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Colorado’s Coffee Scene

Are you addicted to caffeine? Do you find it hard to get enough of that tasty cup of coffee? Well, if you are moving to Colorado, you will be happy to know that this state has more than its fair share of excellent coffee shops. In fact, Colorado has its own artisan (or third-wave, as it is sometimes called) coffee scene. Below are our favorite coffee spots – enjoy!


CC Image courtesy of adactio on Flickr

1. Paul’s Coffee and Tea: this coffee shop is small, quaint, and serves the perfect cup of coffee. You’ll find Paul’s in Louisville, CO.

2.  Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse: as you might have guessed, this teahouse is in Boulder, CO. During the summer months, you’ll find a lovely farmer’s market located near this coffee house too.

3. R&R Coffee Café: doesn’t the name of this coffee house sound divine? You’ll find a bit of R&R in Colorado Springs, CO.

4. Urban Steam Coffee: here’s another coffee gem in Colorado Springs. Urban Steam will definitely appease the third-wave coffee crowd, and you can get some yummy local treats to go with your coffee of choice here too.

5. The Bean Cycle: lattes, cappuccinos, and everything in-between is what you’ll find at The Bean Cycle. If you are moving to Fort Collins, this café is an absolute must (plus, you’ll find a quaint little bookstore nearby too!).

6. Wild Boar Coffee: here’s another Fort Collins gem. Maybe you can go from The Bean Cycle to Wild Board Coffee and back again for a true coffee voyage?

Other Coffee Spots

Colorado is known for its unique chains and some larger chains too, so you’ll find all of the big coffee shops in this state alongside all of the smaller ones. If you are a Starbucks fan, there are no shortage of Starbucks shops throughout the state. But, we urge you to try out some of the smaller, local, coffee shops for a taste of true entrepreneurial coffee spirit. Plus, most of the shops on this list offer local pastries and other goodies that you will absolutely love, so make sure to check those out.

Of course, you can also find some really decent beans that are roasted right here in Colorado. SwitchBack, Kaladi, and Elevation Traders are just a few of the roasters that make Colorado their home state. If you’re looking for delicious and fresh roasted coffee, you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect bag of beans to bring home. All you’ll need after you grab those beans is a great coffee machine, and you can find plenty of retailers selling machines in this state too. As you can see, Colorado is almost (almost) as serious about coffee as we are about burritos (but not quite!).

Getting Your Colorado Land Legs

If you aren’t quite sure where to live in Colorado, but you know that this town is for you, you’ll find tons of articles about this state on our blog. We’ve made sure to add plenty of information about moving to Colorado in addition to details about the many reasons why this state is so great. We hope that you’ll find almost everything you’re looking for on our site, but let us know if there’s something about Colorado that you want to know, and we’ll be sure to cover it here!

In the meantime, you might have noticed that we operate a full-service moving service and storage company. Not only do we love this state, but we want to help you move to it! No matter where you’re coming from, Exodus Moving and Storage can help you get all of your stuff where it needs to go in Colorado. We can also assist you with any office moving that you need to do. Estimates are always free, and we also have plenty of storage space for those items that you can’t bring along with you. Give us a call today to find out why so many people love Colorado, to get an estimate, and to speak with one of our representatives. When you do arrive in Colorado, let us know what your favorite coffee spot is too!

10 Things Made Only in Colorado

Maybe it’s the mountain air or the many days of sunshine. Or, maybe it’s just the pace of life in Colorado. For whatever reason, Colorado residents are crafty. There are some things made in Colorado that you can’t get anywhere else. If you are moving to Colorado soon, you’ll want to check out these local goods.


CC Image courtesy of MzScarlett / A.K.A. Michelle on Flickr

1. English Retreads: what can you do with old inner tubes? Turn them into bags, of course! English Retreads are handbags made from recycled goods, and you’ll only find these bags in Colorado at specific stores and truck stops.

2. Moe’s Bagels: bagels in Colorado? That’s right! The Rocky Mountain state is serving up some hot bagels that people around these parts love. How do they compare to Montreal bagels or NYC bagels? Well, you’ll just have to try them out! Moe’s has locations in both Denver and Boulder.

