Testimonial- When good people MOVE good people

MP900386284At Exodus, our values are the baseline from which we accomplish everything. And fortunately for us, because we take the time to hand pick our employees, these beliefs shine through every day. When a crew shows up to a customers door and they are meeting them for the first time, we enjoy being sure that they will be met with smiling faces. It is always good to get feedback from our customers about their experience with our company. It is also good to know that the hard work and good natured manner of our movers in the field is more than just a goal, it’s a reality…

From: Sara

Date: March 7th, 2011

To: Alie Daniel

Subject: Our Move with Exodus

Exodus Moving & Storage:

Denis and I would like to thank the crew that came to our house on February 24th. This was our first time using a moving company and we were impressed.

What a team/move we had!

Josh called us when they were leaving Ft Collins and again when they were ½ hour out. He is a strong leader and had everyone and everything under contraol from the minute they arrived.

As the whole team arrived, we showed them them the house and without hesitation they were picking up our belongings and taking them back to the truck. There was absolutely no time wasted with this crew.

Rudy was a very hard and courteous worker. Ben, also courteous, was quiet and just wanted to get the job done right. Jason, also a very hard worker, did not say much but smiled and worked efficiently.

One of our neighbors even mentioned how friendly and hardworking everyone seemed. They said they will keep the Exodus name in mind for when they decide to move. Nice job guys, you never know who is watching!

We want to thank them all again for their hard work. We were so very impressed by these Exodus employees. Dennis and I will refer Exodus to our co-workers, friends and neighbors.

Thank you,

Dennis & Sara