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De-Stress Before the Big Move

There is no easy way of putting it-moving can be stressful! The amount of packing, the amount of money and the amount of energy that it takes to get out of dodge can really take eon a toll on your mental, emotional and physical self. Before you really crack you need to make sure to take care of yourself, body and soul.

First kind of relaxation and de-stress is a simple form: exercise. Strap on those shoes and iPod and get outside. No better way to release those endorphins than to get your blood pumping on a good run. If running is to harsh on your joints, then try out biking or Pilates, or any other low impact exercise regimens.

Another great way of getting into the Zen mind of thinking is to stretch. Stretching can not only be of great benefit to your body and mind but can also offer its sense of relief. Stretching muscles and ligaments releases all of the built up toxins and stress from everyday life, so make sure to drink plenty of water to pass all of those released toxins through.  One great way method of stretching is yoga. Check out your local yoga center and ask for a free day pass to see if it is something you would like.

Lastly, eat for life! Ever heard you are what you eat? Well it is true in every sense of the word. The food that you put in your body is the fuel and the elements that build proteins that essentially—make you who you are! Now if you are downing Coca Cola and pizza, you are only giving your body simple sugars and preservatives to build those proteins. This in essence effects your brain function and your body’s overall ability to stay at a healthy homeostasis. Stick to fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and 100% whole grains.

Sticking to these simple de-stressors can not only help you with a situation like moving, but also in your everyday life.

Get Ready for a Summer of Adventure in Colorado!

Now that the snow is melting and the earth is rotating in our favor once again, we are going to experience yet another marvelous year is important.

Whether you are hiking Pike’s Peak of just want to take a nice walk up the Foothills, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the true nature of Colorado. First of all, having a stainless steel water bottle is vital. Not only is this a safe method of reuse for water transport, but this reduces the amount of water bottles bought in stores and gas stations.  Along with your water bottle, carry along some healthy snacks in your pack to keep your energy high and the body running well. Carrying things on you like cashews, raw almonds, unsweetened dried cranberries and carob chips is a great homemade take along trail mix to keep your energy and spirits high.

Making your way up those trails or sailing down a hill on your mountain bike, you are going to need a great pair of sunglasses in Colorado. The sun seems to just shine a little brighter out here and has a gleam that can burn the retina right out of your head. Make sure that your sunglasses have 100% UV protection and that they are polarized lenses for optimal vision.

As far as your clothing you need to bring a variety when in the mountains. The high altitude weather can turn on you in a jiffy so having things like a sweatshirt, pants and hat packed away in your backpack can be a saving grace on a hot summer day turned freezing thunderstorm.

Do you find that your feet get tired during adventures? Not with Chacos. The best shoe that a foot could ask for! Ask any local Colorado hiker/outdoors enthusiast what there favorite shoe is and this is likely to be it. Chacos offer bridge support that is second to none along with a warranty and comfort that is priceless. These shoes can be worn with jeans, shorts, on hikes, to the store. No matter—they are everything shoes! If you are not a fan of open toed shoes, Merrell shoes are a great hiking and everyday shoe for all the same reasons.

Of course, the most obvious gear that one needs to be a true adventurer is sunscreen. You may be hardcore and bad to the bone, but a nice and quality bottle of sunscreen is the best way to thank and protect your body from those intense UV rays.

Lastly—get a Colorado State Park Pass! This Annual pass will grant admission to you and anyone who can fit into your vehicle into any Colorado State Park. This way you can make a list of your adventures and conquests and live a true Colorado Adventure Summer!

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