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Top Denver Eats

When you think of Denver food, what do you think of? Denver is something of a mixed bag when it comes to food, but there’s definitely a food style that’s this city’s own. Restaurateurs in Denver are starting to do the local food thing and the microbrew thing has been around for many years now, but there’s an underbelly of Denver’s food scene that you may find more than tempting.


"Taco Bell Nachos Tacos 4-8-092" by Steven Depolo

“Taco Bell Nachos Tacos 4-8-092” by Steven Depolo

Denver Fast Foods


Every city has a few fast food joints. It’s hard to find a street corner without a Starbucks or McDonalds. Denver has an interesting take of fast food, though. Sure, you’ll find some of the usual chains, but you’ll also find a few fast food firsts – like Chipotle Grill. Another popular fast food spot that’s all Denver is Noodles and Company. If you like noodles, Noodles and Company is a great way to get some great pasta fast. But, Denver isn’t all about fast food (though don’t knock the original Chipotle until you try it!). This town’s got some other delectable eats too.


Roasted Green Chiles – It’s a Thing Here


Everywhere you go in Denver, you will see green chiles. That green hue might not be huge anywhere else, but it’s all the rage (and has been for a long time) in Denver. The city’s top spot for green chiles is at Jack-n-Grill. Why? Because this restaurant roasts chiles on the spot – yeah, that’s tough to beat! You can also find green chiles just about anywhere you go. Denver locals like to toss a few onto burgers and hot dogs and (of course) in chili. Give green chiles a try, you’ll be glad that you did!


Did Someone Say Burritos? 


Denver has a love affair with burritos. You’ll find burritos of all types in almost every corner, but the most popular type of burrito is definitely the breakfast type. Breakfast burritos are so popular that the city is dotted with breakfast burrito carts. These carts will even come to your office in the morning to sell you a burrito or two! There’s nothing like a heavy burrito to start your day off right!


Japanese and Thai


There are two chains that have to be mentioned in this list. The first is Tokyo Joe’s. The second is Thai Basil. Both chains are notorious for solid food (Japanese or Thai) that is served quickly – if you get a taste for either, head to one of these chains. We promise that you won’t be sorry!


Slow Food


With all the fresh produce and meat that Colorado has to offer, it’s no wonder that many restaurants in the Denver area are now selling local food. The slow food movement has definitely hit Denver, and walking into any one of these places means that you’re in for a really fresh treat. If you haven’t tried any local food yet, make sure to stop at one of these spots.


Excellent Coffee


The coffee houses in Denver are almost worthy of a separate article (shout if you’d like to see one!). A few that do come to mind right away, though, are Aviano Coffee; Crema Coffee House; Logan’s Espresso Café; Happy Coffee; and Metropolis Coffee. Of course, you’ll also find your favorite chain coffee shops in Denver (Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts included), but the smaller coffee shops are the ones doing java right in this town! Ready to move to Denver yet? Good!


Preparing to Move to Denver


Now that you know what kinds of foods await you, let us help you get there! Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company offering storage spaces in Denver and Fort Collins as well as moving services. We can help you move your office from one side of Denver to the other, or we can help you move to Denver (or surrounding area) from anywhere in the world. We’re happy to provide you with some additional information about moving or our company.


If you need an estimate, we can do that too. Take a minute to browse around our site, or call us with any questions that you have. As soon as you decide to move to Denver, you’ll find out why this town is so popular! What’s your favorite Denver food spot?

Denver Is For Cyclists

Denver has a lot to offer nature lovers. Hiking trails for miles and miles, rivers, lakes, and plenty of fresh mountain air are just some of the reasons why Denver attracts so many nature enthusiasts. Another reason to love Denver comes in the form of bicycle lanes. Not just any bicycle lanes, though. The lanes in some parts of Denver have been painted bright colors to keep motorists at bay while keeping cyclists safer.


CC Image courtesy of dagpeak on Flickr

The Bright Bike Lanes of Denver


One bike lane along Denver 15th street has been painted bright green and red. It’s all part of a movment called the ‘15th Street Bikeway Plan.’ The concept is to remind motorists to move over to the left, so that cyclists can safely ride in the path dedicated to bicycles.


