The Gift of Storage

The holidays are here. The parties, the presents, the sweets and treats abound. And in the midst of the chaos, we are confronted with the convergence of both full shopping carts and calendars. But the question that emerges during this season is what to get for the person that has everything? How about storage?!

Ok, ok, so storage isn’t the most glamorous gift you can give. It’s certainly not the new espresso maker or gadget that they have had their eye on. It’s not gorgeous and glowing like those earrings she has been hinting about and it’s nothing you can play the latest action video game on. But the gift of storage is actually more than just providing a place to put extra things. It’s an invitation to organization. It’s an escape from the clutter that can so quickly overtake us especially in a season of gift giving and receiving. Think about it; this is the time of year that everyone gets more stuff. And unless we all plan to relocate to larger homes in January, we will have to find a way to implement the new things into our lives and either donate or store the old.

Disorganization of all kinds can lead to frustration and having more possessions than you have space for is a sure way to lose track of the things you actually use on a regular basis. So perhaps this season, you might want to bring in a new year of space for someone: mental, emotional and physical. And the physical bit, well that starts with storage.