3. Bottlehood: there’s a recycling theme happening here, can you tell? Bottlehood is another amazing company that recycles glass bottles into all kinds of home goods.

4. Wild Women Truffles: organic, delightful, and delicious! What more could you want in the perfect truffle? If you happen to be in Littleton, Colorado, you’ll want to pick some of these up.

5. Rudi’s Bakery: Rudi’s bakes up organic baked goods of all kinds. Rudi’s started out small, but now this bakery spans lots of space, and you can find loaves of Rudi’s bread throughout the state.

6. Justin’s Nut Butter: the nut butters that come from Justin’s in Boulder abound, but what I really love about this company is that they sell squeeze packs of organic, natural, nut butters. So, you can take a few squeeze packs on your next run or trail hike, and you’ll get a completely natural protein boost.

7. Chocolove: more chocolate? Can you really have too much chocolate? Colorado doesn’t think so! Chocolove offers chocolate lovers premium chocolate bars direct from the Chocolove factory in Boulder (with locations strewn throughout Colorado).

8. Celestial Seasonings: I’m betting that you’ve had a sip of tea or two brewed from a Celestial Seasoning’s bag, right? Well, this tea company was founded (and is located) in Boulder, Colorado. If you visit the factory, make sure to enter the peppermint room – that’s a smell you’ll never forget!

9. Local Brews: I’m not going to list a specific brew here because there are so many microbrews in Colorado. You’ll just have to find your own slice of local brew heaven when you arrive!

10. OZ Snowboards: with all of the snow in Colorado, is it any surprise that there’s an amazing snowboard crafter in this state? Check out OZ Snowboards for a really great board that will last you many seasons.

Getting Ready to Move

With all of the great things that are made in this state, it’s hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to live here. But, you’ll have to prepare for a move first. The good news is that we can help with your move – in fact, we’ve already helped! Just take a look at the many different blog posts on this site to find out what you need to know about moving to Colorado.

If you’re looking for a moving company to help you pack, move, and unpack your stuff, we can help you there too. Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company that offers you plenty of great services from moving to storage and everything in-between. We also provide free estimates, so go ahead and give us a call today to find out what you need to know.

When it comes to this great state, we’re a step ahead of the rest. Plus, we’ll help you store anything that you can’t move into your new home. The sooner you start planning your move, the faster you can step outside in your new mountain town and enjoy everything that Colorado has to offer. We love it here, and we know that you will love it here too!

What’s the best thing about Colorado in your opinion? What do you love on this list? Let us know!

Colorado Trail Safety Tips

The warm weather is here, and that means hiking season in Colorado. There’s a lot to see when you hike through Colorado trails including tons of wildlife. Any sunny day is a good day for a hike, but make sure that you heed these safety tips before you pack your backpack!


CC Image courtesy of gareth1953 the original on Flickr

Get Ready

You probably warm up before you work out, right? You may even stretch each morning in order to move your muscles. Well, hiking is no different. In fact, hiking burns lots of calories and gets plenty of muscles moving, and that means that you have to stretch and warm up before you try and conquer any mountain. Conduct some basic stretches at the base of the mountain before you start your hike – you’ll be glad that you did!

It’s also vital to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your hike. Make sure to hydrate properly before your planned hiking day. Drink more than your normal amount of water the day before your hike, carry two water bottles with you during your hike, and make sure to drink plenty of water after your hike too. Drinking lots of water will prevent any kind of muscle cramping.

Trail Safety

Were you the kid that always went off trail during a ski trip? It can be fun to explore trails by finding paths that aren’t part of the main trail, but this habit is also dangerous. Stick with the marked trail, don’t venture so far away from the trail that you can’t see the main path, and always plan out your hike before you leave. If you are going to hike alone, make sure that a few people know where you will be at all times, and check in with a park ranger if you plan to hike up a treacherous path.

It can also be tempting to eat berries or pick up plants along the path. But, this isn’t a good idea unless you are certain of what you’re touching. If you pick up the wrong plant, you could wind up with poison ivy or worse! Likewise, leave any animals that you see alone – a moose might not look like it can run very fast, but that moose will catch up to you quickly if you taunt it enough!

