Popular Moving Scams

Hook line Sinker
Image Courtesy of Kenneth Lu VIA FLICKR

July is a popular moving month all across the land, and we want to make sure that your move is a safe one by letting you know about some popular moving scams. If you live in the Fort Collins or Denver area, make sure to book your move with Exodus Moving and Storage. If you live elsewhere, take a look at these common moving scams, brought to you by your Fort Collins, Colorado, movers, so that you can avoid falling into a trap.

1. The hefty deposit. In this scam, movers will ask for a large deposit prior to a move. Following that deposit (usually around 20%), you’ll never hear from the movers again.

2. The hostage move. Some scammers hold goods hostage. They will show up at your home, pick up your items, and move your stuff to an unknown location. In order to get your stuff back, you will have to pay an extra fee.

3. The surprise bill. Sometimes, a fake moving company will send you a largely inflated bill via mail that includes all kinds of hidden fees (none of which you knew about prior, of course).

4. The over-the-phone complete estimate. Most moving companies will want to visit your home prior to the move, so that they can see what has to be moved in order to give you a complete moving estimate. A lot of companies that are too good to be true will give you a complete estimate over the phone, and will have zero interest in seeing what you actually have to move (this excludes long-distance moves where seeing what you are moving might be impossible).

5. Cash only. If a moving company does not accept any other form of payment, you could be dealing with a con artist – again, watch for that cash-only deposit request.

6. Nothing in writing. If you can’t get anything in writing, watch out. Companies that don’t want to send you a contract, and won’t let you put anything agreed upon in writing are often scam-based.

7. A crazy low estimate. Low estimates are always a good thing, but an estimate that is hundreds or thousands of dollars lower than may be too good to be real.

Choosing a Good Moving Company

So, now that you know how to spot a scam, how can you spot a reliable moving company? First, make sure that you do your research. Read reviews, ask about a company’s background, find out where warehouses and storage facilities are located (and make sure that they exist!), and get an estimate or details about the move in writing – even if those details are conditional. A lot of moving companies pop up around this time of year, but many of them will disappear as soon as the moving season passes. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make sure that a move is legitimate. But, reading through this list and keeping the above tips in mind will certainly help ensure that you move with reputable movers.

Exodus Moving and Storage has been in business for many years, and we always work with our clients to ensure that a move goes smoothly. Since this is a popular time of year for moves, we do suggest that you call us today to book your move. We can work out the details, settle on specifics, and find an agreement that works for all parties, but, most importantly, we can guarantee that you’ll be dealing with a moving company that has a solid reputation.

Take a look around our blog for additional moving details, and be wary of any company that promises too much or asks for too much in advance. Have you been the victim of a moving scam? Do you want to know more about these scams? Ask your Fort Collins, Colorado, movers, and make sure to call Exodus Moving and Storage today to book your move.