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Best Dog Parks In Colorado

Are you bringing your pooch along when you move to Colorado? Or, are you thinking about adopting a furry friend from one of Colorado’s many shelters? If so, you’ll need to know about all of the best dog parks in this state, so that you can find a great outdoor play place. As movers in Colorado, we have the advantage of seeing plenty of different dog parks during our moves, and here’s our best list of places to bring your best friend.

dog park

CC Image courtesy of Doug Brown via Flickr

1. Lowry Dog Park: this park is located in Denver, and it’s an “off-leash” park, which means that you can let your dog run around without a leash – doesn’t that sound like fun?

2. Railyard Dog Park: this park is also located in Denver, but this off-leash park is a bit different than the rest. Railyard includes fenced in areas for dogs that are both hyper and those that are more relaxed. If your pup is on the hyper side, he can play with other high-spirited dogs. If your dog is more on the calm side, he can sit coolly in the shade while other dogs roam around. The choice is yours.

3. Durango Dog Park: really, it’s hard to beat the location of this off leash park in Durango. Why? Because it sits next to a river that your dog is more than welcome to play in, and there’s a very large open air space next to the riverside where you can both lay down and cool off. This Durango dog park is really amazing!

4. Spring Canyon Dog Park: this park is located in Fort Collins, and it comes with picnic tables, benches – and water fountains for your dog! Plus, this is another off leash area, so you can let your dog run freely.

5. Fossil Creek Dog Park: here’s another popular Fort Collins spot that’s bustling with doggies of all kinds. Fossil Creek is smaller than most of the other parks, but it has plenty of great things for your dog to do, and you’ll love chatting with other doggie owners in this park too.

Time to Move to Colorado!

If you haven’t already moved to Colorado, you’ll need to start packing and planning soon. Hiring movers in Colorado to get you (and your pup) where you need to go is the best way to pull it all off without a hitch. Exodus Moving and Storage has been moving people to and from Denver and Fort Collins for years now, and we’re more than happy to move you too. We also offer large storage spaces for your stuff (and your dog’s stuff!) in both Denver and Fort Collins, so ask us about those prices when you call.

Colorado is bursting with places for your dog to play, and you won’t have a hard time finding amazing dog parks in any town that you move to in this state. The best park about a dog park is that you get to step outside and enjoy the open air too, so make sure to enjoy Colorado’s dog parks as soon as you get here. We also want to know what your favorite Colorado dog park location is, so leave us a note below.

Call Exodus Moving and Storage today for prices, details, and anything else that you want to know about. We also invite you to take a look around our site for additional information about moving, home sales, and all kinds of fun things to do in and around Colorado at any time of the year. Got a doggie park tip? Leave a note on the Exodus Moving and Storage blog!

Apartment Hunting? Read This First!

In some parts of the world, living in an apartment just makes sense. Denver is one of those places for most people, and there are plenty of apartment rentals in Denver to go around. But, before you rent out any space (and some of these rules apply to commercial spaces too), make sure to read through this list (and then call your favorite Denver moving company!) – otherwise, you could wind up with a lot more than you bargained for!

apartment rental sign

CC Image courtesy of meddygarnet via Flickr

1. Read your lease carefully! Some landlords include really specific things in a lease, and many tenants have no idea that those things exist until it’s too late. Is your landlord responsible for appliances and appliance repairs? Are you allowed to have a roommate? Can you sublease your apartment without concern? Are you permitted to hang things on the wall? Note the finer details, and make sure to keep a copy of your lease at all times.

2. Inspect the place before you rent it. Use your phone’s camera to document every nick, scratch, crack, and other imperfection before you sign that lease. Once you have made a list of things that are wrong with your rental, add those imperfections to the lease in a detailed manner. This way, your landlord can’t blame you for any of those repairs.

3. Make sure that you can see the actual apartment. This might sound odd, but some landlords or rental agencies will only show you a model apartment. You’ll want to look at the place you will really be living in, and not just a perfect model of what the place should look like. If you don’t see the real thing, you never know what you could be getting.

4. Check out the neighborhood on your own. Some leasing agents aren’t legally allowed to tell you whether or not a neighborhood is safe. If you’re new to town, make sure to drive around the town on your own before you rent – at night. Some areas can look amazing when the sun is
shining, but those same areas can be very scary late at night!

5. Compare the number of washer and driers in the laundry room with the number of tenants in your building. If the building has one hundred tenants and two washers, well, those aren’t good numbers. You can figure this out by looking at the available apartment sizes for rent.

