Questions to Ask Your Colorado Mover

This week we want to discuss what questions you need to ask your potential Colorado mover in order to ensure the company you have chosen is a quality business. You can break these questions down into three categories: background checks, determining costs and protecting your goods/assets. Some great questions you should ask your Colorado movers are as follows:

Background Checks-

Question 1: Ask how long a company has been in operation. If the business is still new, check the background a little more thoroughly to make sure that these Colorado movers have what it takes to care for your belongings successfully.

Question 2: Ask for your mover to supply you with proof of good service. This could be in the form of references or consulting the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association). Check these guys out in our earlier blogs to learn why they have all the moving business answers. Fun fact: Exodus has an A+ rating from the BBB and is certified by AMSA, that’s a big deal!

Question 3: Ask about your Colorado mover’s insurance and license. If they have a U.S. DOT number, you can cross check it with the U.S. Department of Transportation to ensure they have a legal license to do business.

Determining Costs-

Question 4: Ask your moving company for an estimate but be sure to ask about a binding, not-to-exceed estimate. A lot of companies out there will offer you “low-ball quotes” that will wind up costing you much more in surprise charges and your belongings can even be held hostage on their moving trucks until these payments are received.

Question 5: Inquire about the charges that will relate specifically to your relocation. For example, local moves often charge by the man-hour, long-distance/interstate moves by the weight of shipment and international moves by the shipment volume.

Protecting Your Belongings-

Question 6: Ask about the moving techniques utilized by the company. For example, how will they protect your home against any damage to carpets, walls, etc.?

Question 7: Ask about whether the Colorado moving company has insurance to cover their employees. If a company doesn’t have workers’ compensation, ask how they cover an employee who sustains injuries on your property.

Question 8: Ask the company what measures they take to protect your goods during the move. For example, what type of packing products do you use? At Exodus, we have gone green so many of our packing products are sustainable for the environment.

Question 9: Ask about the company’s policy if something is damaged during the move because accidents do happen!

Question 10: A simple yet often forgotten question- when will your shipment arrive at your new home? It’s good to know a timeline of where your goods are going and when they’ll get there!

There you have it, some great questions to ask your potential Colorado movers. Remember that movers, like Exodus, should be forthcoming with all of these answers if they’re worth your money. The Colorado movers at Exodus will always take the time you need to help reassure you that you have chosen the most professional company around.

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