Real Tips for Living on a Budget

The word ‘budget’ can be a little scary, but living on a budget really doesn’t have to be a negative thing. In fact, the more that you learn to budget when it comes to every day life, the more money you will actually have to spend when you want or need something important. Most of us don’t really need to spend the money that we do spend daily, so cutting back won’t hurt that much when you learn to minimize. That said, there are some very handy tips for living on a budget that anyone looking to cut back can use.

Take a look and save some cash!

Budget Jar
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1. Learn to mend and sew.

What do you do when a pair of pants loses a zipper or a button? If you toss those garments aside and buy new ones, you’re probably spending a lot of money. Instead of throwing stuff away, pick up a sewing kit. Most repairs can be done by hand and don’t take a lot of time. If you have the space, set up a small sewing room complete with a sewing machine, and you may find yourself turning old clothes into new creations.

2. Go outside.

Given the fact that Colorado has so many awesome outdoor areas and parks, there’s really no reason not to go outside more often –plus, parks (most of them) are free. Why not invite your friends to a picnic at a park instead of going out to dinner?

3. Scour the news for free museum day.

If you stay on top of local news, you’ll find all kinds of fun and free things to do around town. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun. You can even just wander around parts of town that you’ve never spent time in before and explore – completely free and lots of fun.

4. Swap clothes.

If you have a few friends that like to swap clothes too, you can set up a monthly or bi-monthly swap. Give your friends some of the things that you no longer want, and you can take some of the stuff that your friends are giving away. You’ll have new clothes to wear, and you’ll also be contributing to the recycling movement.

5. Learn more.

You may have to spend money to do this one initially, but think about taking some classes to become an expert instead of paying an expert. Want to do yoga but don’t want to pay for a class? Take a yoga teacher’s training course. Looking to perform your own pedicure? Learn how to do a professional pedicure. You can save lots of money by not hiring people to do thigns for you.

6. Learn to love cooking.

If you don’t love to cook already, you can learn to love cooking by picking up interesting ingredients, making great dinners, and enjoying putting things together. By cooking at home more often, you’ll save on restaurant prices.

7. Ask yourself “is this useful?” when buying an item.

Do you really need that extra thing, or is it just something frivolous that you are buying? Really think about whether or not something you want to purchase is worth the price – more often than not, it’s something that will probably never be used!

8. Buy something and give something away.

This is more of a recycling or minimalist tip, but every time you buy something, donate something – it’s a good way to spread positive karma, and it’s a great way to make sure that your house doesn’t become cluttered.

Before Your Move

You can work on all the minimalist tips before you move, so that you don’t have to move as many things. You can also start to get into the budget mindset before you move, so that you can stay in this mindset when you make it to your new location. You can also save money on moving fees by booking with the right moving company the first time – you won’t have to spend any extra money on any surprise fees if you go with a company that you can trust!

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What are your budget concerns and tips? Let us know!