Oregon Coast Spotlight

One of the best things about being a preferred mover of so many is the variety of places we get to see as a result. Because we have actual employees instead of sub-contractors, our family ties are close. And as the fine folks in the field are traveling, often they report back and let us know about where they were and what they saw.

Moving, just like life, is about more than just the destination, it’s about the journey itself. There is so much beauty in this country of ours that we are continually astounded by. Our latest pictures from our driver are no exception. This week we would like to put our spotlight on the Oregon Coast.

The Scenery

The Oregon Coast is also sometimes referred to as “the people’s coast”. Perhaps this is because of its genuinely breathtaking combination of landscape elements. With an unmistakable mountainous backdrop and the pending possibility of dessert like terrain nearby, this gorgeous stretch of the Pacific Ocean provides a simultaneously soothing and stimulating environment for sport, photography and leisure of all kinds. From Astoria to Brookings Harbor and everything in between, this particular part of the US is certainly something to see.

The Activities

People who enjoy the outdoors are in an overwhelming state of opportunity in Oregon at large but specifically on the coast, the variety only seems to increase. There is opportunity for everything from animal watching to art galleries, camping to crabbing. It’s a remarkable place to hike and horseback ride or paddleboat and picnic. For seafood lovers, it is an amazing place to eat. And for those who appreciate historic museums and lighthouses, there is never a dull moment. This place is a true haven for both recreation and relaxation.

Here are the pictures we received from our driver, on the way to making this lovely place someone’s new home.