Roomies: What to Look for in a Good Roommate

All of us have at one time or the other had to bite the bullet and live with someone else. This can be quite a fun experience. And in many cases these people can end up becoming your best friends. If you aren’t one of these fortunate folks, however, you ,may find yourself in a sticky roomie situation where there is tension, lack of trust or anger. This is never an ideal situation to find yourself in. There are many ways to prevent these experiences and to find the best roommate for you.roommates

The first order of business when we are talking about interviewing roommates is their level of friendliness. Is your interviewee somebody that you could kick back and talk to about simple things? Do you have anything in common? All good questions to ask.

After you look at their level of niceness, evaluate how trustworthy you think they might be. I know that this may be hard to gauge, so I always use the trusty “gut check” What does your gut tell you? What is your visceral response? If it is anything but comfortable listen to that and move on to the next candidate.

A roommate must also be respectful, communicative, and patient. These are all factors of a great person, and a great roommate. Ways of evaluating this would be to ask them how they deal with situations of conflict. Do they write passive aggressive notes and leave them on the fridge? Or do them come and talk to you? Are they tidy around the house? What kind of lifestyle do they have? All questions that must be figured out before you find out the hard way.

Overall, we all just want good and trustworthy people sharing our space and what feels like our lives. Best advice is to use your gut and to use your head.