So You Want to Move to….SEATTLE!

If you are considering relocating to the Pacific Northwest, look no further than the wonderful city of Seattle. Floating bridges, revolving restaurants and an underground city separate Seattle from most other cities in the country. In addition, Seattle is home to the longest continuously running farmer’s market in the country, the Pike Place Market. Whether you are watching the infamous “fish throwing” in Pike Place Market, driving over the world’s longest floating bridge or exploring the Seattle waterfront, you will find that Seattle’s rain does not put a damper on its beauty.


Transportation in Seattle is great. Whether you are looking to take a ferry, a ferry taxi, a bus and more, you can expect that you can live in Seattle without a car easily.Not to mention that with the public transportation you can enjoy the beautiful scenes and sites of the city. If you have a car like any city this is a great one being that they have streets and highways like everywhere else :).


If you like rain, you are going to like Seattle. If you like lots of rain, you are really going to like Seattle. If you love tons of rain, Seattle is the place for you! With some sunshine in the summer time, this city has mostly water as its climate.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Seattle is 19% above the national average. You are paying a bit more for all of the coolness of the city, the amazing sites and the fantastic location of your new home.
Cool Spots

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you are most likely a fan of Seattle. So go and check out the Space needle just to get it out of the way. If you want to stick to the waterfront, check out the Seattle Waterfall Garden or Pike Place Market to do some seriously amazing shopping. If you’re feeling up to a little nature exhibit check out the Seattle Aquarium as well, it is truly a breathtaking sight for your eyes.

Reasons to Move

  • No State Income Tax That’s right people, you heard it first here.
  • Jobs The Industry is booming and lots of opportunities are sprouting everyday.
  • Music Scene Seattle is the birthplace of many amazing bands and acts and still hold a place in the music world.
  • Nature With some of the most beautiful sites in thee country, Seattle has a little bit for everyone to

Random fact about Seattle
Seattle was the first US city to play a Beatles song on the radio