Pack Smart

Not only should you bring plenty of water with you, but it’s also wise to bring tons of food – hiking can really work up an appetite! You’ll want to bring food that’s nutritious and can help you with a boost of energy when you will need one. In addition to food and drink, wear lots of layers and pack an extra sweater. This way, you can remove layers when you get too hot, or add a layer when it’s too cold.

Even though it’s a great idea to leave your cellphone off during your hike (that’s the whole point of enjoying nature, right?), you should bring it with you. If you need to call someone during a hike in case of an emergency, you’ll want to have your phone with you. You may also think about packing a flashlight.

Enjoy Your Hike

There’s no better time than springtime to get outdoors and enjoy the many trails that Colorado has to offer. If you are moving to Colorado for the first time, you’ll love what this state offers when it comes to nature. If you’ve lived here all of your life, there’s no excuse not to get outdoors and check out the scene! Sunshine, wide lazy trails, rivers, and wildlife wait!

Do you need a moving company to help you with your move to Fort Collins or Denver? Call Exodus Moving and Storage today. Not only do we know a lot about Colorado nature, we also know how to move you and your things to this great state. In addition to moving, Exodus also offers storage facilities in both Denver and Fort Collins, so you can store your items all year long. What are you waiting for? Come and see what Colorado has to offer today! Call us (your Fort Collins moving company) for a free estimate or for any other reason – we can’t wait to talk to you.

10 Things You’ll Only Get if You Live in Colorado

Like any other state, Colorado has its quirks. When you’ve lived in this great state long enough, you’ll begin to recognize some of these things right away. You’ll also quickly know when someone isn’t from Colorado, or has never been – it’s kind of like asking a New Englander for some ‘Manhattan clam chowder’ and getting a vacant look. If you’ve moving to Denver or Fort Collins, you’ll see right away what we’re talking about. Before you know it, you’ll understand all of the following things (and laugh along with this list!).


CC Image courtesy of daveynin on Flickr

1. Winter. You haven’t really understood winter until you’ve moved to Colorado, and we mean that in the best way possible! With winter also comes the need to hit the slopes every sunny morning before work (if this doesn’t make sense to you yet, you’ll soon understand!).

2. Locally brewed beer. A lot of states have local breweries, but Colorado takes this to a whole new level. If you find yourself staring at a beer menu for a really long time, you won’t be the only one!

3. You get ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf. No, they’re not the same thing (as you will explain to countless visitors).

4. South Park. You’ve watched South Park, and you’ve been to South Park too.

5. Mountain towns. Taking a day trip to a mountain town will let you explore nature, see what really rural life is all about, and ponder the way life used to be (and still is).

6. Nature. You may think that you understand nature, but you never really commune with nature until you visit the Rocky Mountain Range, or take a long hike on a winding nature trail. Colorado does nature like no other place on earth.

7. Cowboys. Yes, they do exist. Chances are that you know one, or you will know one when you move to any town on Colorado.

8. White water rafting in Fort Collins. If you’re a thrill-seeker, there’s no place better to be than in Fort Collins riding the rapids. Make sure to book a tour if it’s your first time.

9. Strange horse statues. At first, the red-eyed horse statue at the Denver International Airport may seem a bit off-putting. But, you’ll get used to the red-eyed greeter.

10. Burritos. You can’t live in Colorado and not get burritos. Burritos are everywhere here, and you’ll quickly have your favorite burrito spot all lined up and ready to go.

Ready to Move to Colorado? 

If you’re on the liberal side, move to Boulder. If you run conservative, Colorado Springs is the place to go. If you just want to enjoy the good life, check out Fort Collins or Denver. It really doesn’t matter where you go in Colorado, you’ll love everything that this state has to offer – especially the many amazing scenic points, laid-back way of life, and nature at every turn. The hardest part about moving to Colorado will be packing up all of your stuff and getting here, but that’s not too difficult to accomplish when you have a full-service moving team on your side.

