Saving You Money in Moving Quotes

Our clients are real people, with real lives,real moving and storage needs and real budgets. At the end of the day, complete satisfaction is our number one goal. For this reason, we offer customized service during every step of the process. It allows the members of our family to be in contact and happily serve the members of yours.

Often, we have occasion to personally visit people’s homes in order to create comprehensive moving estimates. We take their inquiry and their trust very seriously and are careful to show both care and gratitude for their business. Because we intimately understand the built in hassle of moving, at Exodus we strive to go that extra mile to save our customers both hassle and unnecessary charges. The following is an actual email sent from Joel, our Chief Operations officer after he had completed a moving quote for one of our most recent residential customers. It’s just another example of our commitment to personalized communication with every client.

From: Joel Coen

Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Subject: Your move to Vancouver

Bob and Clarissa,

I want to thank you for allowing me into your home today. Apparently, I liked
it so much I had to accidentally leave my keys behind just to come back and say hi!

Attached you will find my estimate of charges for what it would cost
to move you to Vancouver, WA.  The estimate includes the long carry that
would be required to move your items to the semi that would be parked near
the top of your drive way.  This was far cheaper than the shuttle charge
that would have originally accompanied your move.  The long carry will be far more
efficient as well.  I have put a “not to exceed” clause on the contract
where if the weight is lower, you pay less, but if the weight is more, you
would not have to pay any more.  Lastly, you have stated that you are
flexible in your time frame for delivery (up to a week) which will result in
a 5% discount if you decide to move forward with us.

It was my sincere pleasure to meet you both today and I look forward
to any questions that you may have about your move.  Please feel free to
contact me at any time with ANY question that you may have.  I am here to
serve you.

Thanks again for the opportunity to be your mover.
Joel Coen
Exodus Moving and Storage of Denver
Chief Operations Officer