Top Ten Denver Trail Running Spots

Denver is bursting with amazing running trails. If you are in the process of moving to Denver, we challenge you not to go outside at least a few times per week and enjoy the amazing scenery! Denver is great for all kinds of outdoor sports, but one of the best things to do in and around this city is run. So, grab your trail shoes, music, and water bottle – Denver was made for running!


River and Bridge
CC Image courtesy of Fuzzy Gerdes on Flickr

Best Denver Trails (In No Particular Order)


1. Mesa Trail: this trail is in Boulder, but it’s worth the trip. The trail spans 6.5 miles along the base of the Flatirons mountain range. You can’t bring your bicycle or horse on this trail ride, but you can certainly bring your running shoes.


2. Green Mountain: head to Lakewood to check out the Green Mountain running trail. Nestled near the foothills of Morrison, the Green Mountain trail is one of the most popular spots near Denver. You’ll experience rugged terrain that spans approximately 6.5 miles.


3. Cherry Creek Path: this is more of a path than a trail, but it’s located right in the heart of Denver. The Cherry Creek Path winds along Cherry Creek, and it’s where you want to be if you don’t feel like traveling outside of the city on a beautiful spring day. This is a flat trail that stops and starts where you want it to – bring your dog along for some companionship.


4. Highline Canal Trail: start at Chatsfield State Park, and make the 9-mile loop around the park for a really intense run. If you want to expand your run, this trail actually goes on for 66-miles around the metro area – bring lots of water! This is a big run, but you can duck out at every half-mile marker along the trail if you aren’t up for a major run!


5. Sand Creek Regional Greenway: ready for 13-miles that circle the city? This trail is part of the large 50-mile trail that surrounds the city. Thirteen miles is a decent distance for any runner, and the terrain is nice and soft too.


6. Bear Creek Greenbelt: this run is really all about scenery. You’ll pass grasslands and cottonwood groves that seem to stretch on for miles. Make sure to pay attention to the wildlife that could step out in front of you at any moment – hills and valleys are what you’ll find here. The Bear Creek Greenbelt stretches on for a few miles, so it’s a great run to check out if you are a novice runner (and who doesn’t love an amazing view?).


7. Waterton Canyon: this trail is for the serious runner in you. Massive slopes and plenty of dips will get your muscles pumping for up to twelve grueling miles – but worth every step thanks to the beauty of the canyon!


Running Clubs


Is it any surprise that a city filled with some many awesome running trails has a lot of running clubs? You’ll find that there are running clubs for every level spread throughout Denver and surrounding areas. If you want to run with a pack or want to get started with trail running, these clubs are worth a look. Plus, it never hurts to make new active friends when you move to Denver!


As far as gear goes, Denver has plenty of that too. Check out local shops to see what’s made in Denver, and be sure to wear something flashy –some trails are filled with lots of wildlife, so standing out is always a good thing! If you can swing it, too, try and bring a camera with you on your run. When it comes to outdoor life in Denver, you never know what you will see! If you haven’t move to Denver yet but are planning to, let us help you out with all of your stuff. Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company, and we can help you out with all of your moving needs. Love to run? Denver is the place for you – and we are the company that will help you get there!


Did we miss a trail or two? Got a favorite spot? Let us know!