Exodus Moving and Storage can help you pack, move, and get where you need to go. We do both short-haul and long haul moving of all kinds – if it’s part of our moving service, we’re at your service. We also move office spaces, so we can help you set up a new shop once you arrive in Colorado too. If you can’t bring everything with you, we also offer short-term and long-term rental spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins. Really, we’ve got all of your moving and storage needs covered from A to Z. We also know that costs are important, so call us today for a completely free estimate. Just tell us what you need to move, where you’re located, where you’re going, and when you want to get there, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Soon, very soon, you’ll know a cowboy, have a favorite burrito, and understand exactly what it means to love winter. Yes, Colorado has its quirks, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! What are some of the things that you love about this state? Why are you moving here? It’s to play ultimate Frisbee, isn’t it? Let us know, and make sure to call us today to book your move.

Disconnect in Denver, Colorado

Denver is surrounded by natural beauty. But, that doesn’t mean that business people working in Denver can easily unwind. That’s why various Denver spas have made it their mission to offer guests a complete disconnected space free from any signs of WiFi or electronic life. If this sounds appealing to you, it’s time for a break! Take a look at these Denver spots begging you to disconnect from the world around you (just for a few days!).


CC Image courtesy of bixentro on Flickr

1. Shambala Mountain Center: there’s no sign of wifi or any other technology at this retreat. You will be treated to a plethora of stress-reducing classes, though. Sign up for yoga, meditation, or another class to clear your mind, but leave your phone and television behind. Rates start at around $79 per night.

2. Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort: if you are going to visit this hot springs resort in order to relax and unwind, leave your connected world behind. The main lodge does offer wifi, but that’s the only spot where you’ll find bits of your connected life. Otherwise, the resort if yours to explore sans technology – doesn’t that sound nice?

3. Lower Lake Ranch: if you don’t want to travel too far, you can check out the Lower Lake Ranch that’s located approximately 40 miles outside of Denver. This ranch is all about the outdoors, and it has very little to do with the Internet world. Sorry, folks, you can’t Instagram these pictures!

4. Elmwood Camp: this one is for the kids! If your kids are spending way too much time playing video games and networking on social sites, this camp is where it’s at. At first, they might protest, but the activities at Elmwood Camp will keep your kids occupied on a daily basis. This is a day camp, too, so your kids can connect at night.

5. Rafting on the Colorado River: we dare you to whip out an iPhone while you are rafting on this river! Forget about wifi, the Internet, and smartphones as you careen through the river bends on any Colorado River rafting trip. You can find lots of deal and details for various rafting trips by searching the Internet (the last chance you’ll get before you go!).

6. Just put your phone in a drawer. Okay, this isn’t a resort or retreat, but, really, Colorado is filled with so many hiking trails, natural wonders, and amazing outdoor beauty that it’s simple to just leave your phone behind. Ditch your phone, tablet, and laptop for an afternoon by leaving it at home while you head outdoors to enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty.

Moving to Colorado? Let us help out!

There’s no better way to get right in to the swing of things when you move than to leave all of that moving trouble to professional movers. Plus, you can head outside the minute you move in if you let us handle all of your boxes for you. From packing to storage, we can help with it all. The important thing to remember when moving to Colorado is to try and enjoy the pace of life here as quickly as you can. We’re betting that you’ll get right into the swing of things, love the slower paced life that makes Colorado so great, and enjoy every minute of learning to disconnect from the world as you take to the trails or streets of this amazing state.

A Colorado State of Mind

It’s going to be tough at first, but you’ll get used to the way of life around here! Actually, it’s going to be a snap to leave all of that craziness behind! If you find that you’re still too connected when you’re living in Colorado, give one of the resorts listed above a try. You’ll soon see why many people are flocking to spas and hot springs in order to escape all of that connected-ness. Once in a while, it’s good to sit back, kick your feet up, leave the Internet behind, and learn to take life as it comes – the Colorado way.

And, remember, if you need help with moving service details or storage, make sure to call us at Exodus Moving and Storage – we’ll give you a free estimate, and we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have. What’s your favorite way to unwind?

How to Pack Up Your Dorm Room

The end of the year is fast approaching. That means that you’ll have to pack a year’s worth of stuff into the back of a car, or, worse, into a few suitcases that will be transported via airplane. How the heck can you put all of those memories into so few boxes? Have no fear! Exodus Moving and Storage is here! We’ve seen more than a few dorm room moves, so we’ve come up with a handy list that you can follow to make sure that everything gets where it needs to go.

empty dorm room

CC Image courtesy of Editor B on Flickr

1. Start by making a list. There’s a really good chance that you don’t need half of the things that are cluttering up your dorm room. Your list should include things that you absolutely must bring home, and those things that you can leave behind (like those pots and pans that are beyond cleaning or repair!).

