Top 5 Signs You might NEED Storage

Clutter is the enemy of productivity. Space and Organization are the enemies of clutter. At Exodus, we believe in making life easier; in your move and in your storage. But how does one know if they need to take that step and actually rent additional space to provide a proper home for their belongings? Here is our top 5 list of the little things you might notice about your life when it’s time to get some storage.

5. The Trunk of Your Car is Full

For many of us Road Warriors, it’s a common occurrence to keep a few things in our cars. Perhaps we have a first aid kit, an umbrella or even a bottle of water. But when you find yourself at the car wash and when vacuuming comes into play you don’t even open your trunk because you know there is absolutely no hope of seeing the bottom, you might need storage.

4. When Closets = Avalanches

On any given Sunday, when you find yourself looking for that old favorite board game you might end up approaching your closet. If a feeling of panic ensues as you consider just how much caution should be practiced as you turn that door knob, you might need storage.

3. Your Car and Your Garage Have Never Met

Most people would agree that the garage is a great place to store those things that don’t want to throw away but you don’t want in the house. Reasonable things to keep in the garage might be a chest with extra blankets or a few cans of already opened but still half full paint. But when it becomes so full that your perfectly good vehicle sleeps nightly on the external pavement or on the street, you might need storage.

2. Rooms Have Invisible Signs: Do Not Enter

If you have an extra room in your house such as an office or a guest room, it can be a real spatial relief. And sometimes, these rooms can have a few more things in them then one might prefer. But, when those impromptu guests show up at your door and you realize that there isn’t actually enough space for them in the guest room, you might need storage.

1. You Buy It, Again.

The many appliances, gadgets and house wares that grace your home can make your life so much easier. But when things are unorganized, sometimes you just can’t find the things you are looking for when you need them most. If in the last 3 months you have bought at least 2 things that you actually already own, you might need storage.