Terminology Tuesday!

Depending on the move, the specifics and details can get confusing. That’s why we created Terminology Tuesdays where each week we will go over five moving terms that will help you have a better understanding of your moving process. Be sure to check out our archives, we’ll be doing this each week. Enjoy!TT


Order for Service – a document authorizing the moving company to transport your household goods. 

SIT aka Storage-in-Transit  – the temporary storage of your household goods in the warehouse of the carrier’s agent, pending further transportation at a later date. SIT service may not exceed a total of 180 calendar days. After 180 days, the interstate nature of the shipment ends and is converted to the rules of the local warehouseman. 

Fuel Surcharge – just as it sounds, the carrier’s tariff provides for a percentage adjustment to the transportation charge, and SIT Pickup and Delivery, to aid in the recovery of the increased cost of fuel. The surcharge, which can change monthly, is based upon the national average cost of diesel as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Shuttle Service – As most of you might be familiar with, a shuttle service is used if the assigned over-the-road van is unable to make a normal pickup or delivery because of physical constraints. A shuttle service is the use of a secondary, smaller vehicle to complete the pickup or delivery. Charges for this service are based on the weight of the shipment and the location where the service is performed. 

Tariff – a publication containing the carrier’s rates, rules and regulations for services performed, applicable to the customer’s move.