2. Start donating. Do you have boxes upon boxes of macaroni and cheese? Got more Pop-Tarts than you know what to do with? Do you really want to pack up all of that food and bring it home with you? Probably not. But, you can certainly donate any packaged goods to a local food shelter or home – they’ll love to get those goods!

3. Start finding boxes. Hit up local grocery stores, liquor stores, and any other place that uses boxes regularly. Ask if you can have boxes for free, and start gathering things like tape, labels, pens, and other items. If you have the time and energy, it’s never a bad idea to start packing up early.

4. Store some things. Are you coming back to the same area next year? If so, maybe you should store that couch and chair instead of bothering to bring it home with you. A storage facility can keep those things you don’t’ need to bring home in a safe and secure storage spot for the summer months, and you can pick them up when you need them next year – problem solved!

5. Ship some things or call mom and dad to pick up some stuff. If your parents live near by (or friends or siblings), give them a call and ask them to help you move some stuff. If you can send a few boxes home prior to the end of the semester, that will be a huge help (and less stuff that you will actually have to bring with you).

6. Toss random things out. Once you’ve packed everything up, stored some items, and sent some items home ahead of time, you’ll see that a few things remain in your room. Ask yourself if you really need those things, or if you can just throw some of that stuff out. If it’s stained, ripped, ruined, or really just a mess, toss it. You can make new memories next year.

Moving to a Summer Spot

If you’re lucky enough to be spending the summer with some friends in a rented house, the same packing tips listed above apply. You don’t really need to bring tons of boxes with you, so get rid of the slack. You can also ask your buddies to help you move all of that stuff to your new place, or hire a moving company to do it for you. You’d be surprised at just how reasonable moving companies can be when it comes to pricing. Plus, hiring movers means that you won’t have to worry about getting things to your new place without breaking anything.

If you are moving to the Fort Collins or Denver area, make sure to give us a call. Our expert moving team will help you pack (wouldn’t that be nice?), move, and get settled in your new place or back to your old home. Either way, once the semester ends (or is about to end), you’ll have to find a quick way to pack everything up and move it all wherever you intend to go for the summer months. If you need some help moving out of your dorm, make sure to give us a call today. We also offer massive storage solutions for anything that you want to leave behind (we’ll take good care of those things during the summertime!). Spring has sprung and summer is almost here, so start packing up your dorm room today using the tips listed above.

9 Common Moving Myths

It seems that just about everything has a myth associated with it. Where these myths originate is tough to figure out. Word of mouth spreads it like wildfire, and in these days of social media and what I like to call over-connectedness, it can spread even more rapidly than ever before.


CC Image courtesy of Jenn Durfey on Flickr

The moving industry has its share of myths, and if you hear some, it might force you to change your mind about moving altogether. Do you believe some of them? Are any of them true? If you’re deciding whether or not you should hire a moving service to do the heavy lifting, here are some common myths you might have heard so that you can make a more informed decision.

They’re going to break something that is valuable. While this is a very real possibility, they are probably more careful than you would be if you were moving everything. They know that an unhappy customer could cost them their job, so they are more likely to get it to you in one piece than to destroy your stuff. You’d be surprised at the care with which your belongings are handled! Your best bet is to carefully review the insurance policies available for purchase that can help cover damages that might occur to be sure you’re getting the best coverage possible.

They’re all the same. This is very far from the truth. Upon researching the moving company to best meet your needs, you’ll see that each one offers different services. Some will move big items like pianos, while others stay far away from such expensive items. Some will box things up for you, while others rely on you to do all of the packing so that they simply need to lug boxes. Determine your needs to choose the best possible company. You don’t want to pay more for services you aren’t going to need! Once you’ve narrowed your list down, you can start reading through reviews online. That is often an effective way to determine if they are reputable, or you can contact your Better Business Bureau.

