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Best Colorado Autumn Fairs

red leaf

CC Image courtesy of JustyCinMD via Flickr.

The fall season is upon us, and that means apple pie, cider, and those romantic nights by candlelight! It also means a ton of great fairs will be happening in Colorado. No matter where you reside in this state, you have to check out at least one fall fair – here’s our best roundup of fairs happening in September this year from your Denver moving company.

1. Aspen Mac and Cheese Fest: do I really need to say more? This is a festival that’s all about Mac and Cheese, and it happens on September 6th

2. Telluride Blues and Blues Fest: if you’re into the blues, this is the festival for you to check out in September – plus, Telluride is beautiful that time of year, so make sure to go! The Blues Fest happens from September 12-14.

3. Breckenridge Oktoberfest: like the one in Germany, the Breckenridge Oktoberfest happens in September, and you’ll find beer, food, rides, and a simply fantastic time from September 12-14.

4. AppleFest: does anything say, “fall” more than apples? I didn’t think so! You can’t miss AppleFest if you love these tart fruits – and you really can’t beat apples fresh off the tree either. Check out AppleFest in Buena Vists on September 13th

5. Autumn Gold: the slogan for this festival is “a festival for bands, brats ‘n beer” – with that kind of a slogan, you pretty much get the picture, right? Think of crisp fall air, plenty of brews, and lots of delicious food on September 20th

6. Harvest festivals: in wine country, September is harvest season – I’m not going to list any specific vineyards here, but you can head to pretty much any vineyard during this month to check out the harvest, and some vineyards have actual activities planned during certain peak times (check vineyard websites for details).

Where to Go

It can be really hard to choose which festival to attend when the leaves start to turn color. But, you should definitely go to at least one festival this fall. If you’re moving to Colorado, you’ll want to pick a festival that’s in line with what you want to do – most of the events are family friendly, but check to make sure that kids are welcomed at some of the adult events. Typically, though,

Colorado events are family events, and that means bringing the whole troop out to any one of these fairs for some fun memories that will last forever. We’re still a month or so away from those fall days, but it’s just around the corner! Start planning your fair outings today, and we’ll help you get here. Exodus Moving and Storage is a full service moving company specializing in helping you with every step of your move. From furniture movers to unpacking and everything in-between, we have your move covered. We also have large storage spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins, so make sure to ask us about those rates if you have items to store.

What Your Denver Moving Company Can Do

If you want a full list of fall events, make sure to visit the Colorado main state website, and click on the event calendar dropdown. There are too many events happening in Colorado to list them all here, but we’ve chosen some of our favorites. So, we want to know: what event are you looking forward to this fall? Are you planning on visiting one of the events on our list? Let us know below, or connect with us on Facebook for updates, to ask us questions about furniture movers, and more information about your favorite Denver moving company.

Off the Beaten Path in Denver

Denver has a lot of famous places to go, be seen, and see, but there are tons of little spots in Denver worth a trip too. If you are moving to Denver, you’ll want to veer off of the beaten path to a couple of these locations – just to see what most others miss! Here are some of the best spots from your Colorado moving company.

1. Dikeou Collection: this museum houses a great collection of art, and it’s completely free to view. If you’re looking for an inexpensive weekend activity, this is it!

2. Rockmount Ranch Wear: this isn’t so much a destination as it is a place to shop for truly kitsch country wear. If you want a cowboy hat that’s not like most others, or you just want a shirt that stands out – check out Rockmount Ranch Wear.

3. Sloan’s Lake Park: this park is one of the less populated areas during the summer months. Sloan’s Lake is quiet, tranquil, and will provide you with a great place to go and relax any time you need to wind down.

4. Molly Brown House: if you are into the Titanic, you may find that a visit to the Molly Brown House is interesting. Molly Brown was a Titanic survivor, and her house has been turned into a museum of sorts.

5. Pine Cliff Stables: if you want to test out your inner cowboy, Pine Cliff Stables is a good place to learn how to ride horses – plus, you’ll quickly forget all about city life!

6. Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum: few people have brought more fame to Colorado than Buffalo Bill! Check out his grave and museum to see what this rebel was all about.

Buffalo Grove Sign

CC Image courtesy of Bradley Gordon via Flickr.

Getting to Denver

We don’t need to list the reasons why Denver is an amazing place to live here – you already know why moving to Denver is a great idea! But you will have to get yourself (and all of your stuff) here, and that’s where we can help you out. We offer full service moving solutions as a Colorado moving company to anyone moving to or from Denver. We also have large storage facilities that are available to you if you need to store anything during your move, and we’re happy to offer you a free moving quote.

