Tips for Moving Electronics

Moving any type of electronic can be somewhat nerve-wracking. There’s a good chance that you paid a lot of money for every device in your home, so moving these items with ease (and without breaking anything) is important. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we’ve moved a lot of different types of electronics, and we’d love to offer you our tips for moving electronics without a hitch.


Speaker1. The first thing to do is to find the right boxes. Ideally, packing an item in its original box is the way to go. But, let’s be real. The chance that you still have the original box a device came in is slim to none, right? Still, getting a box that fits that item perfectly is smart.


2. Pack wires in a static-free bag, if possible. This way, you can ensure that all wires will remain working and unfrayed.


3. Purchase some bubble wrap. You can buy large rolls of bubble wrap at wholesale stores like Costco – and you’ll need it! Wrap up all of your electronics as securely as possible inside of those cozy bubbles, and tape up any sides or loose ends.


4. Include owner manuals. Inside of each device box, add the owner’s manual for that device. This way, you won’t have any problem setting up your item in your new home (if all else fails, you can look online for an owner’s manual, make a copy, and add that to the device box).


5. Label each box. Add the word ‘FRAGILE’ to each box containing an electronic device, and also add the name of the room where that box should be placed (this will make your life simpler when it comes to unpacking!).


6. Move with care. If you don’t plan on hiring professional movers to move your items, make sure to handle all of your electronics with extreme care. Professional movers are insured, and this means that any damage will likely result in an item replacement – this isn’t the case if you just ask your friends to move your stuff for you (so keep this in mind!).


Computer Monitor7. Unpack carefully. All of your electronics should be packed securely by now, so that you can simply enjoy your move. When it’s time to unpack, be just as careful as you were when you were packing. Make sure to remove all items, check to see that all attachments and wires are accounted for, and look at the owner’s manual to see how to set something up.


Missing Items?


It’s possible that you missed a few attachments or cords when you were packing, and now you have an incomplete device. What can you do? Look online at the manufacturer’s website, find out what you need, and order that part if necessary. If the device is older and the manufacturer doesn’t sell that item anymore (or replacement parts for it), you may be able to find certain pieces on an online auction site like eBay, or through a site like Craigs List.


Getting Your Items to Your New Home


As mentioned above, you are taking a risk when asking your friends to move electronics. Television screens can break, consoles can come apart, and even small items like tablets can arrive with cracked screens. All of these things can happen even if you bubble wrap your stuff. Friends are great, but you may want to consider asking your friends to help you with smaller boxes, and hiring movers to handle those larger (and more expensive) things.


Denver moving companies should give you an estimate in advance, so you can decide whether or not hiring professional movers is affordable. You should also be able to determine whether or not a company can move all of your electronics during the initial consultation meeting. If you are moving to Denver or Fort Collins, we can help you with all of your electronic moving needs – from packing to moving and even unpacking. We also offer storage facilities in both Denver and Fort Collins, so that you can store those items that you don’t want to take along. Sometimes, that amazing device just won’t fit inside of a new home, and that’s when a storage facility option can really be helpful. Ask us about our storage options (highly secure and guarded!), and about our moving services when you call. It would be our pleasure to help you move your electronics to any location in the Denver or Fort Collins area. Call us today!