I have to ride on the moving truck. This is the opposite of the truth! Liabilities dictate you may not ride along in the truck unless the moving company you are using employs you. So don’t worry, you won’t need to ride along with movers.

I can pack up any old boxes I come across. Even though your friends and relatives have been bringing you boxes to pack your belongings into, you’ll want to think twice before you place items inside. There are boxes designed just for moving, offering a durability those liquor store boxes just don’t have. If you happen to overload one of those boxes, it will break, but moving boxes will get the job done while remaining intact.

I don’t need to label my boxes. No, it isn’t necessary, but you’ll be glad you did when you get to the new place and everything is where it needs to be when it comes time to unload them! If your moving company is packing boxes for you, they’ll label the boxes for you. But if you are packing boxes yourself, you’ll want to take the time to complete this seemingly unimportant step. In this way, the movers will know exactly where the boxes need to go when they are bringing them inside. A bonus: you’ll know which box contains your plates when the pizza you ordered arrives and you realize you have nothing to eat it off of!

Every move is a nightmare. While this can be true, the people that feel this way at the end of their moving experience probably didn’t plan well enough. Just as planning your day at work each morning so that you can tackle the maximum number of tasks makes your day easier, so does planning each aspect of your move. That way, as long as you stick with the plan, everything will be a breeze.

I have to pack up everything on my own. Not true! While some companies just move the boxes you’ve packed, others offer packing as part of a total package. They’ll send someone into your home to review what exactly needs to be packed, noting everything on a sheet of paper. Then they’ll come on packing day to get it all into nicely labeled boxes. The best part: they are experts, so your breakables will be extra safe when you allow them to do the job. They’re trained in proper packing procedures, and know exactly how to pack it all to protect it during the move.

I’m not paying the moving company until they have gotten it all to the new location. False! You must pay in full before they will unload everything off of the truck.

I’m going to have to buy them lunch. While I am sure they’ll appreciate it, it’s not necessary. Most of the time, the movers will eat when they finish unloading your stuff, whether it’s going out with the rest of the crew to a restaurant or eating a lunch they’ve brought along with them. They are there on the clock, so don’t feel like you have to give them a special treat. As long as you’ve selected a reputable company, they’re professionals who will do a great job regardless of any perks you might offer them!

We hope we’ve dispelled some of your fears regarding moving. After you review what Exodus Moving and Storage has to offer, we hope you’ll choose us to take care of everything for you, making your move as painless as possible.

Top Ten Denver Trail Running Spots

Denver is bursting with amazing running trails. If you are in the process of moving to Denver, we challenge you not to go outside at least a few times per week and enjoy the amazing scenery! Denver is great for all kinds of outdoor sports, but one of the best things to do in and around this city is run. So, grab your trail shoes, music, and water bottle – Denver was made for running!


River and Bridge

CC Image courtesy of Fuzzy Gerdes on Flickr

Best Denver Trails (In No Particular Order)


1. Mesa Trail: this trail is in Boulder, but it’s worth the trip. The trail spans 6.5 miles along the base of the Flatirons mountain range. You can’t bring your bicycle or horse on this trail ride, but you can certainly bring your running shoes.


2. Green Mountain: head to Lakewood to check out the Green Mountain running trail. Nestled near the foothills of Morrison, the Green Mountain trail is one of the most popular spots near Denver. You’ll experience rugged terrain that spans approximately 6.5 miles.


3. Cherry Creek Path: this is more of a path than a trail, but it’s located right in the heart of Denver. The Cherry Creek Path winds along Cherry Creek, and it’s where you want to be if you don’t feel like traveling outside of the city on a beautiful spring day. This is a flat trail that stops and starts where you want it to – bring your dog along for some companionship.


4. Highline Canal Trail: start at Chatsfield State Park, and make the 9-mile loop around the park for a really intense run. If you want to expand your run, this trail actually goes on for 66-miles around the metro area – bring lots of water! This is a big run, but you can duck out at every half-mile marker along the trail if you aren’t up for a major run!


5. Sand Creek Regional Greenway: ready for 13-miles that circle the city? This trail is part of the large 50-mile trail that surrounds the city. Thirteen miles is a decent distance for any runner, and the terrain is nice and soft too.


