Pool Table Praise


Not only are we expert movers but we can also assist you during your house remodeling projects. Because we pay close attention to the details of your move and are eager to help you every step of the way, we are also able to assist when it comes to moving things in your home to make room for reorganization and construction. Our capabilities are endless when it comes to the situations that are often forgotten like: “how will we get that oversized pool table out of the basement?” Doing a premier job is our goal and we know we are achieving it when we receive notes like these:

Hi all !

Just wanted you to see how great the Exodus guys are.  Here they are taking apart our pool table (in our ugly unfinished basement – which is now beautiful by the way).  Also, there are pics of how they protected our house when they moved the things up out of the basement to get it ready for remodeling.   Honestly we were so very impressed!


The Bernhardts

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