Spotlight on St. Johns Newfoundland

When our drivers move you, they sometimes get to go far beyond their own backyard. This occupational exploration is just one of the major pros to working with Exodus. Recently, we helped with a move that took us a bit over the Atlantic to a fascinating place in North America that some people don’t know about. Our driver grabbed a few pictures before jumping back on the ferry in Port A Basque back to Nova Scotia. In this great opportunity to take  a load of life to a very interesting place, we went to St John’s Newfoundland.

The History

The most recent addition to the Canadian provinces, St John’s Newfoundland is a beautiful place with an extremely rich heritage. With visits from Vikings and ancient burial areas created by Native Americans, this area has a documented history that dates back over 9000 years. With about 500 years as a “colonized” location under its belt, it is rich with both native and European influences. Remaining an independent British colony until 1949, it is the youngest province in Canada which is surely a factor that contributes to its overall intrigue.

The Place

The capitol city of Newfoundland and Labrador, St John’s is the largest and most rapidly growing city on the island of Newfoundland. As the oldest English-founded city in North America and as a result of its location on the Avalon Peninsula, this place boasts both a dynamic historical and geographical draw. With over 3000 miles of snowmobile trails alone, this vast area is fantastic for fishing and hiking and is home to 3 national parks and 18 wildlife reserves. Animal lovers can enjoy everything from moose to whale watching. For those who enjoy natural wonders, St John’s provides everything rare flora and fauna, icebergs and berry picking. Because of its long history as a simple and relatively untouched place with regard to industry, it remains full of natural wonders offering solitude. But as a result of its somewhat recent Canadian status, it is increasingly becoming a center for art and culture as its community is building. It feels as though the past and present seem to collide in St John’s making it an amazing place to visit or move to.

Random Facts & Insights

Newfoundland has its own time zone as a result of its location and the fact that it was a separate dominion when time zones were originally created. For this reason it is 3.5 hours from Greenwich Mean Time year round.

Although English is the national language, because of the unique colonization in Newfoundland, the people have created their very own dictionary containing completely unique words and phrases called the Dictionary of Newfoundland English.