6. Find out how big the bedrooms and other rooms are. You can’t really go by square footage because some entryways and hallways could be really large. What you need to know is how big each room is, so that you have a clear understanding of what you can expect from actual living space.

7. Tell your landlord (once you sign a lease) about your moving plans after you speak with a Denver moving company. You’ll want clearance for things like blocking the elevator and parking in front of the main entrance.

Getting There

Exodus Moving and Storage can help you get to Denver or any other city in Colorado. We know that finding the perfect apartment can take time, too, and that’s why we also offer storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins (just in case you have to store some things while you are looking for the right space). Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company that prides itself on helping people just like you get where you need to go.

If you haven’t rented an apartment before, take some tips from us and read the above first. After that, take some time finding a place that you really love – after all, you are going to be living there! Call Exodus Moving and Storage today for a free quote or other details, and we’ll help you move into the ideal place!

How to Flip a House

Flipping houses can be a lucrative business if you know the tricks of the trade. If you’re looking to flip a house in order to move to Colorado, we have some great house flipping tips for you from your Fort Collins Movers, Exodus Moving and Storage. Flipping isn’t always easy, but it can be a good way to make money. Take a look!

house flipping

CC Image courtesy of Emily May via Flickr

House Flipping Tips

1. Be ready to buy quickly. Sellers that are looking to sell quickly out of desperation are looking for buyers that are ready to buy as soon as possible – and having cash is an even better way to buy a home quickly.

2. Look for a discount. You can’t expect to make a ton of money flipping a house if you buy the house at a high rate. Look for homes that are in need of repair, or sellers that want to sell quickly, or even at a loss. You can get this information by asking real estate agents about their clients.

3. Keep renovations to a minimum. It hardly ever pays to do major renovation work. This kind of work is really expensive, and that means that you won’t save any money by taking on a major renovation project. Look for homes that require a small amount of renovations, but if you have a hire crews and rent a bulldozer, that house is probably not worth your time.

4. Remember that the real estate market fluctuates, and that means that house flipping isn’t always a lucrative business – you may have to wait it out for a few months. Be ready to spend a few nights in your new place, or find somewhere else to live while you wait for the home to sell.

5. Make sure you have enough cash flow. A lot of homes are purchased and slightly renovated before a buyer runs out of money. Make certain that you have enough cash flow to keep the whole operation going.

6. Keep track of your expenses. Make a note of every dollar you spend, and write down how much of that money you get back when you actually sell a home. Using this method, you can clearly see how much it costs you to flip a home, and how much you actually have to spend.

7. Use government breaks whenever possible. If you can get a discount, credit, or some other government break for installing eco-friendly or other elements, do it – you can use all the breaks you can get. For government breaks in your area, look at your state’s main website.

The Flipping Reality

It can be fun to flip a house, but it’s not always easy to do. You may have to wait a few months or years to sell a home for the price that you want. The best advice is to make sure that you can afford the home while it’s being repaired or sitting on the market. Also, keep in mind that most people do not like modern décor, so skip the glass sink!

If you are moving to Fort Collins to flip a home or because you want to flip a home, we can help you get here. At Exodus Moving and Storage, your Fort Collins movers, we offer full-service moving solutions that include helping you pack and move. We also offer storage options in both Fort Collins and Denver, so that you can store anything you can’t move or fit into your new home. If you need an estimate, we can do that too.

Call your Fort Collins movers today for additional details about your upcoming move, and feel free to leave us a note here if you have any questions.

Living On Your Own: Skills to Know


CC Image courtesy of Sharon Mollerus via Flickr

Moving away from home for the first time can be really exciting, but knowing a few life skills before moving out is a good idea. Take a look at this list that we’ve come up with at Exodus Moving and Storage, and brush up on those skills that you don’t yet have or aren’t certain about.

1. Learn how to cook. A lot of people either gain weight or lose weight when they move out on their own. Why? Because most people are used to having meals prepared for them, and it’s hard to keep up with that rhythm if you don’t know how to cook. Ask your mom or someone else around you for some basic cooking tips and skills – like how to boil an egg, or how to make the meal that you love.

2. Learn how to shop for groceries: along with learning how to cook comes learning how to pick out the perfect watermelon or buy fresh fish.

