Preparing for a Long Distance Move

Moving to a new country or new city isn’t quite as simple as moving across the street. But, there’s no need to panic. Moving can, in fact, be a really fun experience! You just have to make sure to hire professional movers, and take some things into account before you decide on moving long distance.


Airplane SeatsHere’s how to prep for a long distance move.


New Location Details


Size: if you’re moving to a much smaller space, you will have to sell or get rid of some items. Or, you can rent out a storage locker like the ones that we offer at Exodus Moving and Storage.


Weather: moving to a ski town? You may not need those water skis if you plan to be in a really cold and snowy place with no lake nearby. The same goes for any tropical paradice you might be moving to – your snowshoes probably aren’t necessary!


Décor: the furniture that you have in a city loft isn’t going to be the same as the furniture you’ll want to have at a beach cottage. So, you may want to think about changing your whole furniture plan, or working with a decorator to put some items in storage and others in your new space.


Start Scheduling Your Move


Notebook GraphicsMoving just a few items to a nearby spot requires some planning, but moving to a really far location requires a lot of scheduling. Not only should you work with professional movers to ensure that you have a really solid moving schedule, you should also think about your move many months in advance (if you have the time).


Not such a great organizer? There are people out there that will help you solve this issue too! You can work with your moving company, and you can also hire a personal assistant to make sure that everything runs smoothly during your move. Sometimes, getting it all planned out makes a world of difference, and a personal assistant can really help if you don’t have the time to make calls and arrange things.


Plan a Sale


It can be really tough to figure out what to sell and what to keep (or put in storage), but there’s a simple enough rule for this. If you haven’t used an item in one year (or more!), you probably don’t need it. Plus, living a minimalist life is really quite refreshing. All you have to do is get rid of some thing that you will never use again, and you will free up tons of space. In addition, you can sell some of the better items, and make some cash on stuff you don’t want anyway!


Take a look at our moving sale articles on this site for more information about how to organize a moving sale, but do make sure to downsize instead of trying to move everythign that you own long distance. If you don’t want to plan a sale, you can also donate a large number of your items to a local charity. Plenty of charities will be glad for your help, so do make sure that you never throw anythign away! Someone out there can use what you no longer want.


Shop Around for Movers


Before you book any moving company, make sure to do some comparison-shopping. It’s a good idea to find a few quotes before you book, too, and don’t just rely on what you find online. Get a quote locked down on a piece of paper to make the deal more solid. This way, you can refer to that piece of paper when the time for the actual move comes.


Once you find full service moving companies that you can trust, has experience, is insured, and can easily accommodate all of your needs, book those movers and figure out a date that works for everyone. A great moving company will make your move painless, so that you can focus on what to keep, what to get rid of, and making your place in your new home. Moving really long distance is an adventure waiting to happen. You may be feeling some anxiety now, but a new place means new horizons, and a fresh and new start. Doesn’t that sound nice?


Have you moved long distance lately? What was your experience? Can you offer any advice to any of our readers? Of course, if you have any questions about moving, just ask!