Rocky Mountain National Park Welcomes You and Your Gun

Rocky Mountain National ParkIt goes back as far as 1936, where a law stated the ban on firearms in national parks, declaring such parks and monuments to being sanctuaries for wildlife. However starting today, bringing your gun to Rocky Mountain National Park will be legal. In national parks nationwide, a provision in a 2009 federal credit card reform law drops the decades-old ban on carrying loaded guns — including semiautomatic weapons. The National Park Service from now on will adjourn to state law when deciding what guns can be carried into a national park, and Colorado among other states has determined this to be officially authorized.

“Firearms prohibited” signs are coming down soon and the rangers of the National Park Service will be trained on making sure they understand what kinds of firearms are allowed. In case you are a hunter, you should know that hunting within the national park will remain illegal and you cannot carry your firearms into federal buildings including the park visitor centers.

Rocky Mountain National Park Chief Ranger Mark Magnuson says “we’ll welcome (gun owners) as we would any park visitor” in response to visitors going to the park with their firearms today.

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