When you get to Denver, there are so many things that you’ll want to do and explore – worry about moving shouldn’t be on your list! We can handle your move, so that you can get out and explore Pine Cliff Stables or take a look at Buffalo Bill’s gravesite. The best way to really find out what Denver has to offer, though, is to grab your hiking shoes or bicycle, and get out to explore the streets, nooks, crannies, and pathways that lead off of the everyday sidewalks. There really is a lot in Denver to explore, so make sure to go whatever way looks interesting.

Letting Us Know

We’re betting that you’ve discovered some amazing places in Denver if you live here already. We’d like to know where those places are! Take a moment to “like” us on Facebook, and leave us a note about some favorite spots in Denver that you love – and want to share with newcomers to the area. Sometimes, the best places in a town to check out are those that are lesser known.

When it comes to Denver, there are so many different places to see, and so many things to do that it’s nearly impossible to find all of those great spots on your own. So, come and share with us on Facebook, and let us know what your top Denver spots are. There’s someone out there that’s moving to Denver soon, and that person would love to hear more about this town’s best spots – and make sure to call your Colorado moving company to book your move and get a free moving quote!

How to Defrost a Refrigerator

If you have just moved into a new place, or are moving out of an old one, there’s one thing that you will have to do no matter what: defrost your refrigerator. Surprisingly, defrosting a fridge isn’t that hard, but there are a few things that you should know before you pull the plug!

Step 1: Empty the refrigerator. Put all things perishable into a cooler with ice packs, and throw away anything that’s outdated or clearly has expired.

Step 2: Turn off the freezer. Turn the dial on your free to “off,” so that you can start the defrosting process.

Step 3: Remove what you can from inside. If you can take out freezer racks and fridge shelves, do this now. You may not be able to remove some parts that are frozen, though, so don’t try to force these things to move. Instead, wait until the unit has been defrosted completely.

Step 4: Place towels around the edges of the refrigerator in order to catch any water that falls – you don’t want a massive puddle that turns into a safety hazard!

Step 5: Defrost the whole unit. You can complete the defrosting process by using a hair dryer, letting everything melt naturally (this is the easiest way), or through another means like putting a fan in front of the fridge and letting air blow inside the unit.

Step 6: Remove large chunks of ice as they break off (have a bucket nearby for this purpose).

Step 7: Clean the inside of the refrigerator with a rag, and mop up any access water.

empty fridge

CC Image courtesy of Sneed via Flickr.

You should now have a clean and defrosted fridge. Typically, it takes twenty-four hours to clean a refrigerator completely, so make sure that you leave enough time to do this. It’s best if you can defrost and clean your fridge at least three days ahead of your moving date. If you purchase enough canned goods, you can subsist on other items for the days that you do not have a fridge.

Cleaning out your fridge is easy enough, but moving it is another thing! When it comes to moving something as heavy as a refrigerator, make sure to hire experts.

Our Moving Services

At Exodus Moving and Storage, we make it our mandate to provide you with everything that you need when it comes to moving your home or office. Let the experts at Exodus Moving and Storage lift the heavy items (like your fridge!) for you, so that you can sit back and enjoy the move. Exodus Moving and Storage also offers additional moving services such as packing and unpacking. We also have large storage spaces in both Fort Collins and Denver, so that you can store anything you can’t bring to your new home.

When it come to figuring out whether to move a fridge or get a new one, let us offer you some advice: if it’s not in good shape, you may just want to get rid of it. Donate an older fridge to someone that can use the help (or a charity), and purchase a new fridge when you move. It will cost less if you choose not to move a fridge, and you can enjoy the look and shape of a brand new unit. But, if you do want to move your fridge to your new home, call your Denver moving company and let us help you. When it comes to moving large items, there’s no need to break your back!

Make sure to check out our social networking pages too, so that you can get more tips and updates on our latest blog posts from your Denver moving company.


Fresh Place Friday: Colorado Winter Celebrations

Here at Exodus, we are working hard to move folks throughout Colorado in some chilly weather, but there aren’t many conditions that would prevent us from getting the job done.  As the best Denver and Fort Collins movers, winter provides ample opportunities for our team to shine – even when the sun doesn’t.  In short, we love the season because it and Colorado go together like a jingle and bell.  As with Exodus, winter showcases some of the best of Colorado. So in that spirit, we thought we’d do a quick tour of some of the many happenings for families to enjoy.  If you are moving to Colorado, keep in mind that this is only a taste of what it has to offer.

