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Moving Tip #7

Moving Tip #7
Have it ALL packed. Whether you pack the boxes or have our professional packing crew do the deed, make sure it is all done when the loading crew arrives

Exodus Team Profile #6 – Joel Coen

Name: Joel Coen

Title: Business Development in Denver

Years in industry: 4 months

Years at Exodus: 4 Months

Place of Birth: Santa Clara, California

Fun Fact: I have lived in 7 states and worked overseas

Strangest item you have ever moved: A 1950’s phone booth

Favorite part about working with Exodus: Exodus allows me to have freedom.  We are a small company and being able to change direction in a moment’s notice is a great feeling.  Our CEO comes from a community environment and that is how we treat our customers.  They are a part of our family and our community.

Tip to share with people who are moving: Relax!  We will take care of everything for you.

Exodus Team Profile #5 – Suzanne McClellan

Name: Suzanne McClellan

Title: Human Resource specialist

Years in industry: 7 years

Years at Exodus: 7 years

Place of Birth: Fort Collins, Colorado

Fun Fact: Loves taking her daughter to the mountains.

Strangest item you have ever moved: Old collector cars.

Favorite part about working with Exodus: Everyone at Exodus is really family oriented.

Tip to share with people who are moving: The more planning you can do the better. Even the silly small stuff, if you can get done before the move, the easier it will go.

Exodus Team Profile #4 – Matt Robinson

Name: Matt Robinson

Title: Operations Manager / Warehouse Manager/ Local Dispatcher

Years in industry: 17 years

Years at Exodus: 3 years

Place of Birth: Sundance, Wyoming

Fun Fact: Loves the outdoors (tubing boating fishing).

Strangest item you have ever moved: An old wooden outhouse.

Favorite part about working with Exodus: Feels like a family.

Tip to share with people who are moving:  Be prepared. Every move is different.

Exodus Team Profile #3 – Jake Atchison

Name:  Jake Atchison

Title:  Vice President of Sales

Years in the industry:  12, worked up from crew as his first college job

Years at Exodus: 7

Place of Birth:  Boulder, Colorado

Fun Fact:  Outside linebacker during college (Mesa State Mavericks)

Strangest item you have ever moved:  3,000 lb. printing press

Favorite part about working with Exodus: the work environment is awesome

Tip to share with people who are moving:

Preparation is KEY – the more prepared you are the less your move will cost.

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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