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How to Ensure You Keep Your Stuff Safe

Moving is stressful enough. Add onto that the process of finding the best Denver moving company, and you might feel like tearing your hair out! There is so much to think about, so much to do, and forgetting just one detail can spell disaster. How do you get through the process with your sanity intact?

It’s all about planning. Just as with any big decision in your life, you need to ensure you’ve thought through every possible scenario so that you are prepared. If you aren’t prepared, you might as well put on that straight jacket before you’ve even packed a single box.

Through it all, you just want to make sure your stuff makes it to your new home in one piece. Here are some tips to making sure your stuff makes it through the entire process safely.

Do your homework. Sure, that long distance moving company looks all professional with its fancy fleet of trucks and vans and complete menu of packing services, but looks aren’t everything. You need to see how customers feel about them. The internet works to your benefit, really – Facebook is where people are increasingly going to vent frustrations, or sing a company’s praises. Talk to your friends for their recommendations, or take it a step further and contact the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You’ll be able to see if any claims have been filed against them, and their record with the DOT.

Read the fine print. So many people blindly sign the papers shoved in front of them just to speed along the process. However, when it comes to every single possession you own, you should take a moment to read through that long distance moving company contract. If any wording makes you uneasy, talk about it with the company to see if it can be reworded or changed. Before you sign on that Denver moving company, don’t get pressured into signing a document that makes you uncomfortable!

A word on insurance. Yes, movers are required by law to provide $0.60 per pound to replace items damaged or lost in transit at no cost whatsoever to the customer. When it comes to certain items, it just makes sense to request additional insurance, often $6.00 per pound, or even your own third-party insurance. Items costing over $100 per pound in value require separate insurance. Don’t skip this for those big ticket items – you don’t want to have to pay to replace it!

Supervise. One of the best ways to ensure nothing fishy happens while your house is being packed up and then unpacked at your destination is to be there. Just being physically present in the home during the process can lower the risk of something being stolen. If you can’t be there, see if another family member or friend can be there in your place.

Take advantage of pack-for-you services. If you’ve chosen a trusted moving company, the above scenario is not a concern. When it comes to packing up the boxes that will go on the truck, you might think it’s safer if you pack them so no one is tempted to steal any of the contents. The truth is a reputable moving company is not going to have employees that steal as part of their team. Another fact: it’s safer to leave the packing to the moving company! Why? Because they have the experience to make sure the job is done right. They have the expertise to make sure each item is packed with care, ensuring that all of your belongings remain intact when moving to Loveland, CO.

Make a list, check it twice. Each item should be marked on a master list. Even better is marking the items contained in each specific box. Inspect the items as you unpack, checking each off the list and noting which ones arrived damaged or even missing. If you spot damage, be sure to take pictures. If something appears to be lost, don’t fret – just contact your moving company as soon as possible. The movers might be able to help you locate the missing item. If you don’t like the way your chosen moving company handles the situation, take note of it throughout your communications with them so that you can report them to the proper organization.

Top Things to Do in Loveland, Colorado

Are you moving to Loveland, Colorado? You’re in luck! This city is lots of fun with plenty of really interesting and unique activities to keep you busy all year long. Plus, Loveland offers residents some great winter events that are happening right now. First, let’s take a look at what you’d find if you wandered into Loveland today. Next, we’ll list all of the top things to do in Loveland all year ‘round.


Ready to start your Loveland adventure?


Loveland’s February Lineup


1. ‘My Big Date Night.’ This Loveland event is all about couples, and it’s the perfect way to immerse yourself into the Loveland culture. Enjoy dining, beer tasting, and an overnight stay at one of Loveland’s best hotels starting at $200 per couple. If you haven’t moved to Loveland yet but want to see what the city is like, this package deal might be for you!


2. ‘Cartoon Skate.’ If you have kids, you’ll love this event! Every Saturday morning at ‘The Promenade Shops At Centerra’ outdoor skating rink, you and your kids can skate with popular cartoon characters! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Admission prices for kids under 12-years old are just $6.


3. ‘PechaKucha.’ How would you like to see 20 original artist images shown to you in less than 20 seconds? That’s what this Loveland Museum/Gallery exhibit is all about! Join the artistic crowd for a gathering of art-minded folk for free on February 27th at 7pm. Sounds like fun, right?


All of these February events can be found on the Loveland city main website ( But, that’s not all. This city sets up events every month (and nearly every weekend), so you can check out what’s happening next month too. Just pick the month that you are set to move in, and find an activity that will get you right into the swing of how things work in Loveland!


Plus, there are tons of activities and landmarks worth checking out at any time. Here are a few of our favorite Loveland spots.


CC Image courtesy of jessicareeder on Flickr

1. Devil’s Backbone Nature Trail: who can resist a trail called the ‘Devil’s Backbone?’ Expect nice and long paths, lots of nature scenes, and plenty of irresistible fresh air. You don’t really need to plan this one out – just grab your hiking shoes and go!