3. Learn how to budget: this is going to be a hard one! If you’ve never lived on your own, you’ll have to figure out how much living by yourself is going to cost each month. Add up the price of rent, bills, and other details – and don’t forget to give yourself some cash flow for fun, but also remember to put some money aside for a rainy day.

4. Start making friends before you move: if you’re moving to a new town or state, you can start making some friends by connect with people through groups like and other websites. Or, find some activities that you want to take part in when you move, so that you have something to do right away. If you don’t make friends quickly, you might begin to feel very much alone, and that’s not a good way to start off!

Some Other Moving Basics

It’s always a good idea to secure a place to live before you move. If possible, try to set up a job before you move too. If you aren’t moving far from home, you may not need to change anything in your life. On the flip side, if you are moving far away from your current home, having these things set up before your move will make life much easier. In addition to planning a job and a place to live, it’s a good idea to plan your move in advance too.

Chances are that you have quite a few boxes to move to your new location. If this is the case, you will need some help getting things where they are supposed to go. That’s where Exodus Moving and Storage (your Fort Collins, Colorado, movers) can help you out. We offer full-service moving services that can help you get here quickly and securely. In addition, we have storage facilities in both Denver and Fort Collins – just in case you can’t fit all of your stuff into your new pad. We’re also happy to provide you with a free moving quote, so that you can start that budgeting process right away – it’s good practice!

We know that there’s a lot to learn before you move away from home, but you can learn all of it through some quick studying. Plus, you’ll find plenty of helpful tips, ideas, and interesting things to do in Colorado on our website. Sit down, kick back, and read through our blog posts – and make sure to leave us a note if you have any questions. At Exodus Moving and Storage, your Fort Collins Colorado movers, our job is to make moving simpler. Call us today to see how we can help you.

Popular Moving Scams

Hook line Sinker

Image Courtesy of Kenneth Lu VIA FLICKR

July is a popular moving month all across the land, and we want to make sure that your move is a safe one by letting you know about some popular moving scams. If you live in the Fort Collins or Denver area, make sure to book your move with Exodus Moving and Storage. If you live elsewhere, take a look at these common moving scams, brought to you by your Fort Collins, Colorado, movers, so that you can avoid falling into a trap.

1. The hefty deposit. In this scam, movers will ask for a large deposit prior to a move. Following that deposit (usually around 20%), you’ll never hear from the movers again.

2. The hostage move. Some scammers hold goods hostage. They will show up at your home, pick up your items, and move your stuff to an unknown location. In order to get your stuff back, you will have to pay an extra fee.

3. The surprise bill. Sometimes, a fake moving company will send you a largely inflated bill via mail that includes all kinds of hidden fees (none of which you knew about prior, of course).

4. The over-the-phone complete estimate. Most moving companies will want to visit your home prior to the move, so that they can see what has to be moved in order to give you a complete moving estimate. A lot of companies that are too good to be true will give you a complete estimate over the phone, and will have zero interest in seeing what you actually have to move (this excludes long-distance moves where seeing what you are moving might be impossible).

5. Cash only. If a moving company does not accept any other form of payment, you could be dealing with a con artist – again, watch for that cash-only deposit request.

6. Nothing in writing. If you can’t get anything in writing, watch out. Companies that don’t want to send you a contract, and won’t let you put anything agreed upon in writing are often scam-based.

7. A crazy low estimate. Low estimates are always a good thing, but an estimate that is hundreds or thousands of dollars lower than may be too good to be real.

Choosing a Good Moving Company

So, now that you know how to spot a scam, how can you spot a reliable moving company? First, make sure that you do your research. Read reviews, ask about a company’s background, find out where warehouses and storage facilities are located (and make sure that they exist!), and get an estimate or details about the move in writing – even if those details are conditional. A lot of moving companies pop up around this time of year, but many of them will disappear as soon as the moving season passes. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make sure that a move is legitimate. But, reading through this list and keeping the above tips in mind will certainly help ensure that you move with reputable movers.

Exodus Moving and Storage has been in business for many years, and we always work with our clients to ensure that a move goes smoothly. Since this is a popular time of year for moves, we do suggest that you call us today to book your move. We can work out the details, settle on specifics, and find an agreement that works for all parties, but, most importantly, we can guarantee that you’ll be dealing with a moving company that has a solid reputation.

Take a look around our blog for additional moving details, and be wary of any company that promises too much or asks for too much in advance. Have you been the victim of a moving scam? Do you want to know more about these scams? Ask your Fort Collins, Colorado, movers, and make sure to call Exodus Moving and Storage today to book your move.