The city of Denver is conscious about bicycle paths and how those paths work with motorist lanes. Sometimes, it’s not easy to see bicycle paths. This is the problem that the city is hoping to fix. Other cities across the world have colored bicycle paths too, but Denver is a frontrunner when it comes to making plenty of (colorful) room for cyclists in the downtown area. It’s just another way that Denver welcomes those with a love for exercise and the outdoors!


Other Outdoor Activities


There’s plenty to do in Denver all year long. Even during the winter months, this city gets so much sun it’s hard to remember that it’s cold outside! Denver is home to lots of great ski and snowboard trails, plenty of bicycle paths that are outside of the city center, and tons of great places to explore. Nature is part of the reason why so many people are moving to Denver, and one of the reasons why Denver is a top destination for many seeking a slice of nature.


Getting Settled in Denver


As soon as you arrive in Denver, you’ll notice that something is different. It’s not so much the blue skies and green grass as it is the general attitude of people that live in Denver. Colorado just moves at a slower pace, and that means more time to enjoy life. If you’ve coming to Denver from a city that’s much faster paced, you’ll really appreciate what this city has to offer.


Bicycle lanes that are brightly colored is just the tip of the iceberg. Denver – all around – makes room for everyone. No matter what your favorite outdoor activity might be, Denver is the one place where you can enjoy it thoroughly. We love Denver, can you tell? We’d also love to help you store your items in Denver.


Denver Storage Options


It happens to everyone! Sometimes you just can’t move all of those things into your new home. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to sell your stuff either. You can store items large or small at our Denver storage facility. Our facility is protected around the clock, safe from any kind of weather or other disasters, and will keep your items secure while you find a place to put them. Give us a call today if you need some suggestions on how to store items, aren’t sure about what size storage locker to rent, or need some estimates. We can also help when it comes to move to Denver.


Help With Your Move


At Exodus Moving and Storage, we store and move! We can help you pack up boxes in your home or in a loved one’s home, move items large and small to your new location, and unpack with care. In addition to helping individuals move to the Denver area, we can also help with any business move of any size. Denver is a great place to start a new business – let us help you set up shop!


Call us today for a moving estimate or to get rates on a storage rental space. Moving can be fun, and we’d love to show you how. We know you’re going to love Denver, too! Make sure to book your moving date with us today. And let us know – what’s the reason you’re moving to Denver? Is it because of Denver’s new bike paths?

Best Denver Neighborhoods

Denver is bursting with top-notch neighborhoods. The real estate market in this city has really picked up over the past few years. Now, the average time that a house remains for sale is just 33 days. That means that buying a property in Denver is a true investment.  If you’re moving to Denver, take a look around these hot neighborhoods – but hurry!


CC Image courtesy of xJason.Rogersx on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of xJason.Rogersx on Flickr

1. Cherry Creek. Doesn’t the name of this neighborhood just sound perfect? That’s because it is! Cherry Creek is one of the best spots in Denver. The houses that line the wide streets in this zip code range from new lofts to old Victorian houses. Plus, the popular Cherry Creek mall isn’t far away, and tons of new shops are in walking distance.


2. Seeking a more urban setting? Check out LoDo (lower downtown). In recent years, this part of downtown has become quite popular. LoDo is where you’ll find the perfect home in the ideal urban setting. If stepping out of your front door to shop or stop at a café is what you’re after, LoDo is where you want to go.


3. Lowry. The Lowry area is really unique. Why? This neighborhood is built on an old air base. Once used by the military, Lowry is now teeming with life. Shops, new developments, and a safe neighborhood all around is what Lowry is all about.


4. If you love the outdoors, the Washington Park area is for you. Bordering the park, the homes on both the East and West are steps away from jogging paths, bike paths, paddleboats, and all kinds of great park entertainment.


5. Are you willing to step outside of the urban jungle a bit? If so, Boulder is really heaven on earth. Surrounded by open air, tons of green space, and plenty of breath-taking mountains, Boulder homes are gorgeous all around – even if it’s just for the scenery that encompasses this area on all sides. Consider moving towards the suburbs towards Boulder if you can’t find what you love directly in Denver.


6. Greenwood Village is another suburban area that used to be dotted with farms. Now, those farms sit between lovely homes, plenty of green space, and a slower kind of life. Just outside of Denver, Greenwood Village is still close enough to let you enjoy what Denver has to offer, but far enough away to escape to a quiet home at the end of the day.


