Sick of the City? Move Next to a Park!

Nature lovers know that open skies and green grass create feelings of pure bliss. It’s hard to generate this feeling when you live smack in the middle of an urban jungle, though. A recent study finds that people living in an urban setting tend to have more mental health problems than people that live in suburban or rural settings. The solution is simple, though. Just move next to a park. All of that open green space will seep into your pores and help make you happy (well, not literally, but that’s the general idea!).


CC Image courtesy of Tiz_herself AKA cruisingat60 on Flickr

Here’s the scoop.


City Living Is Rough


Did you know that more than half (according to the aforementioned article) of the world’s population live in cities? That’s why city streets are so crowded and city life is so hard. There’s barely any green space for all of those people. Since humans weren’t meant to be surrounded by concrete, moving next to a park is the easiest solution. Or, you could just move to a city in Colorado (known for fresh air and plenty of space – even in city settings!).


If you find a home that has big windows and faces a park, great! If not, look for a location that’s near a park. This way, you can walk through the park whenever the city is getting you down. Even if you live in an area that is covered with snow and ice most of the year, that simple stroll through the park is enough to lift spirits – something that’s really important to keep in mind during those long winter months. Urban planners spend a lot of time trying to recreate nature in the form of a park. All you have to do is enjoy what those planners have created.


Parks in Denver, Colorado


Denver is brimming with parks. Some of the most sought after areas are next to parks and include the City Park and Washington Park areas. This is where you want to look if you spend a lot of time at home (or just want to live near a green space). Luckily, though, finding an expanse of green isn’t hard in Denver. All you have to do is step outside, find a nice path, and enjoy what nature has to offer (kick off your shoes and walk around a bit!).


Colorado is one of the most popular states to move to right now because it offers so many things that other states just can’t. You’ll find that Denver combines urban life (and nightlife) with all the charm of a rural setting (even wide roads and plenty of bike paths!). You can try and snag a piece of park real estate in a city like New York, but it’s not quite as hard in Denver to find the tranquility of nature. Denver offers a different way of life, and a better way of life for anyone seeking a city and country setting meshed into one.


Your Denver Move


When you move to Denver, make sure to bring your outdoor gear with you! Who knows, you may find that you love rock climbing, rafting, cycling, or any other sport that Denver has to offer. When you’re surrounded by so much awesome nature, it’s really hard not to want to go outside and play every chance you get!


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Urban settings can be tough on the soul. Life is just simpler when you move to Colorado – or near a beautiful city park. Check out the article linked above, and let us know what it is about Denver that has drawn you to our beautiful city – we’re betting it’s the better way of life!