8 Considerations Before Moving To A New Country

Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision or a move motivated by your job, it can be difficult to relocate to a new country. Maybe you’ve traveled to a certain country and thought to yourself, “boy, I would love to live here!” Many people do, as evidenced by the 6.6 million US citizens living in another country.Foreign Country

But there are considerations far beyond the crime rate of the neighborhood you plan to move to, or how to speak the language. Here are seven tips for anyone planning to make the move to a different country from your friends at Exodus Moving and Storage – your Fort Collins Colorado movers.

Which country should you move to?

While some people have no choice, such as those with the military or those moving for a job, others should do their research carefully when deciding which country to relocate to. Just as with a move here in the US, you’ll want to look into the type of climate and if you could tolerate it, the language that is spoken there, if there are any restrictive traditions or customs that don’t jive with your own lifestyle choices, the political system and regime in power at the time of the move, crime rate, etc. Some even take into consideration the cost of a trip home – you never know when you’re going to become homesick, or need to get back for a death or family emergency.

Can you speak their language?

While this isn’t truly necessary, it is helpful to at least have a grasp of the local lingo essentials. You know, when you need to ask for something on the menu, or where to find the bathroom. If you don’t know a bit of their language, that’s easily remedied. There are numerous programs that exist to teach you the language such as Rosetta Stone, or you can take a class that is offered locally. Chances are there’s also an app for that. Scour the internet for a program that works for you. You’ll find that once you’re there, immersed in the language, you’ll pick it up over time. You can also take classes in your new country. Added bonus: you’ll meet others that are struggling along with you to practice with!

Will you be safe?

Until you’ve acclimated to your surroundings and you understand the true safety of the area you’re in, it pays to utilize a bit of common sense. You know, the simple things your mother probably told you when you went off to college for the first time. Don’t wander areas you don’t know, especially at night, wearing all of your expensive jewelry. Get to know the local bartender and grill him on areas to avoid. Travel with a buddy. Before you make your move, spend some time talking with the locals about the true safety of an area. Any tourism agency will say they’re a wonderful place to visit, but chances are there are still dangerous areas that should be avoided. Don’t end up moving to one of these areas in error!

What if you need medical care?

Chances are if you’re moving anywhere outside of the US, your medical care will be cheaper. But at what cost? While you’re asking locals about the safety of any given community, find out how the healthcare system is rated. You don’t want to be waiting for weeks for a crucial, life saving surgery simply because of an overworked system. Look into the availability of prescription medication, especially those you are required to take on a daily basis.
What will the taxes be like?

You won’t be a citizen of this country overnight. Until you’ve met the specific requirements spelled out by that country to become a citizen, you’re still considered a US citizen. The IRS will want taxes from you if you are working no matter where you live, so keep that in mind so you don’t end up in trouble.
Can I keep my health insurance? What about banking?

Most insurance companies can work with you, but don’t expect them to cover a procedure or doctor visit when you haven’t informed them you’ve moved out of the country. Contact your insurance company before you’ve made your final decision so you can discuss your options. This way, you aren’t stuck uninsured! When it comes to banking, you can certainly keep your US bank. The internet has made it simple to do so with things like online bill pay, direct deposit, and online banking. You can choose to have your mail sent to a relative if you want paper copies, but most banks today give you the option of paperless billing.
When should I buy a house?

While you are excited to move to a new country, don’t make that decision to purchase a home just yet. You just never know how you’re going to feel in two years time. Instead, look for a good rental situation. In this way, you aren’t stuck paying way too much for a house you don’t want to live in anymore. Your lease will run out, and you can find a new city to relocate to.

What about a job?

If you aren’t relocating for work, this can be tricky. You really need to do your homework regarding a country’s rules on employment for those who aren’t yet citizens.

Moving to a new country can be exciting, but it’s scary at the same time. It really can be a whole new world, so you need to do extensive research in order to make sure it is the right decision for you.

 If you’ve come to that decision, know that Exodus Moving and Storage will be there to help make the process of getting your belongings to your country of choice as smoothly and easily as possible. Call Exodus Moving and Storage today – your Fort Collins Colorado movers – to get a free estimate, or to find out how you can store your items when you move – just in case you return!

