Seeking Independence? Choose These Career Paths

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If you’re trying to get out of your parent’s home as fast as possible, you may want to settle on a career path that is lucrative from the start. recently compiled a list of the top-paying careers (jobs that pay $20 per hour or more) – here are the jobs that you’ll want to choose if moving out is a top priority!

1. Petroleum Engineer: this engineering job is the highest paying job per hour on the AOL list. A petroleum engineer can pull in around $63 dollars per hour, and there aren’t that many of these specialists out there, but they are in high demand.

2. Software Developer: software developers are currently in high demand due to the amount of technology consumers are looking for these days. Developers with the right background and skill-set can make up to $45 per hour.

3. Information Security Analyst: if you have skills when it comes to security of the information sort, you should get on the fast track to becoming an information security analyst. You could start off making around $41 per hour.

4. Meeting and event planners: here’s a job on AOL’s list that’s not highly technical. Do you have a knack for planning events? If so, find out how you can get started in the event planning industry, and you can begin your career in this niche starting at $22 per hour – more if you build and run your own company.

High Paying Jobs that Are Also Low-Key

Maybe something like event planning is too high stress for you. If you want a job that’s much more low-key but still pays well, there are some careers that might be a good option including:

1. Physical therapist: helping other people heal can be lucrative. Some physical therapists can make
up to $70,000 per year at the start.

2. Environmental engineer: if you care about the environment, and you want to study some form of engineering, consider the career of an environmental engineer – these professionals can make $60,000 and more per year at the start.

3. Business owner: this one is really up to you. Starting your own business can be really lucrative if you have a great idea, solid business plan, and you have the tenacity to pull the whole thing off.

Not only are there great opportunities out there for making cash quickly (if you choose the right career), but Colorado also happens to be one of the best places to start a new career. If you’re looking for somewhere to move to, Colorado is the place to go.

Getting Here

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