How to Prepare Your Items for Storage

You can save a lot of time and energy by properly preparing your items for storage. Simply stacking things inside of a storage space doesn’t make it easy to find what you need when it comes time to unload some of that stuff. Plus, you can save space if you have the proper storage equipment.

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Here are our best pre-storage tips.

1. Place plastic or other materials underneath heavy furniture items.

2. Stack chairs by pairing up cushions, and placing a separator beneath each cushion.

3. Cover any valuable furniture properly.

4. Use packing tape to secure boxes.

5. File any paperwork in filing cabinets or on shelves.

6. Do not overfill boxes of books. You should be able to lift book boxes with ease.

7. Make sure that breakable items are packed securely.

8. Mark all fragile items with the word ‘Fragile.’

9. Store any electronics in original packaging.

10. Make sure that all items stored are clean and dry.

11. Add some oil to metal items to prevent rusting.

12. Make a clear passageway into your storage space. It should be easy to get in and out of a storage box.

13. Use wardrobe cartons (specially made for clothing) to store material and clothes.

14. Bubble wrap and butcher’s paper are ideal for packaging fragile items.

15. Do not store anything that’s broken, or clearly label a box that contains broken items.

Organizing Your Storage Space

At some point, you will want to access everything that you have stored. When that day comes, it will be a lot simpler to walk into a clean and organized storage space. At the start, it will take some time and money to prepare everything properly for storage, but that effort will greatly pay off in the long run. It’s also vital to make sure that the storage facility you are choosing is secure, free from any kind of weather impact, and that your stuff will be safe for as long as you are gone.

Read through all storage facility contracts before you book any storage space. Make sure that you know what will happen if you no longer make payments, how long you have to renew a contract, and how you can make monthly payments. But, above all else, be certain that the space you want to rent can accommodate all of the things that you have to store. If you aren’t sure how much space you’ll need, we recommend giving us a call.

Exodus Storage Space

We offer ample storage space for all kinds of items in both Denver and Fort Collins. All of our storage facilities are guarded, safe, clean, and accommodate anything that you want to store. If you aren’t sure about sizes or what kind of storage space you will need, make sure to give us a call and explain the things that you have to store. We can help you find the right size for all of your items. We are also more than happy to explain our policies to you in advance, so that you are not left wondering about something that you are uncertain about.

When you store your items with us, you are storing your things safely. Still, it never hurts to properly prepare your things for storage by following the steps above. If you find that you have too many items to move, and you don’t want to store all of those things, consider setting up a yard sale or donating items to charity. Often, we never know how much we’ve accumulated over the years until we start to pack up a home! You may also find that some items just don’t fit into your new space, and a storage area can be a godsend when it comes to those extra things.

You can find the necessary boxes, plastic containers, packing tape, and other items that you’ll need to securely pack and organize your items at most container stores (or basic stores like your local department or office supply store). If you can’t find what you need, ask us. We are more than happy to help.

Call Exodus Moving and Storage today for information about storage lockers, our facilities, moving service, and any other questions that you may have.