Renting is Logical in Denver

If you scour the internet, you’ll probably see some discouraging news on renting in Denver. But take a closer look, and you’ll see that renting is really the best option. A September 2013 article on The Good Life Denver website says that the average rent is higher than ever, while vacancy rates are at a 13-year low.  Sounds depressing, right?Downtown Denver

If you look more closely, you’ll see that buying a home is a lot harder. Prices are high, and the average mortgage will cost you more than one of those so-called high-priced rentals. In fact, the Zillow Rent Index is up 8.3 percent, and as the site goes on to point out, it takes an average of 2.6 years before buying makes more sense than staying in a rental situation. So upon closer inspection, renting is the way to go when relocating to Denver.

If you are relocating from another state or county and have never been to Denver, it makes even more sense. Renting allows you to get a feel for the city before you’ve committed to an area. Maybe the area you’ve moved to doesn’t suit your lifestyle – that’s okay, because you’re a renter! You can search for a new place in a more desirable area while you finish out your lease. That’s not as easy when you’ve purchased a home! Prior to your move, call us to get a completely free moving estimate, and take a look at these tips.

Tips To Find An Apartment In Denver

So you’ve decided to move to Denver, and plan to rent. Great! Here are some tips to help you decide where to start.

  • How’s the neighborhood? Oftentimes this is the most important thing. People will pay more for a place in a good neighborhood. Determine what type of neighborhood suits your lifestyle. Are you fresh out of college and looking for something close to the nightlife? Are you an avid outdoorsman and looking for something closer to the mountains? Are you newlyweds looking for a place to start a family? Maybe you are an empty nester and looking to downsize. Each of these situations has its own idea on the “perfect” neighborhood. Analyze what’s important to you and the things you want (and don’t want) in a neighborhood.
  • What’s your budget? This is the second most important thing, and can be difficult for some people. They have an idea of the perfect neighborhood, but find out that renting in such a neighborhood is more than they are able to afford. Chances are if you want to be closer to either the mountains or the city, you’re going to pay more. Something else to consider is that while that brand new apartment might seem pricey, you’re getting all new appliances and like-new flooring, so it can be worth the extra money. Determine your maximum budget, and search until you find something that works. 
  • Location, location, location. How far do you want to be away from work? Do you want to commute in your own vehicle? If you find an area you really like, such as downtown, but cringe at the thought of the bumper-to-bumper traffic each day, consider finding a place near one of Denver’s light rail stations. Then someone else can get you to work, and all you need to do is walk a short distance!
  • Parking. Be sure you determine whether the apartment features off-street parking. Some people might not mind, but most do, especially those who live in the heart of the city and arrive home to find no parking in front of their own home!
  • Furry Friends. If you’re a pet lover, you’ll want to be sure your pet is allowed. Find out if there are any breeds that aren’t allowed, or if there are weight limits. Is there ample room outside to let your pet get some exercise? If not, don’t worry – Denver features many dog parks, so just find an apartment near one of them. What if you don’t have a pet? These policies could be equally important to you. Of course, you might consider getting a pet at some point in the future. However, there’s another case where these rules are good to know. Sometimes even the greatest dogs will bark in the middle of the night when they hear a strange sound, or maybe you’re allergic to cats. Either way, it might be best to find a place that doesn’t allow pets at all.
  • What amenities are offered? Sometimes, it might save you money to find a place that is a little more expensive but offers amenities that reduce your monthly expenses, such as workout facilities or Wi-Fi included. 
  • The terms of the lease. You’ve found the perfect place, and now it’s time to sit down and sign the lease. But don’t just sign it without first reviewing the terms! Many do this, and it comes back to haunt them later. Is it month-to-month, six months, or twelve? See if different options are offered, especially if you aren’t quite sure if this is the right place for you. If this is the case, a shorter term is probably better.

No matter which neighborhood you choose, know that Exodus Moving and Storage will be there to make the moving process go more smoothly, taking other stressful things off your plate entirely. You have enough to worry about – let us worry about the moving process! Call Exodus Moving and Storage today for a moving estimate and other information about your upcoming move – at Exodus Moving and Storage, we’ve got your move covered!

New Neighbor Etiquette

house cookiesDid you just move into a new neighborhood? Are you planning on moving long distance? As the new neighbor, there are some things that you should do to let your other neighbors know who you are, what you are all about, and to make the transition from your old home to your new home simpler. Take a look at these new neighbor etiquette tips!

