A Simple Checklist for Cleaning Your New Home

Fort Collins movers see a lot of different homes when we move people to or from a place. Some homes are clean and sparkling, and other homes need a bit of love. If you’re moving into a home that needs a thorough cleaning, don’t panic! You can follow this basic cleaning checklist to make sure that you’ve covered all of your cleaning bases.

  1. Declutter: at the end of the day or week, every home has a few things that are just out of place. Those could be shoes, clothes, papers, bags, and other things that have just been left in the wrong room or wrong place as the busy week flew by. So, the first thing to do when cleaning a home is to get rid of that clutter by putting everything back in its place. When moving, those things might include going through boxes to unpack things, or simply moving boxes to the right rooms.
  2. Learn to toss: sometimes, you may pick up an item or unpack an item and think to yourself, “What am I doing with this?” If that’s the case, throw it out. In some cases, you just have to get rid of the stuff that you no longer need.
  3. Start dusting: there’s little point to dusting before Fort Collins movers bring in all your boxes, since all of that unpacking will just cause more dust. But, after your Fort Collins movers have gone, you can start to dust the place top to bottom. Use dusting product for surfaces, glass cleaner for any glass area, and special dusting products for anything delicate like computers or televisions.
  4. Vacuum: using your vacuum, clean up all floors and rugs, and make sure to use the attachment to clean sofas, underneath beds, on top of certain areas, and across all other surfaces.
  5. Give your wooden furniture some oil love: after a move, wooden furniture or other items like pianos might need some oil. Using a special oil, rub down those surfaces to make sure that they don’t crack or split.
  6. Window screens: if the home you are moving into has window screens that aren’t yet on the windows, this is the perfect time to wipe down those screens or vacuum up any cobwebs.
  7. Kitchen: industrial kitchens are cleaned with a bucket of hot water and some diluted bleach, and you can do the same thing in your kitchen. Just fill your sink with the bleach and water mix, and dip a rag into the water. Clean all surfaces with the bleach water, and allow your rags to soak in a new mixture of bleach to clean them thoroughly.
  8. Laundry: chances are that you have quite a bit of laundry now that you’ve moved, and it’s best to get that going while you are cleaning the rest of the home. By the time you’re done cleaning, your laundry will be done as well, and this is an ideal way to multi-task.

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