7. For the truly posh, the Blackstone Country Club Estates area offers the kind of gated community that’s both safe and desirable. You’ll find homes nestled inside of this quaint little area range in both size and price.


Highly Sought After


Denver (and most of its parts) is highly sought after where real estate is concerned. That means that you’ll want to make an offer on your dream home quickly. Otherwise, you might be outbid. Once you do find the perfect spot, though, you’ll love what Denver has to offer. In fact, Colorado (as a whole) might be one of the few states left in the U.S. that is still sprawling with plenty of fresh air and green space in addition to all the urban life that you could want.


Any home that you buy in Colorado will be worth the money. That home will easily sell for more money once you’re ready to move again. Then again, why would you want to move? Most people that come to Denver never leave – this area has it all! If you were already planning on moving to Denver, we’d love to help you make this great city your home.


Moving Your Things


No matter where you are coming from, we can help you move into your new Denver home with ease. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we know all about Denver, and we know how to get you packed up, moved out, and unpacked with ease. We even offer large storage facilities that are perfectly safe, guarded, and large enough for all of your storage needs. You’ll find out storage options located in Denver and Fort Collins.


The areas listed above are the most popular spots in Denver, but you’re bound to love any neighborhood in this great city. Call us today to see how we can help you with your move. Or, just give us a call to get a free estimate. If you’re moving to Fort Collins or Denver, we’ll make your move easier!

Colorado is Content!

A recent Gallup Study has ranked every state within the United States according to a well-being and contentment survey. While ever state has something to offer, there are only a few states that are home to truly happy people. The list includes some states that are popular vacation destinations (like Hawaii), and other states that you may not know much about.


CC Image courtesy of agahran on Flickr

If you’re moving to Denver, Colorado, though, you’ll be moving to number seven on the list! As it turns out, people that live in Colorado are content. Here’s why!


Why Denver Makes People Happy  


It’s the sun, the land, and the open skies that make people in this state superbly content. With a life expectancy of 80-years old, and one of the lowest obesity rates in the country, Colorado is a healthy and happy place. Why are people in Colorado so active? It all has to do with the overall lifestyle that is enjoyed by all that live there. It’s safe to say that you can get outside and do almost any activity anywhere in Colorado, but Denver is where most people go to enjoy a mixture of city life and that laid back culture that puts Colorado at the top of the contentment chain.


Did you know that Denver gets more sunshine than most other cities in the U.S.? With over 300 days of sunshine per year, you’ll never get the winter blues. In fact, you’ll probably get a nice winter tan just from walking outside or picking up a pair of skis! So, it’s simple to see why Denver gets a nice high ranking from the latest Gallup Study. If you’re wondering what other states are on the list, here’s a quick look.


Other Happy States


  • Iowa
  • Washington
  • Hawaii
  • Vermont
  • Montana
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota


All of these states now have some serious bragging rights. High life expectancies, high salaries, high quality of life – what more could you ask for? What about states that didn’t make the list? Well, there are some states ranked by USA Today that didn’t quite make the happy lineup.


On the Flip Side


CC Image courtesy of PLeia2 on Flickr

The states that were ranked the ‘Most Miserable’ by participants across the United States in a recent issue of USA Today are as follows:


  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas
  • Ohio
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Kentucky
  • West Virginia


If you are moving to Denver from any state (not just the ones listed above), you’ll love it here. We have sunshine, happiness, and plenty of things to make you sit up and notice life.  Plus, Denver happens to be one of the best places in the United States to open up a new business.


The Denver Business Scene


If you’re considering moving to the happiest place on earth (in our estimation, at least!), you’ll be happy to know that Denver can make your dreams come true (kind of!). Denver’s business scene is a booming one with lots of different opportunities to start and build a new business of almost any kind. Commercial rental spaces abound, are affordable, and the Denver crowd is really into local businesses.


If you have a great idea for a business, make Denver your new home. With everything that’s so great about this city, it’s hard to find a reason not to move here and start something new, right? Then again, if you’re already reading this article, you’re probably looking into moving to Denver already, so let us help you make that move happen!