1. Say hello! Typically, the people that have lived in a neighborhood for a long time will approach new neighbors first, but that’s not always the case – and it doesn’t have to be the case either. It’s perfectly okay for you to knock on doors and introduce yourself first! Get out there and say hello to your neighbors!

2. Host a housewarming party. Once you’ve cleared away all of the boxes, invite your neighbors to a nice and cozy housewarming party. You don’t have to break the bank, and you can make it really casual. You can also ask people to bring food.

3. Show your interests. Are you interested in getting involved in neighborhood activities? Let the people that attend your housewarming know that you’re interested. This way, you can establish how much you want to do, and if you want to get involved at all.

4. Show your limits. Not interested in becoming part of the neighborhood book club or learning to sew? Let your neighbors know what you don’t want to do during your housewarming party too.

5. Show off your skills. Are you a great cook or baker? Make your best dish, and serve it to your guests – they’ll love what you’ve done, and you’ll look like a star. Play the guitar or piano? Show off those skills too!

 Keep In Mind

Getting to know your neighbors is exactly that – getting to know the people around you. Don’t be afraid to let them know who you really are, what you can do, and how you operate. It can be hard, at first, to get up the courage to invite people to a housewarming party, but it’s a really great idea in the end – and you can always just slip invites underneath doors if you are too shy to knock!

Eventually, your neighbors will know who you are and what makes you tick, so why not show them right away? Get out there and introduce yourself, host a party, and have some fun. But, first you’ll need to move and unpack, right? Exodus Moving and Storage can help you there – even if you are moving long distance.

Our Services

If you haven’t made it to Fort Collins or Denver yet, but you need to get here, Exodus Moving and Storage can help you out. We offer full-service moving services including packing, moving, and unpacking assistance. We also have large storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins, so you can store anything that you can’t move into your new home. We can do it all when it comes to moving, but you’ll have to start greeting your new neighbors – we can’t do that for you!

Moving to a new place means making new friends, creating new opportunities, and getting to know a whole bunch of new people – what could be more exciting? Even though some of these values are somewhat old-fashioned, that’s what Colorado etiquette is all about. If a neighbor does approach you with an invitation or a welcome gift, make sure to return the favor too. You may find all of these things somewhat strange if you’ve moving to Colorado from a big East Coast city, but you’ll love the friendliness that comes with living in Fort Collins or Denver.

If you need moving help, call Exodus Moving and Storage today for rates. We’re also happy to provide free estimates, and to answer any questions that you may have. Give us a call (and make sure to invite us to your housewarming!)

How to Find an Executive Home Rental

If you are just moving to Fort Collins and you are looking for an executive home rental (or trying to set up one of your clients or workers with a home rental), you may find the process a bit confusing. Executive home rentals are not quite the same as regular home rentals. Instead, these rentals are often fully furnished to accommodate executives that may not stay in one spot for a long period of time. The trick to finding a good home rental of this type is to find one that includes nice furniture, and a nice neighborhood.

Giving it a Google

If you Google the term “Executive Home Rentals” you will come up with hundreds (maybe thousands) of hits. You’ll even find some places that cater to the Fort Collins area. But, this isn’t the best way to find a good rental. A much better way is to contact a local real estate agent, and ask about executive rental options. How does that work?


Image courtesy of justephens via Flickr

Contacting a Rental Agent

Real estate agents often help homeowners rent out houses for corporate purposes. You can ask an agent to look for a home in a specific neighborhood, find a place that meets certain requirements, and look for specifics like:

• A non-smoking home
• A place with a pool or backyard
• A separate living and dining room
• A full kitchen

If the person you’re trying to find a rental for has a specific list of requirements, just ask a real estate agent to try and find a home that matches those things. You’ll find that a lot of homes are nicely equipped, and it may not be hard to find what you’re looking for. If you can’t find what you need through a rental agent, you may be able to find a home for rent that’s not advertised.

Word of Mouth

You can ask friends and family members if they know of any homes for rent, but another way to read reviews and find a good place is to visit a website like Yelp. You’ll find that home rentals are often reviewed on those sites, and you’ll get a better idea of what you can expect to find when you do rent a home. Another way to find a home rental is to check out a site like AirBnB.

Most of the time, AirBnB homeowners can accommodate long-term rentals. Plus, these places are always fully furnished, and you can read through stacks of reviews written by previous renters. If you aren’t moving to Fort Collins but you’re moving to another country, you can find numerous other websites like AirBnB (and this site also works in many other countries) where rentals are listed and rated. It’s always best to check out a place in-person first, if possible, but you can rely on reviews if you can’t visit before you move.