First Stop: Breckenridge

As one of the premier ski areas in the country, it is a safe bet that Breckenridge winter events will involve plenty of powdery snow.  And what goes better with snow than Vikings?  Not much.  The Ullr Fest, held January 8-14th, is a time when horned hats are adorned by skiers and snowboarders, and frying pans are flung for prizes.  You can watch some top notch Olympic caliber competition during a parade that features ski jumps on floats.

For those who look at snow and see a masterpiece in the making, 2012 will be the 22nd year of International Snow Sculpture Championships. The Sculptures “live” in the area around the Riverwalk Center grounds.  Visitors are welcome to mingle among them from January 24th to February 4th.  Judging will be held on January 28th, and the awards will be given the next day.  You can bet Frosty the Snowman will face some stiff competition.

Next Stop: Estes Park

If your ideal celebration involves entering a picturesque postcard, then travel to the gateway of the Rocky Mountain National Park during the Estes Park Winter Festival, January 13-15.  Known for its live music and its selection of great food, including an all-star chili cook-off, the Estes Park Winter Festival is the perfect combination of activities, sights and sounds.

Final Stop: Denver

 If holiday lights on houses and trees are starting to get a little boring in your opinion, then what about lights on animals?  Well, not on animals exactly, but the Denver Zoo has put together an impressive show where the lights bring animals to life.  Denver Zoo Lights runs from December 9 to New Years Day.  Don’t worry, the real animals get to stay inside, cozy and warm.

Lastly, if you would like to spend an afternoon enjoying a classic holiday show, Denver features two of them: A Christmas Carol will play at the Stage Theatre from November 25 to December 24 and The Nutcracker is being performed at the Caulkins Opera House from November 26 to December 24.

Colorado has a lot of interesting and fun events this winter fitting nearly every taste.  With so much on offer, it is truly a wonderful place to be when the weather outside is “frightful”.  You will just have to come out and experience it yourself, and if you are on your way to stay, then give us a call and let us give you a ride in our slightly modified version of a one-horse-open-sleigh.

Un-filtering the filtered reviews on Yelp

There is an old saying that there is no such thing as bad press. But in this digital age with social media as a communication standard and the majority of businesses networking through the use of directory listings, sometimes it can be downright complicated to sort through it all.

One of our favorite sites for customer review, social networking and local search has been a site called Yelp. A Yelp review has been an easily accessible way for our customers to create moving reviews for their experience with Exodus. It had also proved to be a great place to search through moving company reviews when shopping for the best movers. But recently, we have been experiencing a slight by omission. It’s not that we have a bad Yelp review, but thanks to the Yelp filters, we are missing some very good and extremely ecstatic feedback from some clients that we really enjoyed working with. We don’t quite understand the rationale or filtering system of this site, but in an effort to let these fine folks have their say, the following are 9 filtered reviews on Yelp that never made it to grace our page.

If you want someone you can trust and will do a good, clean and thorough job, you want Exodus. If you want cheap and dirty, go somewhere else. This company is first rate. We moved around the beginning of September 2011 and they came to the house to do the estimate (to be on site to see what there actually was). They packed us up. They loaded the truck (great job nothing broken) and unloaded the next day. They where mindful of not causing any bumps, scrapes or scratches. They did misplace a box in the house (a box of hardware to put the beds back together) but did return to the house and no extra charge to put everything back together once the box was found. They picked up boxes and packaging material at no extra charge. At the end of it all, the total bill was LESS than the estimate. How many companies do that? If you are nervous (as I was) and you just want a good, reliable company, look no further than Exodus.

Nate T.           10/31/2011     Parker, CO

I used Exodus for a move from San Jose to Denver.  Although there were issues with the original truck that was going to be used for the move, I was kept informed the whole time regarding the status and my move was not delayed.  Everyone I dealt with was professional and friendly.  My belongings arrived on time and in great condition.  I would definitely use Exodus again.

Katie P.          8/9/2011         Littleton, CO

I’ve moved six times with Exodus Moving and would use them again!  They have moved me half way across the country twice and locally four times.  They go out of their way to take as much stress out of the equation as possible.  They are so friendly and professional!

Heather C.     8/9/2011         Loveland, CO

We used them for a short local move of all of our heavy stuff.  These people are fantastic!   A crew of three guys and a truck.   They were prompt, careful, and very thorough!   They were on time, they were fast, and careful at the same time.   They came in well under their own estimate.

