Pack Up the Car and the Kids, We’re Outta Here!

The cross country move is hard enough, right? Well add children into this equation and it can become even harder and longer than you thought. As a parent you need to have and answer to the question “Are we there yet?”. The answer is: it’s a trick question. You keep the kids occupado whilst you are whistling your worries away in the front seat soaking in the scenery.

First, pack a special backpack for each kiddo. Make sure that it has their entertainment essentials: crayons, paper, books, toys, etc. Separation is essential, as kids need their space and their own stuff to call “mine”.

If you want to get the whole family involved, check out getting a children’s audio book on tape and even get the book that goes with it, so the kids can follow along in back.

Have some surprise goodies up in the front seat that you use as rewards for good behavior or just for killing boredom. Make sure not to give up the loot all at once, you’ll sure need it!

And most importantly, take breaks. And do it to your advantage! Stop in a scenic area and let the kids get out, stretch and play. Your train should be stopping every couple of hours at least to keep them happy and with enough potty breaks.

When traveling the most important factor to have in mind is to keep it fun!