Pain in the Behind: Airline Restrictions

Flying these days can truly be a pain in the behind with all of the rules and regulations nearly strangling the luxury right out of flying and travel overall. With the amount of terrorism that has flooded in the world these measures are thankfully made to protect our people nationwide and worldwide. As moving can be stressful enough and if you’re having to fly to your new home, the airport setting can make things much more strained and uncomfortable if you are not prepared and expecting what you have coming to you.

Bags Most airlines these days are going to charge you a fee for bags from anywhere from $15-$25 per bag. The second checked bag is also usually more expensive than the first. However if you are travelling on Southwest Airlines, you are granted 2 free bags to check–no hoops, no catches, just free. If you are looking to save or compare how much your favorite airline is charging per bag, check out

Carry On This luggage is a lot of times the preference for many to travel with–exclusively. Not only does it guarantee that your luggage arrives with you (as it is with you) but it also saves you, in most cases, loads of cash. The average carry on measurements 22″ x 14″ x 9″ or an average of 45″ total. Don’t depend on luggage that guarantees that it is “airline restriction friendly”–bring your measuring tape.

Pets Certain airlines let you carry on your animals for a reasonable fee on board if it can fit underneath your seat. If not, you must check your animal in the cargo storage area with the rest of the luggage. Also, check the regulations for your destination and see if there is a quarantine period to keep your dog (usually about 30 days)

Security Make sure that you don’t get caught up here! Have your Passport/ID ready along with your boarding pass. Once at the scanner area, take off your shoes, coat, scarfs, any metal on your body and put it in the bins. If carrying a computer, take it out of the bag and put it directly into a bin. Also, any liquids that you carry must be under 3 ounces and in a clear container. If you don’t adhere to the rules they don’t care how much your $70 shampoo scalp treatment is, it’ll go in the trash! For more info, check out

Checking In You can usually check in online, or even on your iPhone if your airline has an application to do so. If you would like to expedite the process, check out the skycap area (usually outside of the airport terminal that your airline belongs to) these lines go much faster and are shorter. Have your ID/Passport and reservation code ready to go.