Had em come back a couple of weeks later and move a couple of pieces we had located in the wrong places.   The second visit was every bit as good as the first experience.

Exodus moving is the BEST!

John T.           10/27/2011     Aurora, CO

I recently moved into my first home (yay!) and went with Exodus as my mover.  I had heard of them by word of mouth and they came highly recommended.  The days up to the move were fairly stressful due to some difficult circumstances that arose, completely unrelated to the move, and I was at my wits end leading up to moving day.  Needless to say I was not looking forward to it.

When the movers showed up to load the truck, however, my mind was put at ease as I was greeted with friendly smiling faces who were very professional, and got down to business right away.  I was truly impressed by the team, especially since our moving day was freezing cold and snowing, and certainly not ideal for the movers.

I would definitely recommend Exodus as opposed to the giant corporate movers who don’t know you by anything else as a number.  The movers knew my name when they showed up and each introduced themselves to me, which was a nice change from the norm.  Thanks Exodus for the least stressful moving experience that I’ve had!

Joy H.             8/9/2011         Commerce City, CO

As a director of a nonprofit that provides support to military families, I reached out to Joel and Exodus when one of my Gold Star Families needed help.  Joel and crew were professional and compassionate.  What a wonderful company and blessing to have in our communities!!

Heather E.     4/21/2011       Parker, CO

I moved from Denver to SF and was delighted with Exodus’ performance. Nothing was damaged and the people — from the CFO to the movers — were unbelievably nice and extremely careful with my items, including a high-value piano that I own. Our move took place during a massive rainstorm and required double parking a semi in downtown SF, yet it went off without a hitch! Hiring Exodus was the best decision I could have made.

Heidi B.          3/23/2011       Denver, CO

Exodus Moving was absolutely astonishing. I was nervous about the move from Fort Collins to Denver, but Exodus made it simple and easy. Joel planned my move perfectly, everything went smoothly. When it was time for the boxes to be loaded, the workers were very possessional, well-dressed and well-groomed. Everyone was very polite, I was amazed! Everything arrived on time, and in perfect condition. I don’t plan on moving again, but if I do, I’ll choose Exodus for sure!

Adam S.          1/31/2011       Denver, CO

Amazing people, very professional and came in under budget!  Removed a huge amount of stress from my Los Angeles to Denver move.

Ariel K.          1/28/2011       Denver, CO

Giving Thanks

Exodus Moving and Storage has been serving the moving needs of Colorado and beyond for several years now. The dream of one individual became the cause of many, starting with one small moving truck and becoming a full service relocation company. Today, we are the best Colorado moving company and we our proud not only of our humble beginnings but of the teamwork it has taken to excel in such a large and saturated market such as the moving and storage industry. As the time of thanks draws near, we have so many things to be thankful for. Here are just a few at the top of our list.

Our Team

At Exodus, we hand pick our employees. We don’t believe in the concept of day- labor or temporary hires. Instead we interview, do reference checks and drug tests and we hire only those fine folks that we feel would properly represent us in the field with our customers, every day. We take moving people very seriously, so we make sure that our staff receives ongoing training and fair wages, making our employee turnover rate one of the lowest in the country. We are also Choose People Certified because we are committed to being “happy place to work.” The people of Exodus are what make our company like no other.

Our Work

We are proud to boast a damage ratio that is ¼ of the industry average. This is a result of the combination of quality workers and comprehensive training. When we were just starting out, every client and every referral meant everything to our business. We knew that our biggest competition was riddled with moving horror stories because of their lack of attention to detail and lack of accountability with regard to their staff. We are expert movers, proud of the work we do. And no matter how big we become, we still work under the philosophy that one unsatisfied customer is one too many.

Our Community

We are passionately involved in our communities. At Exodus, we put our time, talents and money into the places that we live and work. We support green energy practices within our offices and have incorporated many green friendly procedures into our work. This includes our tree planting program for every move we complete. For this program we partner with Trees Water & People.  We are also thankful for the freedoms we have and maintain in this great country of ours and regardless of political affiliation, we support causes that support our troupes and their families. Project Sanctuary and Colorado Hire Patriots are a few of the military support groups that we are committed to.

As we celebrate thanksgiving this year, we are setting our table with gratitude. We are thankful for the work we do, the communities we serve and the people who make it all possible. What are you thankful for?

