Questions to Ask Any Real Estate Agent

Settling on the first real estate agent that you come across is one way to buy or sell a home, but it’s not the best way to do either. An agent should work with you to reach your end goal, whatever that goal may be. But before you choose the most popular agent in your neighborhood, make sure to take out this list of questions and ask away. Interviewing real estate agents can mean the difference between an agent that works part-time for you, and one that will pull out all the stops. If you’re moving to Fort Collins or anywhere else, take the time to read through these vital questions.

Important Questions to Ask

1. Ask to see a realtor’s resume. Everyone that applies for any kind of job position has a resume, and that includes real estate agents. If an agent doesn’t want to show you a resume, move onto the next one. A realtor’s resume should include the number of homes sold, education information, and any other details that pertain to the job at hand.

2. Find out how many other clients a realtor has. Agents take a large percentage of a home sale, so you want an agent that will work for you full-time. It’s normal for realtors to have additional clients (they have to eat too!), but set the limit at 3 or 4 other buyers or sellers. Any realtor that has more than 30 different clients won’t have much time to spend on your needs.

3. Negotiate realtor fees. In most cases, agents take around 6% off of a home sale (this tends to be the case if you are selling in or moving to Fort Collins). Many people using a realtor assume that these fees are set, but that’s not the case. If sales are up in your area, agents may be willing to negotiate those fees, and it never hurts to find out.

4. Determine a game plan. How often will a realtor contact you? When can you expect to hear about new home listings or find out what’s happening with visits to your home? You don’t want to be bothered around the clock by an overly anxious realtor, but you do want to find out when you can expect to hear news. Set up a weekly time when the agent you’re using will report back to you with any new developments.

5. If you’re selling your home, ask a realtor how they plan to market your house. If they just plan to put a sign up on a road that’s already crowded with signs, that’s not the best plan. There’s no reason why an agent shouldn’t be able to present you with a complete marketing plan that you can go over and talk about.

6. Ask for specific examples. Find out what a realtor did in the past to go over the top for another client. What makes the agent you’re considering different or unique?

7. Does the agent know the area that you want to live in? One of the most frustrating things is working with an agent that doesn’t know the difference between one area and the next. Most realtors work within a certain neighborhood (or maybe two neighborhoods), so find one that really knows the ins and outs of the area that you are looking at.

8. Will you be dealing with the agent directly? Sometimes, that popular agent in town may work as part of a team, and that might mean that you’ll never see his face. Following the initial meeting and evaluation, whom will you be speaking with on a regular basis? Will you be passed off to another agent? This is important to find out. If you will be working with someone else, that other person should be answering all of these questions.

Moving Into Your New Home


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