2. Rialto Theater: step back in time and head to the Rialto Theater for a show or two. This restored 1920s theater is a really great way to forget all about the connected world and head straight into the past (the acoustics aren’t half-bad either!).


3. Studio Vino: if your Italian is any good, you probably already recognized the word ‘vino,’ but where does the studio part come into play? Well, have you ever thought about combining wine and painting? Studio Vino supplies the wine, the paint, the brushes, and the instructor. Just pick the painting you want to create, and the studio will set up the rest. Check out Studio Vino’s website for additional details and to register your painting session.


4. Olde Course at Loveland: if you like to golf, this course is a must-try. The ‘Olde Course’ is a good old-fashioned golf course with lots of great scenery and plenty of tight greens.


5. Fly fishing. Love to fish? Why not try fly-fishing? There are lots of spots in Loveland, and you can even snag a coupon or two online for a fly-fishing lesson.


6. Shop and relax. Colorado has a completely different vibe to it. If you’re new to the state, you have to experience this vibe in order to believe it. The idea here is to relax, unwind, and take life at an easier pace – live to work! Trust us, you’ll love it here!


Help With Moving to Loveland


We’d love to be your gateway to Loveland by making your move as smooth as possible. We offer full-service moving solutions, and we also have a large warehouse storage space for any item that you can’t fit into your new place (or aren’t sure about keeping – like your grandmother’s tattered couch!). We can also set you up with information about moving specialty items, and we can help you when it comes to arranging anything else that pertains to your move.


At Exodus Moving and Storage, we love Loveland – and we know that you will too! Call us today for additional details or for a price quote.

Why Moving To Loveland Is Just As Great As Ever

Moving to Loveland Colorado is a fantastic idea if you want to be somewhere that very close to the mountains, while still retaining that inner-city feel. Loveland may not be quite like Denver, but it’s distance to Denver makes it very accessible. Not only that, but you are within three of the most comfortable towns in Colorado. Those three being Fort Collins, Windsor, and Longmont. Of these may be massive towns quite like Denver, but they have an amazing small-town feel to the while still retaining all of the attractions that you can finding Colorado.


Let’s be honest, when someone moves to Loveland they do it for the view of the mountains and the people who live here. This town is known for being extremely kind, but most of Colorado is that way. The mountains however differ depending on where you go. Loveland, Fort Collins, and Windsor are closest to the mountains that surround the Poudre River. Even though these mountains were scorched by fire’s that ravaged the entire back forest, new growth and old-growth still exists and is very beautiful within this area. It’s so strange to go driving up the mountainside and see one side with a devastated burn patch, while right next to it is the greenest forest you have ever seen. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, the mountains in Colorado are not gone, they just have parts that are no longer as colorful. Given time however this will change as fires tend to cause new growth to come back even stronger. Loveland was not exempt from these burns, but it did not receive the major portions of it. Moving to Loveland for the mountains is still just as great as ever.


The city’s that surround Loveland are some of the best in the country. Fort Collins has been voted within the top five of rest towns to live in by money magazine for years now. It hold this title with pride, and proves that the Fort Collins and northern Colorado area is committed to keeping their cities pristine. Even more so then you find anywhere else. Not many states can lay claim to some of the most beautiful and well kept cities, let alone having multiple of them within about a 20 mile radius. It is a very wise decision to move to Loveland, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Moving to Loveland Through Movers Who Are Close

So, let’s say that you don’t want to move to the hustle and bustle of Ft Collins, but you have your heart set on moving to the northern section of Colorado. There are a few towns in the area close to Ft Collins, but none resembles the city more than Loveland. Moving to Loveland is an option that you have if you want to stay in the beautiful Northern Colorado that is close to the mountains but don’t want the huge amount of college students around you.


Usually, this is one of the biggest reasons people move to Loveland other than a job. They work in Ft Collins sometimes but don’t want to be bothered by the mass number of college students who fluctuate through the town throughout the year. Who could blame them to be honest, college students can be very rowdy and tend to stay up all hours of the evening. Being a previous college student myself, I can assure you this is the truth.


However, moving to Loveland means that you have the beautiful scenery that you have been looking for as well as the quiet that can be found in a town that is not a college town. One of your biggest hurdles in Laughlin though is finding a home. Even in Loveland Colorado, movers may be very popular but that’s because there are so many homes that are purchased instantly once they go on the market. Its truth that at the moment some homes that are within the 100,000 range to 300,000 range are selling within 24 hours of their posting on the internet.


Real estate agents can’t keep homes long enough to sell them. However, if you already have a home and you just need a moving company, welcome to the company for you. We’re a full service moving company and we will help you get into that home that you’ve purchased as quickly as possible. Loveland is a beautiful town and it’s a great choice to move to. It’s very pretty during the summer and very green. During the winter, it tends to have snow like the rest of Colorado, though being in the northern half we do tend to receive a little bit more. All in all though it’s a beautiful place to move to and a good choice.

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