Getting Ready to Move to Denver


You don’t have to worry about moving on a gloomy day when you move to Denver. Since we have one of the sunniest cities in the United States, you can pretty much expect the sun to be shining when it’s time for your move, but you’ll still want to be prepared. To make sure that you have everything in place and ready to move to the happy state, give us a call. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we strive to make your move stress-less and free from any unexpected event – doesn’t that sound nice?


Give us a call today to see how we can help you move to Denver. We also have a massive storage facility should you need to store any of your items before, during, or after your move. When it comes to Denver moving companies, you’ve come to the right spot.


We also want to know: what do you love about Denver?

Fresh Place Friday: Moving to Music

Last week, we talked about a few of the big differences between Los Angeles and Denver.  For this edition of Fresh Place Friday, we’d like to focus in on a feature both have in common: world-renowned outdoor amphitheaters.

If you are considering moving to Los Angeles or moving to Denver, you are in for some world class entertainment and rich musical offerings in each location.  The Hollywood Bowl brings to mind the glamour and spectacle of Hollywood legend.  It is a perfect reminder that underneath the surface fads and trends, there is artistic achievement that can inspire awe.  Red Rocks showcases the stark natural beauty of Colorado and the vibrant relief of the Denver skyline.  It is as though a stage naturally formed through geologic events. When people come to a concert, they are simultaneously visiting nature and enjoying the showcased talents of advanced society.

Until recently, the natural acoustics of the Hollywood Bowl had been diminished by its massive and iconic shell rather than amplified.  It has undergone several changes in structure and materials throughout the years, although the dome shape has remained for the last seventy years.  The Bowl, as the locals call it, is probably the only building that has been worked on by both Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry, two of the most influential architects of the last century.

Red Rocks is a park and amphitheater 15 miles outside of Denver and has been hosting events as far back as 1906. It was purchased by the city of Denver in the thirties to showcase the city and its culture, but the main attraction has always been the huge fountain formation of rocks that encase a nearly perfect storm of sound and sight.  Huge and angled red rocks jut out from stage right, and provide a natural amplifier that hones the music for the 10 thousand seats in between it all.  The unassuming disc shaped stage was designed by a Denver architect and built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, but the point has always been the discovery of an ideal place to listen.   And in the case of Red Rocks, nature took care of the details.

Both venues are great to take in the sunset and exist as constantly memorable summer venues, although Red Rocks is the only one that remains open year-round.  Both venues have hosted legendary concerts and have subtly made their mark on popular culture.  Even acts such as the Beatles, who performed at each, could not overshadow the stage they were on.  Red Rocks helped to popularize U2 in the eighties and remained the favorite stopping place of the Grateful Dead.  The Hollywood Bowl has drawn opera and symphony performers from the peaks in Paris and Italy since the twenties.

If you move to Denver or move to Los Angeles, you would be remiss to neglect spending an evening at a live outdoor music venue.  Whatever your tastes, the diverse line-up of world class acts will give you an opportunity for an experience you will never forget.

Moving to Denver- What’s all the Fuss?

MP900148722Our brand spanking new Denver office is something that we are really excited about. And while we have been “wowing” our customers throughout Colorado for several years, we felt it was high time to open an office in the number one city of our fine state. But what’s the big deal about Denver anyway? Why is it such a popular place to move to? Why is it that so many are finding it to be the best place to work and live? In an attempt to answer these questions we have gathered the following facts:

The Place

Varied landscape, seasonal changes and sun filled skies grace the greater Denver Metro. One of its biggest regional draws is its infamous “300 days per year of sunshine”, boasting that even when the snow is falling, Denver remains bright.  The altitude also contributes to the location being a fantastic place for sports teams to train causing Denver to be one of only 2 American cities with 8 professional sports teams. Hosting the largest park system in the US, Denver has 205 parks inside the limits of the city. Between kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and walking, the city offers an endless opportunity to uphold its current place as the 6th healthiest city in the country according to the American Fitness Index.

The People

The city with the highest population of any other city in Colorado, Denver is also one of the 5 fastest growing cities in the United States. In addition to fantastic offerings in the natural surroundings, it supplies everything a sophisticated citizen could want in a thriving metropolitan mecca. Award winning theater, restaurants, concerts and art abounds drawing a diverse group of visitors that decide to ultimately make it their home. With a household income that is more than 15% higher than the national average, it’s no wonder why people are moving to this vibrant metro in droves.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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