Tips for An Amazing Fourth of July Party

FireworksThe Fourth of July is right around the corner, and your friends at Exodus Moving and Storage (your Denver moving company) want to help you throw the best party you’ve ever thrown! We’ve compiled some of our best tips for a safe and fun fourth for you to check out below – and if you’re new to town, why not throw a housewarming party on the fourth?

1. The food comes first! Is there anything worse than going to a party where there’s not enough food? Plan out your menu well in advance, and make sure that you have a few things that are red, white, and blue. The types of foods that work best at this kind of party are finger foods, so keep it light and simple, or have the event catered to make it really simple!

2. The atmosphere. July parties must take place outside, there’s no way around it! The sun is out, the weather is sweet, and the people that attend your party will want to spend the day in the sunshine. How can you make an outdoor party amazing? Think about small tables, a very large picnic table that can accommodate a lot of people, and plenty of chairs.

3. Music. You have a few choices here, but nothing really suits an outdoor party better than some reggae or some laid back country music. If you want to get people dancing (and you have the budget), hire a local band to make a real splash.

4. Fun. Don’t try to organize any activities (it isn’t a kid’s birthday party!), just bring the fun along by making everything really easy to access. For example: put punch out in large bowls or in glass pitchers, make drinks cold and easy to find by putting out a large cooler full of ice and drinks, and make sure that guests always have enough food and drinks.

5. Do the rounds. As the host of the party, it’s your job to walk around and make sure that everyone has something at all times. Is someone out of a drink? Fill it up! Did someone just show up? Make sure that they can find everything they will need. Become the best host you can be by making people feel at home as soon as they arrive.

6. Don’t panic if something doesn’t go according to plan. If someone shows up with a guitar and ruins the music that you have playing, don’t freak out. Just let whatever is happening happen, and you will find that things are much more enjoyable when you just go with the flow.

7. Have extra everything. If you are throwing a beach or pool party, put out plenty of towels and have some extra suits just in case. If you are throwing a backyard party, make sure that there’s plenty of sunblock to go around. And, above all else, never run out of food or drinks!

 8. Make a clear closing time signal. Most parties should wind down around midnight or just after that time on July 4th. To signal that the party is over, start doling out dessert, ask if anyone wants coffee, and try to show people that things are starting to end – most people will get the hint.

Moving Help

Throwing a Fourth of July party is a great way to say hello to a neighborhood, but it’s also an ideal way to say goodbye. If you are moving out of town, consider making this party one of your last. Once the party ends, you can clean up and move out. Exodus Moving and Storage (your Denver moving company) can help you get where you need to go by helping you pack, move, and unpack at your new location. We’re also happy to provide you with a moving quote estimate.

Call your Denver moving company today for a moving quote, and let us know how your Fourth of July party went!