Really Helpful Basic Moving Tips

If this is your first move, you may be feeling slightly intimidated. Where do you get boxes? What about recycled boxes? Is there a way to move without losing all of those smaller items in the process? All of these questions (and more) are likely floating through your head right now. Sound about right? Well, don’t worry! We have you (and your move) covered!


woman with boxesHere are some of our best moving company tips (that you won’t find anywhere else!).


On Finding Boxes


A long, long, time ago (before stores starting charging for bags), boxes could be found simply by going to your local grocer and asking for them. That was simple enough, wasn’t it? If only it were still that simple! While you can’t always find boxes at your local grocery store (you can still try, though!), you can find boxes in a number of other places.


Online Forums: sites like Craigs List can be a godsend when it comes to finding cheap or free boxes. Chances are that someone else in your town has just moved, and that person now has a room full of boxes that they need to get rid of. Know any takers? Call that person up and go grab all the boxes you want!


Bulk Stores: unlike smaller stores, bulk stores (like Costco) tend to give away more boxes. Even if you don’t have a membership, you can still walk in and ask customer service if they have any boxes to give away.


Hardware Stores: I bet you never thought about going to a hardware store to grab a few boxes, right? Well, these stores have boxes too!


Where to Donate Your Stuff


There’s a mantra that I like to keep in mind when throwing stuff away: can someone use this? It’s truly hard to think of some item that someone out there can’t use. There’s a place to donate everything!


www graphicComputer Parts: group homes and shelters are often in need of electronic items. Your old monitor may not be useful to you, but I’m betting that someone out there would love to have what you’re about to throw away.


Clothes: there are endless places where you can donate clotes of any kind. Whether you have kids clothes to give away or other clothing items, some group or family would love to have them.


Furniture: local foster home groups, schools, and other shelters often tend used furniture. Before you toss that bed or give it away, make sure that someone else can’t get really good use out of it (mattresses might be the exception here).


Food: it’s a sad sight when people throw away boxes and cans of food. So many shelters are in need of these basic pantry staples! Even perishable items like fruits and bread may be of use – just ask!


Pack Right


When it comes time to pack, make sure that you set one box aside and label that box ‘necessities.’ This box should contain the following items:


Toiletries for a few days

A change of clothes


Coffee, bread, and any food you’ll need for breakfast for a few days

Anything else that you can’t live without while you unpack the rest


Just like packing a small carry-on when you fly, packing a box that contains everything you will need right away is vital. This way, it doesn’t matter how quickly (or slowly!) you unpack the rest – everything you need will be within reach, and that will be something you’ll be very glad that you did!


Hiring Movers


It really is simpler to hire full service moving companies – and we’re not just saying that! Even if you can’t afford to hire movers to drive your truck, pack your boxes, and unload your stuff, you should try to find room in your budget for movers to help you unload. Just think of all those boxes and pieces of heavy furniture! Professional movers that are insured can safely move your things without breaking anything – and if something breaks, you’re covered.


Friends can be a great help during any move, but all too often friends break items during travel or transport. The result will be anger directed at your friends who (let’s face it) aren’t likely to replace that broken item. Any money spent on a moving company will be money well spent. More often than not, hiring movers is the way to go. Plus, you won’t have anythign to worry about on moving day!


If you are moving to Fort Collins, let us help you out. Or, post a note below if you need any additional information about moving or help during your move – we’re here for you!