Rights and Responsibilities

To help you out we have provided a list of questions you should ask and know before requesting services from any mover.  These are your Rights and Responsibilities furnished by your mover as required by Federal Law.

  • What is my mover’s normal liability for loss or damage when my mover accepts goods from me?
  • What actions by me limit or reduce my movers normal liability?
  • What are the dangerous or hazardous materials that may limit or reduce my mover’s normal liability?
  • Should my mover have agents?
  • What items must be in my movers advertisements?
  • How does my mover handle complaints and inquiries?
  • Do I have the right to inspect my movers tariffs applicable to my move?
  • Must my mover have an arbitration program?
  • Must my mover inform me about my rights and responsibilities under the Federal Law?
  • What additional information does my mover provide for me?
  • How does my mover collect charges?
  • May my mover collect charges upon delivery?
  • May my mover extend credit to me?
  • May my mover accept charge or credit card for payments?