Why You Should Store Your Stuff

Moving into a smaller home happens for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you want to keep some stuff, but you don’t want to sort it out right now. Or, maybe you just aren’t ready to let go of the things that you had in your old home. Figuring out what to bring with you to your new place and what to get rid of is a really hard thing to do. Nobody has a simple time when it comes to downsizing – especially if you’ve just experienced the loss of a loved one, and you aren’t sure what to get rid of quite yet.


This is where renting a storage facility comes into play. Storage units can be the answer to your concerns about where to store your stuff. Units that are clean and kept nicely can provide the extra space that you just don’t have in your new home. That said, there are some things that you should watch out for when selecting a storage company.


What to Be Aware Of


Storage companies that hang up the ‘free’ banner can sometimes be misleading. If you aren’t entirely sure that you can figure out what to do with your stuff during that free period of time, this might not be the way to go. Or, just take a really close look at what happens after that time limit has expired. It’s entirely possible that a company may legitimately offer you free storage, and that when the time is up, you can continue to store your items at a fair rate. On the flip side, this isn’t always the case. So, make sure that you understand those terms.


The other thing that you should watch out for is what happens to your items once your storage contract has expired. If you plan to move from one state to another state, do make sure to remember your storage deal. When does it expire? What are the terms? These things are really important! Now that you know what to watch out for, let’s talk about why you would want to store your things in a storage locker.


Safe and Sound


At Exodus Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on safe and secure storage facilities. We offer 20,000 square feet of storage in Fort Collins and 24,000 square feet of storage in Commerce City. That means that you will have tons of room to store your stuff! Our premises is also protected around the clock, and you’ll never have a hard time reaching us. So, let’s recap based on that information (just in case you want to store your items in another state or country!):


1. Security around the clock.

2. Ability to reach someone whenever you need to.

3. Total access to your goods

4. A clear and logical contract


All of these things will lead up to a storage space that you will be happy to rent out. Why? Because you don’t have to get rid of those items that mean a lot to you. You might not have the space right now for something that you love, but you may have plenty of room in the future. Or, you may decide to get rid of something in your new home and replace it with something from your old home. With a storage rental, you don’t have to make that hard choice!


Commercial Storage Too


While most people rent storage spaces for residential storage, commercial storage is also a really good idea. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider a commercial space:


1. Your business went bust, but you want to keep all of that expensive equipment.

2. Your new office space is behind schedule, but you have all the furniture already.

3. You are going to auction off some commercial items, but you don’t know where to put that stuff in the meantime.

4. You want to keep the surplus of items that you have for your business safe from harm – just in case you will need those things in the future.


It’s not uncommon for offices or restaurants to store big items inside of a storage locker, and it’s a great way to save space or keep items while you are waiting for a new space. Why get rid of all those things? Store them instead. Need some help figuring out what to do with a few office or restaurant items? Not sure what kind of storage space you need? Make sure to contact us – we’re one of the Fort Collins moving companies that you can trust! We offer tons of storage space for all kinds of things both large and small.