Organization- The Key to a Colorado Movers’ Success

This Wednesday’s blog post is all about organization. While our Colorado movers have previously taken to the Exodus blog to discuss great Colorado moving organization tips, (check it out if you haven’t already) we wanted to take a second out of your busy Wednesday to talk about one great strategy to organize your home. That way, if you ever decide to relocate (perhaps to Colorado) you’ll be just one step closer to getting ready for your move.

Let’s start with the cardinal rule of getting organized in the home: Do not go and buy more stuff!

This is every man (and woman’s) primary mistake. We inherently believe that because we’ve decided to get organized, it is necessary to go purchase boxes, bins, label makers, tape, string and an assortment of other random tools you’ve shoved into your cart at your local home improvement store. This is not the case. Organization is a process and not necessarily a product. We found a nifty little mantra from Cynthia Ewer, Editor at “Organized Home,” that really sheds light on the organization process:

Organize   –>   Measure   –>   Buy

So let’s start from the beginning. This process is going to take motivation and determination on your part. Begin with one room and go through the entirety of its contents. Yes, this will get messy but in the end, it’ll be worth it. Divide items into 3 piles: Sell/Donate, Keep and Store. Be realistic during this step. Perhaps you come across your sweet “Hammer Pants” from the 80’s and you put them in the “Keep” pile. The chances of you needing to bust those pants out in a quick second are slim so consider moving them to the “Storage” pile…or even the “Donate” pile- harsh but true.

Once this step is completed in each room (we didn’t say this process was for the faint of heart),pack “Store” items into boxes that are LABELED appropriately in legible handwriting and take those over to your Colorado moving and storage experts at Exodus and we’ll keep your belongings safe in a temperature controlled environment. As for the sell or donate items, get those out in the front lawn and have a yard sale or take them to your local Salvation Army and donate these items to those who truly need them- we promise you’ll feel great giving back to your community!

Your next step is to measure. Go back, room by room and take detailed notes about the items that are left. Maybe you started in a play room and during the organization process you tossed several dried up paint bottles. Had we not taken the time to go through these items, you’d probably be out at the store right now impulsively buying some expensive and ill-fitting Lazy Susan device in a fun color that matches the walls of the child’s play room perfectly…only to find that the paints don’t fit or can’t be salvaged causing you to lose hope in the whole process, quit before anything is actually accomplished and throw that Lazy Susan in a closet, never to be found again.

Now we can accurately decide if there is something we may need in order to get this room in order and purchase (the last step) with thought and purpose. The best part is, once you get rid of all that excess stuff you’ve been storing, everything usually ends up fitting without crazy contraptions anyway. If you do actually find there’s something you need, check out yard sales to save yourself money, or get creative. Do a quick internet search on DIY (Do It Yourself) shelves, book cases, etc. and start a fun new project!

So with your new arsenal of organizational knowledge, find that motivation within you to get organized- all of the Colorado movers at Exodus believe in you!

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