TIGER Makes Our Jobs Easier…Not the Animal

Being a moving company, we are on the roads every single day and night making sure your belongings is getting to their final destination safely. The quality of the roads, bridges, etc., is obviously something that makes our jobs either really easy and smooth, or frustrating and challenging. We wanted to give our blog readers an overview of the TIGER grants being distributed to help fund road, rail and other infrastructure work.

The project has been dubbed the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery, or TIGER, plan. “TIGER grants will tackle the kind of major transportation projects that have been difficult to build under other funding programs,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “This will help us meet the 21st century challenges of improving the environment, making our communities more livable and enhancing safety, all while creating jobs and growing the economy.”

The $1.5 billion fund should have a beneficial effect not just on worn-out bridges and highways, but on the job market, too. The economic recovery potential that this plan has is extremely exciting, but at Exodus, we are also thrilled to have hands on experience of the improvements across the country. Below is a chart of where the spending will occur:

For more information, check out the full TIGER press release