How to Sell Your Home

Selling a home is tricky. In fact, the whole selling and buying process is strange! There are so many things to consider, do, and know about! Here are some things that will make this process a lot more comfortable.


Choosing An Agent


CC Image courtesy of photofarmer on Flickr
CC Image courtesy of photofarmer on Flickr

Picking the right agent is the first step to selling your home. Things to look for in an agent include:


1. Technical skills. Can this person scan MLS listings for you? Do they know about the current real estate market? Can they use apps and the Internet to stay on top of the industry? Are they accessible via cellphone regularly?


2. A half-full plate. Some agents are simply too busy. Agents that have multiple listings are less likely to pay attention to your property. Ask how many listings an agent currently has, and don’t choose one that has an extremely full plate or is really hard to get ahold of.


3. Organize. Once you’ve found the right agent, make sure that your home leaves a lot to the imagination. Buyers will want to imagine what a home will look like with different items. Empty out closets halfway, make room on shelves, buy shelf liners, and tidy up kitchen cabinets. Make sure that everything looks neat and clean before showing your home.


4. Use lighting. If your home gets a ton of sunshine, don’t add a bunch of artificial lights or turn on every light in the place. Why? You can use this as a selling point. Show people just how bright your home is without any lights at all. The opposite is also true. If your home doesn’t get a ton of light, play with some lighting options. Add soft lights and bright lights throughout the home to show just how bright it can be.


5. Think twice about modernizing a home. You might love the look of a glass sink in the bathroom, but some buyers might hate it. It’s better to leave your home as is, make small updates, and let a home buyer imagine what a place will look like with some renovations. Huge renovations are never a worthwhile investment when it comes to selling a home. Really!


6. Take a careful look at your kitchen. Do you need new curtains? Has the inside of your stove seen better days? Have you cleaned underneath all appliances? The first thing that most buyers look at is the kitchen area. If you’re going to put any money into renovations, the kitchen is the place to focus on – just don’t go overboard. Make subtle changes.


7. Most of the time, buyers will make appointments with your agent to see your home. However, some people may knock on your door. Try to keep your home as tidy as possible, just in case you get a few drop-ins (and do treat these people courteously!).

8. Add some incentive. If you can offer to cover closing costs or welcome costs, you may just sell your home faster. Take a look at what other sellers in your neighborhood are offering, and then try to do something really unique.


9. Create curb appeal. The outside of a home should look just a nice as the inside. Clean up your front lawn, so that it appeals to buyers. No matter what the season is, you can always keep the front of your home looking nice and clean.


10. Be ready to move. Can you move in 30 or 60 days? Great! Is the home you’re selling turnkey? Even better! Buyers want a home that they can move into quickly. If you can’t move for a while, you may turn off some buyers.


Once You Sell


Your home will sell quickly enough. When that happens, you’ll have to pack up your stuff and move to a new place. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we offer full-service moving solutions for all of your moving needs. This includes packing, unpacking, and the actual move. Sounds good, right? For more information, just give us a call. We’re happy to provide you with a quick estimate and any other details that you need. Whether you’re moving to Fort Collins or Denver, we’re here for you!


Keep in mind that buyers want to visit a home that’s clean, has that comfortable feeling, and shows nicely. Skip the major repairs, find an agent that you like, and concentrate on simply making your home as presentable as possible. Questions? Just ask!