Fresh Place Friday: Moving from Los Angeles to Denver

On the Move from Way out West

This week’s Fresh Place Friday is dedicated to one of our most popular moves: moving from California to Colorado. There are many differences between these two sunshiny places and many compelling reasons to live in them both. But at Exodus, we are happy to help you move to Colorado from California or the other way around.

Los Angeles is a seaside center of entertainment. Once a destination for millions east of the Rockies, L.A. has been hit hard during the economic downturn, and many are leaving to seek better opportunities elsewhere. Many of these people are moving to Colorado.

You can watch television or visit a movie theater just about anywhere in the world, and eventually you will see the familiar images of Los Angeles: the beaches, the Hollywood sign, Sunset Blvd, and so on. You are only seeing pictures of a fraction of this sprawling metropolis.

What separates Los Angeles from almost every other city is how spread out it is. It was not built around a center (although there is a downtown) that serves as the economic and political hub. Instead there are several centers laid out across 30 or so square miles that make up Greater Los Angeles. From older cities like Pasadena to expansion burgs in the San Fernando Valley to the elite, iconic vistas of Malibu, Los Angeles is a diverse passage through time and culture. Everyone complains about the inadequate public transportation, but the fact is that in most cases, public transportation simply isn’t practical. Yes, the first and possibly greatest difference from Los Angeles life to Denver life is the time you will spend in the car. Don’t get us wrong, Denver has its share of traffic jams, but they are like a horse and buggy country ride compared to the 405 freeway. An Angelino can count on getting at least two hours a day back after moving to Colorado.

Another huge difference is the scenery. Los Angeles has a little of everything, but just a small helping of each. You are a short distance away from an ocean, a desert, the San Gabriel Mountains, and the Angeles National Forest. For a couple months of the year, there might even be snow just an afternoon drive away. In Denver you are limited to the prairies and the Rockies, but these are the premium versions. In Colorado, you know how expansive an open space really is and how towering mountains really can be. Finally, while the air quality in Los Angeles has improved dramatically in the last twenty years, it simply cannot compare to the cool, refreshing mountain air of Denver. An Angelino who exits his car for the first time after arriving will find it tough to get back in and close the doors.

Needless to say, the weather differences are dramatic, as there are roughly two seasons in Los Angeles to the four you will experience in Denver. In L.A. there is hot, warm, and chilly. Both places get about the same amount of rain (yes, it does rain in L.A.), but anyone who is moving to Colorado should also be prepared to shovel snow and wear thick clothes. There is quite a difference in magnitude between Los Angeles cold and Colorado cold, and any Angelino should expect to take a couple of winters to adjust.

Maple Leaf Moving

Recently, our fearless leader, owner Ilan Levy took a little trip to Canada. Driving up through Montana, the purpose of his journey was more than just a road trip garnering lovely pictures and making friends along the way. He was on a mission to solidify Exodus Moving and Storage’s ability to simply and effectively complete moves between the US and Canada.

Thanks to Ilans work, we are now fully set up to do moves to Canada, making our international moving network even more extensive and connected. By obtaining our Canadian Carrier Code this year and filing all the necessary Customs bonds, paperwork, etc. we are now able to move our clients to and from Canada with ease.

Who is the Canadian Border Services Agency?

The CBSA has been an important part of the Public Safety Portfolio since December 2003. It was created to protect Canadians and to help maintain a safe and peaceful society. The President of the CBSA reports directly to the Minister of Public Safety Canada and controls and manages all matters relating to the agency.

The main values of this organization are integrity, respect and professionalism.To ensure the safety and success of Canada by managing the access of people and goods to and from Canada, the agency is responsible for providing integrated border services that support national security and the priorities of public safety. This is accomplished by facilitating the free flow of persons and goods, including animals and plants that meet all requirements under the program legislation.

For more information about the CBSA, check out their website.

Going Places with Art: Loveland’s Sculpture in the Park Show

Exodus is always on the move for the Colorado community. Once again, we were there for another exciting event.  At Exodus, we are enthusiastic about promoting community involvement. While sculptures normally stay still, last weekend over 2,000 pieces by more than 170 artists made their journey to one of the most unique gatherings in the world: a Loveland tradition that continues to generate a great deal of income for the community and an even greater appreciation for beauty and bonding among Colorado residents near and far, Loveland’s Sculpture in the Park Show.

With so much riding on keeping this tradition going strong, organizers called upon the one Colorado based national moving company they could depend on, Exodus Moving and Storage. Exodus movers were there , proud to tackle the logistical obstacles the massive set-up presented.

