years old are just $6.


3. ‘PechaKucha.’ How would you like to see 20 original artist images shown to you in less than 20 seconds? That’s what this Loveland Museum/Gallery exhibit is all about! Join the artistic crowd for a gathering of art-minded folk for free on February 27th at 7pm. Sounds like fun, right?


All of these February events can be found on the Loveland city main website ( But, that’s not all. This city sets up events every month (and nearly every weekend), so you can check out what’s happening next month too. Just pick the month that you are set to move in, and find an activity that will get you right into the swing of how things work in Loveland!


Plus, there are tons of activities and landmarks worth checking out at any time. Here are a few of our favorite Loveland spots.


CC Image courtesy of jessicareeder on Flickr

1. Devil’s Backbone Nature Trail: who can resist a trail called the ‘Devil’s Backbone?’ Expect nice and long paths, lots of nature scenes, and plenty of irresistible fresh air. You don’t really need to plan this one out – just grab your hiking shoes and go!


2. Rialto Theater: step back in time and head to the Rialto Theater for a show or two. This restored 1920s theater is a really great way to forget all about the connected world and head straight into the past (the acoustics aren’t half-bad either!).


3. Studio Vino: if your Italian is any good, you probably already recognized the word ‘vino,’ but where does the studio part come into play? Well, have you ever thought about combining wine and painting? Studio Vino supplies the wine, the paint, the brushes, and the instructor. Just pick the painting you want to create, and the studio will set up the rest. Check out Studio Vino’s website for additional details and to register your painting session.


4. Olde Course at Loveland: if you like to golf, this course is a must-try. The ‘Olde Course’ is a good old-fashioned golf course with lots of great scenery and plenty of tight greens.


5. Fly fishing. Love to fish? Why not try fly-fishing? There are lots of spots in Loveland, and you can even snag a coupon or two online for a fly-fishing lesson.


6. Shop and relax. Colorado has a completely different vibe to it. If you’re new to the state, you have to experience this vibe in order to believe it. The idea here is to relax, unwind, and take life at an easier pace – live to work! Trust us, you’ll love it here!


Help With Moving to Loveland


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