The New Tetris- Tips for Sorting Storage

Making the most of your storage space requires some thought and careful planning. Sure, you can just see how much fits into your new space and then throw the rest into some random storage facility. But when it comes time to find your things again, it can be a real headache to locate what you are looking for. Taking the time on the front end can make it easy to avoid these kinds of hassles and utilize your space in the most efficient way.

When considering storage rental, several factors come quickly into play. How much do you have that needs stored? How often will you need to access these things? But once you have selected the appropriate sized facility there are some simple ways to make the most of your space.

Think Future. Pack your boxes not only by room but also by potential future use. If you are packing birthday decorations, put the candles and the streamers and the balloons all in the same place, even if they lived in different rooms before they were packed.

Avoid Excuses. Try not to keep things “because I may use it someday”. It is easy to fill a storage space with useless items. If it’s not a keepsake for family memory or it will be used within the year, it may be time to let it go.

Create a Solid System. Number as well as color code your boxes. The number allows you to use the box again without crossed-out markings all over the box.  Keep an indexed list of what is in each numbered box.  The more detailed the indexed list, the more you will appreciate it when you need to find that kitchen mixer 2 months from now.

Pack Light. Fill the majority of your boxes in a size of box and to a maximum weight that you can comfortably move by yourself. This will help you to avoid having to recruit friends to help out when you need to get something out of your storage.

Give Yourself Some Room.  Part of fully utilizing space is the ability to actually move within it. Select a storage unit that is not only big enough for your things but also large enough to leave an aisle between rows to be able to get to that box you need in the back without climbing over other boxes.