6. Bear Creek Greenbelt: this run is really all about scenery. You’ll pass grasslands and cottonwood groves that seem to stretch on for miles. Make sure to pay attention to the wildlife that could step out in front of you at any moment – hills and valleys are what you’ll find here. The Bear Creek Greenbelt stretches on for a few miles, so it’s a great run to check out if you are a novice runner (and who doesn’t love an amazing view?).


7. Waterton Canyon: this trail is for the serious runner in you. Massive slopes and plenty of dips will get your muscles pumping for up to twelve grueling miles – but worth every step thanks to the beauty of the canyon!


Running Clubs


Is it any surprise that a city filled with some many awesome running trails has a lot of running clubs? You’ll find that there are running clubs for every level spread throughout Denver and surrounding areas. If you want to run with a pack or want to get started with trail running, these clubs are worth a look. Plus, it never hurts to make new active friends when you move to Denver!


As far as gear goes, Denver has plenty of that too. Check out local shops to see what’s made in Denver, and be sure to wear something flashy –some trails are filled with lots of wildlife, so standing out is always a good thing! If you can swing it, too, try and bring a camera with you on your run. When it comes to outdoor life in Denver, you never know what you will see! If you haven’t move to Denver yet but are planning to, let us help you out with all of your stuff. Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company, and we can help you out with all of your moving needs. Love to run? Denver is the place for you – and we are the company that will help you get there!


Did we miss a trail or two? Got a favorite spot? Let us know!

10 Green and Natural Ways to Spring Clean Your Home

Whether you’re moving into a new home or moving out of one, spring means cleaning. There are windows, floors, cabinets, closets, cupboards, and lots of other spaces to consider when that sunny weather rolls around. But you don’t have to use harsh chemicals to make your new place sparkle or stage your old home for eager buyers. There are lots of eco-friendly (and healthier) ways to make sure that your house shines this spring.

Closeup of Pool

CC Image courtesy of Wonderlane on Flickr

1. Vinegar: did you know that vinegar is a great window cleaner? Grab some newspaper, and mix a capful of vinegar into a few cups of cold water. If you have a spray bottle, even better! Just fill the bottle and spray the cleaner on your windows. Before you know it, you’ll have sparkling windows. Vinegar also works on any stainless material.

2. Donate: if you’re moving to Fort Collins or anywhere else, you’ll have to go through the piles of clothes that you have. If you haven’t worn an item in the past year, consider donating that item to a local charity – why throw clothes away when you can donate to someone in need? The same goes for any linen or other items that are in good shape but you no longer need.

3. Food pantry donations work too. If you have a lot of canned or boxed goods that are a month from expiring, and you don’t plan to use them, donate those items to a local food pantry. Someone out there will happily take your soups and other goods!

4. Bleach: you can use bleach to wipe down anything in your kitchen from refrigerator shelves to pantry shelves to your kitchen counters. Bleach is non-toxic, so it’s safe in the kitchen area, and it makes for a really clean space.

5. Offer to trade. If you have a friend that’s great at something you can’t do very well (like painting), offer to trade. Maybe you’re great at cleaning bathrooms or arranging cabinets. You can swap jobs to get every job done on time.

6. Minimize: if you have duplicate items or things you never really use, toss them. Why hang onto stuff that just doesn’t work for you anymore? Get rid of all those things you don’t need or use. You’ll have a cleaner home in no time.

7. Dust with a damp cloth: some warm water is all it really takes to get rid of dust. Just rub a damp cloth over surfaces to remove dust. Yep, it’s that simple!

8. Baking soda: scrub tiles and bathtubs with a bit of baking soda and water – it’s natural, chemical-free, and it works!

9. Olive oil: this stuff is great. You can use olive oil on your skin, on furniture, and anywhere else that needs some deep hydration.

10. Label and store: this tips is especially useful if you are moving. Purchase some large clear containers, label the containers, and store things in your new home in a clean and uncluttered way.

Need Help Moving? 

If you love these tips but still need help moving, give us a call. Exodus Moving and Storage is a full service moving company. We also have storage facilities in both Fort Collins and Denver, so you can store anything you can’t move into your new home (great way to declutter too!). We have moved a lot of people over the years. We also move any industrial or office space, and that includes packing and unpacking. If you need help moving, make sure to call us.

