Are You Prepared for National Panic Day?

March 9th is ‘National Panic Day.’ That means that a lot of people all over the nation are going to be in a lot of panic! But, you don’t have to be one of them! If you are planning an early March move, there’s no need to send yourself into a tailspin on the biggest panic holiday of them all. There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself for your move well in advance (and many of them are listed on this blog). But since most people gearing up for a move never make moves fun, we’re here to help you with that piece of the puzzle.


CC Image courtesy of Jim Linwood on Flickr
CC Image courtesy of Jim Linwood on Flickr

10 Ways to Make Moving Fun


1. Turn packing into a game. This tactic is especially enjoyable if you have small children. Set up a small reward for a total number of boxes packed correctly. Example: if a kid packs 4 boxes correctly, that child gets $1. Your home will be packed in no time!


2. Make creative meals. If you’re down to the last week of packing, you probably can’t cook too many meals in your kitchen. But, you can choose a new restaurant to try every night – or, just order from that place you’ll miss the most as often as possible.


3. Improvise. Is there anything more romantic than setting up a makeshift tent with two sleeping bags in the middle of your living room? Grab your significant other and pretend that your home is a massive forest (underneath a sea of stars, of course!) by camping out for a few nights.


4. Involve dessert. After a long day of packing up, nothing will hit the spot quite like a decadent dessert. Find the best bakery in town and go nuts!


5. Snuggle up with a book. Leave a great book and a comfy blanket out while you pack up the rest of your stuff. At night, grab a few candles, your book, that blanket, and find a nice corner to snuggle up in. Nothing makes the time pass faster than a good read!


6. Play car games. If you’re moving long distance by car, playing a game or two on the way to your new location will help the time pass quickly. Check out some popular car games online, print out the details, and involve everyone in your vehicle in the game.


7. Don’t unpack right away. This might sound counterintuitive, but taking the time to unpack can be really therapeutic. Enjoy the process, explore your new surroundings, and don’t rush into unpacking – those things that are packed away can wait a day.


8. Get right into the mix of it. Every town is unique, and this is especially true if you’re moving to Fort Collins or somewhere else in Colorado. Plan to meet up with friends or find an activity to do before you arrive at your new location. This way, you’ll have something set up right away when you do get there.


9. Book a spa day. Is this indulgent? Absolutely! Do you deserve it? You bet! After packing up your home and moving, few things will set your body at ease faster than a spa day.


10. Unpack with a smile. As you unpack each item you own, take a minute and remember where that item came from. Chances are that more than a few things will bring a smile to your face! Consider unpacking as the moving version of ‘stopping to smell the roses!’


Help With Your Colorado Move


You will find lots of helpful moving articles on this website, and we invite you to let us know if there’s anything else that you would like to know more about. As far as moving companies in the Colorado area go, we’re more than happy to make your move a simple one by offering you full moving services. By calling and providing us with your moving details, we can give you an estimate and help you plan your big moving day. We’re also happy to offer you advice on moving, and we have two massive storage facilities (in Denver and in Fort Collins) that you may want to take advantage of if you have more than a few items that you can’t move at this time.


There’s no need to panic on National Panic Day this year! Exodus Moving and Storage has all of your moving needs covered. Give us a call today to arrange your move!