Storing Your Stuff

Sometimes you can’t move anything into a rental, but you may not be sure if you are staying in an area for a long period of time or not. What can you do with all of your personal items and furniture? You can rent out a storage space from Exodus Moving and Storage, your Fort Collins movers. We offer plenty of storage options in both Fort Collins and Denver for you to choose from. Call us (your Fort Collins movers) and ask us about our storage space sizes and costs – we’re sure to have what you need if you need to store some items with us!

We can also help you when it comes to moving to or from Fort Collins or Denver. Since Exodus Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company, we can provide you with everything that you need to move from A to Z. Call us today for a free estimate, to see what kinds of storage options we have for you, or to find out what we can help you with when it comes to moving or to storage. We know that it’s hard to find the right executive rental, but you can find something great while you’re in the transition phase if you check out the sites listed above, or contact a local real estate agent. Call your Fort Collins movers at Exodus Moving and Storage today!

Can Moving Really Save You Money?


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Gothamist recently posted a very interesting article titled ‘Reminder: You Can’t Afford to Live in Manhattan.’ The articles refers to a recent NY Times article stating that rent in Manhattan has increased 20% since 2005 – and it’s still on the rise. A middle income (as the article states) is considered to be $91k to $152k – middle income. Clearly, it takes a lot of money to live in Manhattan, but NYC isn’t the only metropolis that’s hard to afford. The fact is that living in any major city means saving less money and spending more money – most of it on rent. That’s why some people are deciding that moving to more affordable states is the way to go. But, do you really save money when you plan to move to an area that won’t cost as much? Let’s take a closer look.

The Cost of Moving

If you’re making a combined income of $150k plus and you’re paying more than $2000 in rent per month, moving to an area with a lower cost of living makes a lot of sense. But, there are costs associated with moving, and here are some of those considerations:

1. The price of working with a cross-country moving company.

2. Uninstalling and reinstalling utilities

3. Craning or moving any object that can’t be moved by regular means.

4. New housing costs or tax considerations To figure out if a move is worth it, add up all of those costs (granted, most of those things are a one-time deal).

You also have to consider the general cost of living in the area that you will be moving to. Let’s use moving to Fort Collins as an example. Moving to Fort Collins Average cost of living: 5.9% below the national average Average home price: $166,400 Median Household Income: $56,216 All of the prices listed above have been pulled from Forbes Magazine, and you can look at some other statistics here.Let’s compare those rates to Manhattan. Average rent in Manhattan: $4,125 per month Average home price: $1,000,000 plus Median Household Income: $66,739 Sixty-six thousand dollars per year will get you a lot more in Fort Collins than it will in Manhattan, that’s for sure! So, when does moving to save money not make sense? When Moving Doesn’t Make Sense Sticking with our New York theme, let’s consider moving from Manhattan to a remote location in upstate New York (somewhere way out of the way where cows are your closest neighbors). Moving to a rural area may seem like a good idea, and the cost of living can be a lot cheaper, but you’ll have to think about other things like:

• Do you need a second car?

• Will you have to drive everywhere?

• Will your workplace be really far away?

• Can you get low rates on utilities?

Things like cable bills and cellphone plans tend to be higher in smaller rural areas, and driving everywhere means that you’ll spend more in gas money. If you have to buy a second car, you can add insurance and gas prices onto that amount too. Suddenly, moving to that rural area might not make as much sense. Is there a happy medium? In most cases, moving to a suburb or city that’s a lot less expensive than your current location makes good sense. Fort Collins, for example, would be an ideal place to live (and it’s on Forbes’s list of best places to live) if you are trying to save money, and living in a place like NYC just isn’t cutting it. Saving on Your Move Aside from moving to a place that’s less expensive cost of living-wise, it’s important to find a moving company that offers reasonable rates. Should you choose the least expensive company? Not necessarily. The idea is to look for a moving company that has lots of expensive, can get your stuff where it needs to go safely, and can provide you with all of the moving details that you need from the start.

Exodus Moving and Storage is such a company, and we’d love to give you an absolutely free quote on your upcoming move. Exodus Moving and Storage also offers ample storage facility spaces in both Fort Collins and Denver, so we can help you store your items too. As a full service moving company, Exodus Moving and Storage is here for every part of your move from start to finish. Call us today – and let us know what the cost of living is like where you live!

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