We also want to know about your natural and green spring-cleaning tips. There are a lot of substances that you probably already have in your home that can clean your house top to bottom. The trick is to move through your house slowly, take your time, and really enjoy making everything sparkle. Spring-cleaning doesn’t have to mean rushing through cleaning and using harsh chemicals. Check out the tips listed above; see what you already have, what you can donate, and what ways you can save both your wallet and the environment when you clean this spring. And, remember, we’re here to help you move all of the things that you do decide to keep! Call us today for a free estimate, storage space details, and with any questions that you may have.

Top Colorado Summer Festivals

If there’s one thing that Colorado is known for, it’s summer festivals. There’s a lot to look forward to in Colorado when the summer months roll around, and you just can’t miss any of the best festivals that the state has to offer. Even though summertime is still a few months away, take a look at the top Colorado summer festivals happening this year.


"Colorado Ballon Classic 2009, Labor Day Weekend, Prospect Lake in Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, CO" by Beverly & Pack

“Colorado Ballon Classic 2009, Labor Day Weekend, Prospect Lake in Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, CO” by Beverly & Pack

1. Taste of Colorado: if you love food, this festival is for you! Every year, top chefs from Denver and surrounding areas attend this festival to showcase all kinds of amazing foods. You’ll also be able to take part in demonstrations and see what really makes some of the state’s best restaurants tick.


2. The Food and Wine Classic: hosted by Food and Wine Magazine, the Food and Wine Classic is just what you might expect from a festival with that name! Food, wine, and all of Aspen’s best will be in attendance for this fest!


3. Greeley Stampede: calling all cowboys! No ten-gallon hat or boots? That’s okay! This stampede is open to all kinds of folks. If you’re just moving to Greeley, this is one festival that you can’t miss!


4. Colorado State Fair: Pueblo is the place to be to check out this state’s fair. The Colorado State Fair includes all kinds of goodies from cotton candy to interesting antiques for sale. If it’s a beautiful day, take a trip to Pueblo to see what this fair is all about.


5. Country Jam Colorado: outdoor music is kind of a thing around these parts – with mountains for a backdrop and perfect weather most of the time, it’s hard to stay indoors! Those that love country music shouldn’t miss this one.


6. Rockygrass Festival: here’s another outdoor music festival for you to look into. This one includes camping spaces and plenty of stars – it’s the kind of music festival that you’ll never forget.


7. Snowball Music Festival: can you tell that we like music festivals? This one kicks off the season in April and features music from all over the world. The Snowball festival lasts for three whole days. Spread across various stages, the Snowball festival is really a sight to see.


Summertime Festival Fever


The winters in Colorado are gorgeous. Sunlight and freshly packed powder are what you’ll find on the slopes, and most people that live in this state take full advantage of the winter season. But, when summertime rolls around, a completely new vibe hits this city. The summer months in Colorado are all about spending as much time outside as possible. You might say that there’s a kind of outdoor summer festival fever happening in Colorado when the sun gets stronger.


It’s easy to take part in the summertime fun too. All tickets to shows are availabel online, and most venues are family friendly. Some festivals even include food and drinks, so make sure to get those details before you book. Whether you want to listen to some bands outside and go home or pitch a tent and spend the night, the Colorado summertime festival fever will grab a hold of you!


Preparing Your Move


You’re going to love the summer months in Colorado. It all begins with your move! No matter where you are coming from, we can make sure that your move is a smooth one. Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company specializing in all kinds of moves large or small. When you move to Colorado, you don’t need to worry about your surroundings – nature will take care of that. We’ll take care of your move!


We also offer storage facilities for those things that you can’t take with you or won’t fit in your new place. Ask us about storage sizes, types, and prices, and we’ll get back to you quickly. We also invite you to call us for a moving estimate, or to ask us about any moving concerns that you may have. We make moving fun and painless, and we’ll let you know all about the best that summer in Colorado has to offer too – give us a call today.


What summertime festival are you the most excited about? We’d love to know what you’re looking forward to.

Valuing Feedback

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The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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