Top Playgrounds in Fort Collins

Spring is here and that means that outdoor time is a must. If you are moving to Fort Collins and you have children, you are in luck! This town is full of amazing playgrounds that your kids will love, and you will thoroughly enjoy kicking back in the sunshine while watching your kids play at any of these play spaces.

1. Fossil Creek Park: if you’re looking for open spaces perfect for flying kites and running around, this is the park for you and your kids. Plus, Fossil Creek Park comes with tons of fun playground fixtures that are massive in size and shape, so your kids will enjoy every moment of climbing in and around this playground.

2. Oak Street Plaza: this part of town comes with tons of great benches, plenty for adults to do, and some really fun water fountains that kids of all ages will enjoy playing in. If you’re seeking something different, check out Oak Street Plaza.

3. Spring Canyon: forget about small sandboxes – this park comes with a massive sand lot that your kids will be talking about for years to come. Plus, Spring Canyon includes a slide that’s actually built into the side of a mountain – what could be more impressive than that?

4. Spring Creek Gardens: this isn’t your traditional playground. This park consists of little gardens, sheds, and plenty of sand for kids to play in. Your kids won’t be able to slide while they are at Spring Creek, but they will have plenty to do and imagine while playing in the sand or stepping through the gardens!

5. Edora Park: if you’re looking for a traditional type park, this is the one for you. Edora Park is filled with massive trees that provide plenty of shade for parents while kids can enjoy the various slides and swings that this park has. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day beneath the tall trees!

A Different Take on Playgrounds

Colorado lends itself to wide open spaces, plenty of rough and tumble play, and tons of things for kids to climb. You can bring your kids to a regular playground full of regular swings and slides, or you can consider taking your kids to one of our large parks that simply filled with trails and trees. There’s been a recent movement towards playgrounds that are more open lately (like the one mentioned in this article), and that might be something to consider when looking for a place for your kids to play. In the meantime, start packing your stuff – For Collins a waits!

Moving to Fort Collins


CC Image Courtesy of Jasperdo

Fort Collins has plenty to offer kids and adults alike, and we have some of the best playgrounds available (with all of the wide open spaces in this state, playgrounds here are just amazing!). But, you’ll have to get to Fort Collins first, and that might mean packing up your stuff and moving to this great town. If you are in the middle of moving to Fort Collins or you’ve just sold your house and need some help, let us know.

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If you need help with your move or you just want to ask us a moving question, give us a call. We’re also happy to provide you with free estimates for just about anything that you need to move (even if you want to move a playground!). We want to know, too, what’s your favorite park in Fort Collins or in some other part of Colorado?