Top Denver Eats

When you think of Denver food, what do you think of? Denver is something of a mixed bag when it comes to food, but there’s definitely a food style that’s this city’s own. Restaurateurs in Denver are starting to do the local food thing and the microbrew thing has been around for many years now, but there’s an underbelly of Denver’s food scene that you may find more than tempting.


"Taco Bell Nachos Tacos 4-8-092" by Steven Depolo
“Taco Bell Nachos Tacos 4-8-092” by Steven Depolo

Denver Fast Foods


Every city has a few fast food joints. It’s hard to find a street corner without a Starbucks or McDonalds. Denver has an interesting take of fast food, though. Sure, you’ll find some of the usual chains, but you’ll also find a few fast food firsts – like Chipotle Grill. Another popular fast food spot that’s all Denver is Noodles and Company. If you like noodles, Noodles and Company is a great way to get some great pasta fast. But, Denver isn’t all about fast food (though don’t knock the original Chipotle until you try it!). This town’s got some other delectable eats too.


Roasted Green Chiles – It’s a Thing Here


Everywhere you go in Denver, you will see green chiles. That green hue might not be huge anywhere else, but it’s all the rage (and has been for a long time) in Denver. The city’s top spot for green chiles is at Jack-n-Grill. Why? Because this restaurant roasts chiles on the spot – yeah, that’s tough to beat! You can also find green chiles just about anywhere you go. Denver locals like to toss a few onto burgers and hot dogs and (of course) in chili. Give green chiles a try, you’ll be glad that you did!


Did Someone Say Burritos? 


Denver has a love affair with burritos. You’ll find burritos of all types in almost every corner, but the most popular type of burrito is definitely the breakfast type. Breakfast burritos are so popular that the city is dotted with breakfast burrito carts. These carts will even come to your office in the morning to sell you a burrito or two! There’s nothing like a heavy burrito to start your day off right!


Japanese and Thai


There are two chains that have to be mentioned in this list. The first is Tokyo Joe’s. The second is Thai Basil. Both chains are notorious for solid food (Japanese or Thai) that is served quickly – if you get a taste for either, head to one of these chains. We promise that you won’t be sorry!


Slow Food


With all the fresh produce and meat that Colorado has to offer, it’s no wonder that many restaurants in the Denver area are now selling local food. The slow food movement has definitely hit Denver, and walking into any one of these places means that you’re in for a really fresh treat. If you haven’t tried any local food yet, make sure to stop at one of these spots.


Excellent Coffee


The coffee houses in Denver are almost worthy of a separate article (shout if you’d like to see one!). A few that do come to mind right away, though, are Aviano Coffee; Crema Coffee House; Logan’s Espresso Café; Happy Coffee; and Metropolis Coffee. Of course, you’ll also find your favorite chain coffee shops in Denver (Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts included), but the smaller coffee shops are the ones doing java right in this town! Ready to move to Denver yet? Good!


Preparing to Move to Denver


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