The Benson Sculpture Garden is the permanent home to a 132 piece collection of outdoor sculptures.  The Loveland High Plains Arts Council operates the park year-round as a tranquil get-away, ideal for family strolls and visitor sightseeing.

This year was the 28th anniversary of the Sculpture in the Park Show, and it opened concurrently with the Loveland Sculpture Invitational and Art in the Park.  Planners estimated 30,000 combined visitors.

The transformation of a tranquil get away into an international showcase in a short time takes both expertise and precision in addition to the muscle to get it done.  Hundreds of pedestals needed to be in place, on time, so the displays would have a leg to stand on.  Huge tents needed to go up, delivery routes needed to be established, and all of this had to be done around walkways that saw traffic increase by a thousand fold.

This was a big project, but Exodus handles moves both big and small with the same level of commitment and to the same level of success. And we just couldn’t get enough.  After the show, our guys were back to take it all down and return the garden to the watchful eyes of its residents, no doubt happy to settle down until next year.

Vision Silver Services & Exodus Partner Spotlight

MP900284952When it comes time to make a move, there is a lot to consider. Beyond the questions of where and when, there can be many other important things to think about.  If you are a young couple with children, questions about school districts and quality childcare will come into play. If you are single, you may be more concerned with neighborhood recreation and nightlife. But one group that has a hard time with the issues of moving is often forgotten. Seniors face tough decisions later in life about relocation, possible downsizing and the quality of life implications of a new location. Add to all of this the necessity for not only social but physical support and you uncover a very big need in the moving industry at large.

At Exodus, we are committed to supporting our community. We are currently proud to be beginning our work with a great company called Vision Silver Services. This organization is committed to helping seniors with all the details of selling their home and relocating, handling everything from coordinating garage sales to utility transfers. Exodus is honored to be a preferred mover for Vision Silver Services. The following is our recent interview with the organizations distinguished founder, Mr. Greg Gellar.

Why did you found Vision Silver Services?

When my grandmother died recently, I began thinking about all the people I had helped and visited with over the years. Often, the elderly have no help in the moving process. The process is so overwhelming that they sometimes struggle to begin to pack and get moved to facilities offering care. I decided that offering an all inclusive program could help these people improve their quality of life by removing the uncertainty of how to orchestrate a whole move.

The website says you have been buying homes since 1994. Is your background exclusive to real estate or have you been involved in other industries?

Out of college, I spent some time as operations management of Paradise Cleaners, but for nearly 15 years, I have tried to make the public understand that there can be integrity in the home buying industry; that you can not only get value but you can give value. Today, real estate is the main focus of my work.

What makes Vision Silver Services unique?

Silver Services is the only comprehensive home buying package offering help with all stages of moving available anywhere. In this way it is totally unique and fills a very important niche in the market as well as in the community.

What are the 3 questions most frequently asked of you?

  1. How old are you (I look much younger than my 40 years)
  2. How does the Silver Services process work?
  3. What is the catch? (It’s great when I get to explain, there is none.)

What are the top things you look for in a Moving Company?

  1. Longevity in the industry
  2. Web Presence
  3. Accountability

Why do VSS & Exodus Moving and Storage complement each other?

Both companies seem to understand that being truthful, upfront and honest is the big picture. We understand that in a time where so much distrust exists, that “the job” is to be clear and follow the golden rule at all times. Exodus is concerned, as are we, with grass roots marketing which highlights the faces behind the company. They know that slick brochures do not save the world. We both want the public to know that above all, there is always someone to help and someone to call who can answer questions now, rather than endless tiers of “voice jail”. We are both committed absolutely to people, which makes our companies a great compliment to each other.

Do you have any current events coming up that you would like to highlight?

As VSS ramps up, we have taken a very slow approach. We have been very busy thus far and we will be conducting small events which focus on a more personal atmosphere. People can be looking out for these to start in mid Fall of 2011.

For more information about Vision Silver Services in Denver please visit their website:

Valuing Feedback

After every move Exodus Moving & Storage completes, we will request your input about your moving experience with us. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of our success as a company and we are always anxious to get your feedback on how well we did our moving job.

Competitive and Accurate Estimates

The Cost of relocation is either based on weight or number of men and trucks needed as well as distance traveling. At no charge to you, one of our experienced and courteous Move Coordinators will review their move in great detail and provide you with an accurate move quote. Our Move Coordinator will also confirm requested pick-up and delivery dates.

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