How to Set Up a New Office

Setting up a new office includes a lot of planning and many hours of your time. This task is so overwhelming that it’s tough to even know where to begin! But, don’t worry, Exodus Moving and Storage has you covered! We’ve helped a lot of business owners move office locations. Take a look at our top tips on how to move an office.

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Where to Move To

If you haven’t already found a location, you may want to consider moving to a new state. Colorado happens to be one of the top states for starting a new business according to numerous ranking lists – Denver often makes the top city list. Why? Because this state prides itself on local business, rents are reasonable, and markets are plentiful.

If your options are open, consider moving to Denver or another area in Colorado. Moving to a new state is simpler to do if your company isn’t already up and running (as is the case with most startups, for example). If your company is already established in an area, stick with that location. It’s tough to start from scratch, and you’ve already spent a lot of time building up a client base.

Already Set-Up Office Spaces

One of the most popular trends in commercial real estate (for good reason) is renting an office space that’s already equipped with everything you’ll need. Some of these locations include office furniture, a kitchen set-up, hook-ups, and some even come with tech equipment like fax machines and scanners. Ask a local commercial real estate agent about a fully equipped commercial office space. Or, looking for an office that has been abandoned by another company – good real estate agents can let you in on these secrets!

Understand Your Lease

It’s really tough to get out of a two or three year contract. If you decide later on that you don’t like the space you’ve chosen, can you break the lease? Finding out what your lease does and doesn’t include is vital to the success of a new office. If you aren’t sure about details that your lease includes, ask a lawyer. In fact, this may be one of times that spending money on a good lawyer is worth every penny.

Often, business owners needing to relocate are stuck with a lease that’s hard to get out of. When that happens, there’s not much that you can do. Understanding terms (and adding a clause or two that benefits you) is vital.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Really. Moving your own equipment can seem like a really good idea, but it’s often adding another problem to your plate. You already have to handle so many things when moving an office like:

  • Setting up new systems
  • Figuring out lease details
  • Finding the right space
  • Notifying and handling any customer issues connected to moving
  • Arranging all of those last minute details

A professional moving company can make sure that all of your office equipment gets to your new location intact. You don’t want to arrive at your new spot with smashed screens and tables that have been turned upside down! If you don’t have the time to pack, a moving company can help you with that too. Letting qualified and insured movers come in, pack up your stuff, and move your office in one piece is one less thing that you have to worry about.

Other Things to Consider

What? There are other things to think about? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Since moving an office is such a big undertaking, we’re going to make this one a two-part post. Coming up next, we’ll dip into ways that you can save some cash when it comes to finding an office space. In the meantime, take a look at the posts on our blog. You’ll find some interesting moving tips and advice that can apply to moving an office as well as moving a whole house.

And just in case you need some extra space, keep in mind that we offer storage facility solutions in both Fort Collins and in Denver. Feel free to call us about our storage rental pricing or to get an estimate on any moving service that we offer. Stay tuned for the next part in this two-part post!

Got any additional tips on how to move an office? Or, maybe you have a horror story or two to share? Let us know!