Some Pros and Cons of Hiring Self-Serve versus Full Service When Moving Long Distance Out of Fort Collins

When it comes to moving long distance the first company that might come to mind is one like U-Haul. A company that is self-service and allows you to pack everything that you could possibly imagine into a small or large truck. You then must drive the truck across the long distance without any prior knowledge of how to drive a vehicle that large, unless you are someone who has had experience which is not common. There are ups and downs to getting a full service moving company as compared to a self-service moving company, however what are those you might be asking. Well let’s take a look at that and see if we can decipher the differences.


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Pros for the pros

Professional movers like those that you might find in a moving company in Fort Collins that is full-service are therefore reason. They understand that long-distance moves are difficult and their only desire is to ease the burden that is placed upon you when doing such a move. However, the benefits are all revolving around this base idea. Full-service moving companies relieve a lot of the pressure that is placed upon you in order to move from state to state. They allow you to not worry about driving a truck that is too large for you, to not worry about damaging your belongings along the way, and they allow you to generally have less stress along the route. If you ever find anyone who is used to full-service moving company who is worth their salt, it’s likely that they will tell you they had a great experience and that they would never move again without a company like this behind them . Sure, it may cost a little bit more, but will get into that in just a second.


The subtle sound of money exchanging hands

Really, the biggest downside to hiring a full service moving company is the cost. Full-service companies are a little bit more expensive because they are required to pay employees in order to move you from one place to another. These employees must be paid for their time because that’s just how the world works. So, even though it’s going to be more expensive to move this way, you must consider the other benefits as related to how much it’s going to cost. You can then make a reasonable assumption as to whether or not this particular company has what you want and whether you would like to take it another step forward.


The sweat of your own brow

Self-service moving companies are an interesting concept because they require you to pay them in order to use their things to move yourself. Companies like U-Haul focus on this type of business model and don’t have many employees because of it. They have people to run the stores and people to help keep the vehicles in shape, however without the need to hire people to drive the trucks, it lowers their expenses quite a bit. This translates to a lower cost for you because you don’t have to pay wages for the people who are helping you move. This is especially beneficial if you are doing this over a long distance move. There are moving companies in Fort Collins Colorado that are like this, including U-Haul, so if you are need is to move to or from this city, rest assured that you have a variety of options if you really want to go self serve.


Snap crackle pop spine-crispies

The massive downside to hiring a self-service moving company is all of the lifting that you must undertake. Sure you are not paying nearly as much to have your belongings moved from one place to another no matter how large the distances, however what is the toll that is going to take on your body. This is a question you really need to ask yourself. If you are someone who is not in the best of shape, or have simply had a rough ride throughout life, then a self serve moving company might not be the best for you. Don’t let your pride get in the way and push you towards something that is going to hurt you even further. Admit that you might have some disabilities, or may get some in the process of moving if you don’t know how to lift properly. This isn’t a deal breaker however as many people use these types of moving companies and do just fine coming out of it. However, not everyone is meant for heavy lifting. Such is the way of the world. So please, make a decision between the two and decide which one is going to be the best fit for your needs. These are not the only pros and cons to each of type of industry by any means, but they are a few to think about.