Top Small Towns in Colorado

If you’re tired of big city life, Colorado is the place that you want to move to. This state boasts lots of great small towns that force you to pause, breathe in fresh air, and remember what life at a slower pace is like. Here are some of the top small towns in Colorado to consider moving to.

corn field
CC Image courtesy of rottnapples via Flickr

1. Fairplay: this town has around 700 residents, and it’s filled with open fields, views of mountaintops, and simple country life. Plus, Fairplay isn’t too far from Breckenridge (about 30 minutes) or Denver (about 90 minutes).

2. Monument: this town is approximately 20 minutes from Colorado Springs, and it’s home to around 5,000 residents.

3. Steamboat Springs: you’ll find around 12,000 people call Steamboat Springs home, and it’s a really popular place to live if you love to ski – but don’t want to face the high prices of Aspen.

4. Windsor: this town has slightly more people (around 19,000), but it still has that small town feel to it. Windsor is approximately thirty minutes away from Fort Collins, and roughly a hour away from Denver. Windsor also boasts some great ski and boarding trails.

5. Fort Collins: this town is slightly larger than Windsor, and some many consider it a suburban type area, but Fort Collins has a lot to offer – really, it’s a mix of both city and country life. Around 100,000 people live in Fort Collins – including the Exodus Moving and Storage team, your Colorado moving company!

Picking Your Small Town

It’s a good idea to visit the town you are considering during many different seasons. Small farm towns can seem really charming during the summer months when the flowers are in bud and things seems to be very much alive, but find out what that town is like during the winter months. Likewise, cities can be fun to visit during the wintertime with lights and sleigh rides, but some really popular areas may feel crowded and hot during the summertime.

You really can’t go too wrong when you move to Colorado, though, as long as you pick the right residential moving companies! Most of the small towns here are simply charming, and you will feel nicely removed from the stress and pressures of big city life when you live in a small town. You may also want to consider renting a place in a city like Denver, and buying a house in a smaller town like Windsor – the possibilities are endless, but you will have to get to that small town first.

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If you’re moving to Colorado, what towns are you considering? Are you move interested in small towns or large cities? We’d love to hear more!